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The Art of Gifting

by jadianne


Are you having a bit of trouble finding that perfect gift? Can't decide whether you should use the glittery gold gift wrap or the sparkling silver? Well guess what? This guide is not for you. There are tons of helpful articles out there to assist you in your quest for the perfect present. This is a step by step guide for the charitably challenged so if you suspect you fall under that category just sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of borovan while I take you from aspiring benefactor to somewhat experienced gifter.

Step 1: How to Give Gifts

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a copy of this book. You will no doubt read many other books along the way but this one covers the most basic aspects of the gift as well as other helpful information for gift giving neophytes.

Step 2: How to Choose Your Gift

There are endless options to consider. The age of the recipient, their favourite hobbies, if they prefer a particular colour, do they have any allergies... these are just a few of the ways in which you can narrow down your choices. There is another important factor as well. Does the person even like surprises? They are some who don't. If your giftee is one of them you may want to think back and try to recall any hints they may have made. Those are all related to the individual receiving the gift however. There are also questions you can ask yourself. How much neopoints do I have to work with? Do I want to give one large gift or an assortment of little gifts? Should I try to find that special something they will love or go for a more common option that most people would enjoy? If you are overwhelmed by the many considerations or have gone through them all without finding anything you like you can try our other two recommended reads, 'Nimmo Gift Ideas' and 'From Beyond: A Guide to Ghostly Gifting'.

Step 3: Where to Get Your Gift

Once you have decided what type of gift you are going for, things get considerably simpler. Now you only have to find the appropriate location to purchase your gift, or the items you will need to make it. Toys are a popular choice at this time of year so if that is what you're looking for, be sure to stop by the Plushie Palace or Toy Shop, both conveniently located just off of Neopia Central. For a seasonal treat the Chocolate Factory is only a short distance away. Right next door is the Grooming Parlour, a one stop shop for all things glamorous. The gift of knowledge is another excellent option so if that was your choice head back to Neopia Central and the Book Shop. If you haven't found your sought after item in any of the more common shops or don't have the time to haggle, you can visit the Marketplace where there are any number of well stocked user shops. Any of the items available can be purchased with neopoints but if perchance you have access to neocash, then you must definitely go on over to the NC Mall (don't forget to get a special gift box to send the item in!). You don't have to restrict yourself to Neopia Central either. There are tons of other shops located all over Neopia, from the tip of Terror Mountain to the caverns of Moltara... exotic choices abound. If however, you have exhausted all these options and still find yourself giftless, or perhaps you are disinclined to go through all that hassle head right back to the Bazaar and pay a vist to the Neopian Gift Shop; They aren't called 'Gifts Galore' for no reason. Oh, and you may also want to do the shopping for Step 4 at this time.

Step 4: Packaging Your Gift

Finally! You have found your chosen item and have it securely in your grasp. You are so ecstatic (or fatigued) that you want to go straight to that individual and hand it to them... you probably shouldn't though. Since you've made it this far why not go the whole nine yards? Put on the trappings with some Holiday Wrappings! Presentation is important so decide whether you'll be using a gift box or gift bag. There are many themed gift bags to choose from but if you prefer simplicity a Plain White Gift Bag is available. There is also a Gift Box for those who like the austere look. I personally recommend the Seasonal Gift Box for that festive touch. If you decide on a gift basket, 'Make your own Faerie Gift Baskets' may contain some helpful hints. There are times though, when your gift is just too large or strangely shaped for boxes, bags and baskets to be an option. When this is the case, another recommended read is 'How to Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts'.

Step 5: Delivering Your Gift

Congratulations!!! Your gift is wrapped and ready for delivery. This last step is quite straightforward (thank goodness!). You can either carry it yourself for that personal touch, send it by post or some other delivery service (very professional like), or call and have the individual pick it up. Don't worry; I won't be holding your choice against you.

Extra Stuff

I've taken the time to note down some of my overall gift favourites, good choices for specific situations, gifts you might want to think twice about giving, as well as some other interesting reads. Enjoy!

These are the best of the best in my humble opinion.

  • Beautifully Wrapped Present, Mysteriously Overflowing Gift Basket

Some items I thought were suited for gifting particular pet types.

  • Baby: Present Blocks
  • Ghost: Ghostly Gift
  • Maraquan: Maraqua Holiday Gift

Stories to warm the heart during this holiday season.

  • The Presence of Presents, The Spirit of Giving

I wouldn't recommend you give these to anyone. They might feel offended.

  • Dr Sloth Exploding Gift
  • Gift of Misfortune
  • Gifts for your Enemies
  • Regurgitated Gift
  • Reused Gift Box

A few of the more unconventional gifts on offer.

  • Thoughtful Gift Candle
  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving
  • Mysterious Present

Gifts for the more extravagantly inclined.

  • Tower of Presents
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