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10 Delectable Neggs of Neopia

by winner918


Neggs are delicious Neopian fruits that resemble eggs. These items are associated with the Festival of Neggs that happened each year. There are many ways in acquiring these Neggs. Neggs can acquired by buying from shops, trading from the Trading Post, winning an Auction, Easter Cybunny random events, winning it from Key Quests or by exchanging Negg Tokens from Kari the Negg Faerie. Note: This list does not include item that only has Negg on its name like Negg Pie or Colourful Negg Pizza, it has to be a Negg to be considered. Now may I present to you the top ten Neggs of Neopia!

1. Fish Negg

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have this Negg. The Fish Negg is the most expensive Negg in Neopia. Nobody really knows what it does, but it is incredibly expensive. If you want this Negg, you should prepare to spend more than 50 million NP. Exchanging this Negg for 50 Negg Tokens is not a great idea. This Negg made it on the list, because you will make everyone jealous once you have this Negg in your Negg collection.

2. Jewelled Negg

A Negg fit for royalty. This Negg is the queen of all Neggs. The Jewelled Negg takes 2nd place for being the most elegant Negg to ever exist in Neopia.. The beauty of this Negg makes the Faerie Queen Negg look rubbish. The Jewelled Negg will cost you more than 16 million NP. Wow! That is a lot of NP. Only the most dedicated Negg collector would try to buy it.

3. Mystical Mystery Island Negg

This Negg is full of mysteries; it was cheaper back then and then it got way more expensive than it ever was. The Mystical Mystery Island Negg takes 3rd place for being one of the rarest Neggs in Neopia. This Negg is better than the Sunny Altador Negg, Radioactive Negg and Plain Negg combined. You will make any Negg collector proud if you gift him/her one of these in his/her birthday. The Mystical Mystery Island Negg is a MUST-HAVE for any Negg collections.

4. Mutant Negg

This creepy Negg takes 4th place, because it's both rare and creepy. A lot of people love Mutants and a lot of people love Neggs; this Negg is both. The Mutant Negg is creepier than the Staring Negg and look more like a Mutant than the Mutated Negg. If you want this Negg to be a part of your collection, you need more than 4-6 million NP for this scary Negg. The Mutant Negg is a MUST-HAVE for any Negg collection or Mutant collection.

5. Pretty Purple Princess Negg

If the Jewelled Negg is the queen of all Neggs, then the Pretty Purple Princess Negg is the princess. The Pretty Purple Princess is basically a Purple Negg painted with a Royal Paint Brush. Just Kidding! The Pretty Purple Princess surpasses the Happy Anniversary Negg in every way, because it has a purple tiara on it. The Negg is quite expensive though, because you need more than 2 million NP to purchase this beautiful and royal Negg. But why is it purple? Why not red or pink? It's because purple is the colour of royalty. This Negg is a must-have for any Negg Collection or Princess collection.

6. Happy Anniversary Negg

What better way to celebrate an important event than to give a Happy Anniversary Negg. The Happy Anniversary Negg is the one of the most beautiful Neggs of Neopia. It may not be as beautiful as the Pretty Purple Princess Negg or the Jewelled Negg, but it still looks better than any other Negg out there like the Sardplant Easter Negg. It wears a very beautiful diamond. It cost more than 2 million NP. The Happy Anniversary Negg is a MUST-HAVE for any Negg Collection.

7. Sloth Negg

The Sloth Negg made it on the list, because it looks like the head of Doctor Sloth himself. If you are extremely lucky, you can get one of these by stealing from the sleeping Snowager. The Sloth Negg is more evil than the Wicked Negg and Ferocious Negg. Just look at its red eyes. The Sloth Negg is worth more than 800K NP. You should also lock the Sloth Negg inside your Negg collection before it decided to rule Neopia. Note: If you don't agree that this Negg should be put on the list, Doctor Sloth will turn you into a pile of sludge. You can skip this Negg, because this Negg gives you nightmares.

8. Rainbow Negg

People who visited the Advent Calendar on 2nd December of 2000 were lucky to get this Negg for free .The Rainbow Negg is considered to be the most colourful and the most eye-catching among all Neggs. This Negg should not be confused with the Rainbow Vanilla Negg. Don't ever exchange the Rainbow Negg for 6 Negg Tokens, because the Rainbow Negg costs more than 400K in the Trading Post. This Negg is extremely rare and one of the food that the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery loves. The Rainbow Negg is a must-have for any Negg collections.

9. Cool Negg

No Negg will be half as cool as the Cool Negg. When you feed this Negg, this item grants your pet 1-2 level(s), 1-3 hit point(s), 1-3 movement point(s), and 1-3 strength point(s). How cool is that! Well, I've got to admit that you had rather train your pet elsewhere, but putting this in your Negg collection will dramatically increase your collection's cool factor. Plus, the Cool Negg wears a pair of shades. How cool is that! Take that, Super Negg!

10. Armoured Negg

The Armoured Negg is the most useful Negg that you can acquire from Kari. It made it on the list, because it's very affordable. It only costs about 26-40K NP. A lot of Battledome players rejoice when the Armoured Negg was released. The Armoured Negg adds up +1 defense point every time you feed it on one of your Neopets and you will also gain the Omelette Shield, Shoulder Armour, or Nurias Battle Shield. The Armoured Negg does not randomly add points for your Neopet unlike other Neggs like the Basic Power Negg. If you are spending 4-6 codestones to increase your pet's defense then this Negg is for you. Grab it while it's cheap.

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