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Top 10 Winter Reads

by winters_footsteps


Winter is just around the corner and nothing's better than curling up in front of a warm fire with a real page-turner (I mean come on, not all of us can live in Moltara)! So if you are huddled up in an igloo on Terror Mountain like us, these reads will compliment the season and surely keep you occupied. Who knows, the snow may even melt before you surface from these captivating tales. Or that could just be our wishful thinking.

1. An Evil Plan

In this action-packed tale, it appears Dr. Sloth is at it again. This time, however, he is not alone. With two notorious villains, the Grundo Leader and the Pant Devil, they huddle in matching sweeping black cloaks (the only fitting attire for proper evil takeover plots), as they solidify an alliance to end Neopia! Uh-oh. However, as the three begin a series of evil laugh fits (yes, evil villains really do this), they are unaware of a stranger hiding in the shadows of the night. With the fate of Neopia hanging in the balance, can this unlikely hero be Neopia's savior? Or has Dr. Sloth finally created the ultimate evil plan?!

2. Defending The Castle

Feel like brushing up on your Neopian history? This book gives you an inside and factual account of one of the darkest times in Meridell's history, The Battle for Meridell, by a Meridell Castle guard. After Lord Darigan's downfall and Lord Kass' questionable rise in power, he made an announcement to all Darigan citizens that King Skarl, leader of Meridell was planning to attack them and they, the Darigan army, needed to make the first attack. Of course, this was a complete lie, and King Skarl had no intention of attacking Darigan! However, in retaliation, King Skarl summoned an army to defend his great kingdom! Read the untold stories of blackmail, conspiracy and bribery that made this war one of the most memorable in history.

3. Its Not Easy Being Royal

What girl hasn't dreamt about being a princess? The castle, the dress, the shoes and... the prince. ;) It all seems glamourous but don't be fooled by the crown! In this light and fun love story, Princess Fernypoo is unhappy. She has felt confined and underestimated her whole life and decides to run away from her royal family and the castle! She was not expecting or prepared for the series of events that led to her becoming so hungry, muddy and cold that she had to seek refuge at a poor (but oh so handsome) blacksmith's hut. Will the princess find her true prince charming or will she return to the lonely but easy life she knew?

4. Viras Revenge

"I remember how I used to be, how I used to look." Read the tragic tale of the misunderstood Acara named Vira. In her youth, Vira was a cute Neopet with an obsession for beauty, like many other young pets. However, this obsession led to vanity and greed. She bought all the newest lipsticks and combs from the grooming shop, but she never felt satisfied with herself! Her coat could be more shiny and her lips could be a brighter pink! In a last desperate attempt, Vira did the unthinkable, a taboo in Neopia; She made a deal with the Darkest Faerie. A deal that would twist and mutate her mind and body forever!

5. The Big Book of Hate and Anger

We all have anger and experience it on a daily basis! Maybe the AC team you spent hours playing for didn't win the Altador Cup, you lost a pet during a pound lend, or you just realized the odds you need to actually achieve the Bilge Dice lucky streak avatar (1 in 1,048,576 if my calculations are correct)!

Whatever the case, there are healthy ways to deal with anger and from reading this self-help book you will develop a new sense of zen (that of which would make the Techo Master proud). Now, we don't guarantee that you will be floating mid-air, cross legged anytime soon. If you are anything like me, your old granny legs don't bend like they used to, and this book won't help you in that department. But new productive outlets for your emotions will create a state of tranquility that will greatly benefit your Neo-life!

6. A Krawks Grey Day

Have you ever wondered about how Grey pets came to be? I sure have. As it turns out, these droopy-eyed creatures are not solely the products of paint brushes and morphing potions. In A Krawks Grey Day, the very truth is revealed. Kayla the Krawk, the main character, was not always Grey. Kayla was a beautiful, Faerie Krawk. While I can't discuss the entirety of her situation (that would be spoiling the plot, people!), I can discuss it in summation. Kayla was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. While flying through the fluffy clouds of Faerieland, she crossed paths with the Grey Faerie. You see, the Grey Faerie was a miserable woman who felt great resentment from her lack of powers. As a result, the faerie took out her resentment on innocent Neopets by turning them Grey, Kayla being one of them. Will Kayla ever turn back to her cheerful, Faerie-painted self? Or will she be doomed to forever remain depressed and Grey?

7. Meercas In Love

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, Meerlie the Meerca, from Meercas In Love, certainly does. This romantic novel is about a tale of two Meercas, Meerlie and Marlin, who meet at a crowded bakery in the Neopian Bazaar and instantly harbor affection toward each other. Meerlie, as well as Marlin, believe that their meeting is fate and could not be happier. Unfortunately, their families do not exactly feel the same way. Meerlie's family is very well-off, as her father is a businessman and owns various businesses, one being the Neolodge. On the other hand, Marlin's family is not as fortunate, as his father instead works a more common job at the local Bookshop. Will the Meercas' families be able to work out their differences? Will Meerlie and Marlin continue seeing each other regardless? Or will the two Meercas be forced to no longer see each other due to their families' wishes?

8. How to be a Model

Admit it. Many of you out there have at least once aspired to become a model (yes, male pets too, you can't hide the truth from me!). How to be a Model, written by renowned supermodel, Jessie the Jetsam, gives pets throughout Neopia all the tips and tricks they could need to make their dreams come true. Now, while I am not legally allowed to discuss key aspects of the book (I am not even kidding when I say legally, Jessie actually shoved a legal contract in my face... then told me to brush my teeth), I am allotted to share a few of Jessie's top tips. Tip number one? Practice your posing! Not everyone can be as naturally blessed at posing as Jessie (her words, not mine). Tip number two? Confidence is key! Everyone gets nervous, but even in the most trying of circumstances, you have to stay on top of your game. Tip number three? Practice good hygiene. If you don't, your bad breath may be insulted... Hmph. I could have sworn I brushed my teeth today!

9. Learning To Sing Notes

Now that we have covered modeling, what better way to continue this list than by covering singing? Now, just like you masses of aspiring models out there, I am certain that there is an equally great amount of aspiring singers. Unfortunately, some of you may be a bit off-key. No worries! This book, Learning To Sing Notes, will have you singing correctly and beautifully in days! * Various singers from Neopia's most famous bands, some being Jazzmosis and Chomby and the Fungus Ball, give an abundance of lessons as well as tips. For instance, Jazzmosis' lead singer not only advises pets to buy a Piano to help remain in the right key, he also recommends that Neopians should always keep a pair of shades on while singing (alrighty, then). All in all, from learning helpful lessons on singing in key to learning how to accessorize correctly, Learning To Sing Notes truly is a book deserving of some attention!

* Disclaimer: I hereby do not guarantee that all Neopets will be able to sing on-key from solely reading this book; more drastic measures may have to be taken depending on how dire the singing is.

10. Journey to the Skies

Do you enjoy heartwarming tales? If so, Journey to the Skies is for you. This tearjerking story takes place in the desolate area of Tyrannia, where a poor Uni and her family reside. This poor Uni, named Ursula, wants nothing more but to find a better life for her family. I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards the young Uni who struggled to get her and her family by on free servings from the Giant Omelette while working a full-time job at the Ticket Booth. Her mother and father, Elderly Neopets, were far too frail to properly provide for themselves, yet alone a family. However, Ursula tries her best to remain persistent. Will she end saving enough money to move out of Tyrannia and into a more affluent community? Or will all her hard work and motivation be for nothing?

So concludes the official top 10 winter reads! We tried to include a variety in there: comedy, drama and romance; a little something for every Neopian! Hope you found a few books that you might be interested in! Happy reading. :)

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