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Top 10 Ideas for New Battledome Challengers

by mercy_angel


Also by evilone712_27

With the old battledome (BD) being taken down and a new one about to take its place, one has to wonder what kind of changes the new BD will bring with it. If you're anything like us, you're probably hoping for a few new challengers to bash around. While we wait for the new BD to open up to see what these changes are, we thought it would be a fun idea to come up with a few Neopians we would like to see in the dome. Who we picked for #1 might surprise some of you. ;)

10) The Krawken

The Krawken is a relatively new resident in Neopia, but he hasn't been very popular with a large number of people. The main reason for this is because of what the Krawken has been handing out. Most people will get junk items from him, but a lucky few will be given a Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie or a Pirate Paint Brush. Those who are given junk will be angry for obvious reasons and those who get the more expensive prizes will be elated, but this in turn makes those who invested in Krawks and Pirate Paint Brushes prior to the arrival of the Krawken angry. The items that were previously worth a lot are now worth a lot less. This has probably affected the Pound Chatters the most because pirate pets and Krawks used to help them trade for other high end pet such as unconverted and BD pets, but now trading for those have become much more difficult.

9) Grundo Leader

I'm sure by now every Neopian has had something stolen by this big pink Grundo. Yes, PINK Grundo!!! Why he is that color is a mystery, but someone needs to tell him pink was so last season. After having one too many Kad foods stolen by him I'm about ready to throw something at him. It would give me great joy to finally bring this thief to justice by facing him in the BD. Think of how many poor Kads could have been fed with all those food items he stole!

8) Arnold from Test Your Strength

Arnold is probably one of the rudest Myncies around. He finds joy in questioning other people's strength by telling them they look strong when he doesn't really mean it. Those who play Test Your Strength will know what I'm talking about.

Arnold: Wow! You look strong... Well, you don't really. I was lying. I bet you couldn't even score two points! Pick up the mallet (if you can), and prepare to test your strength...

See what I mean? If that isn't being rude then I don't know what is. If Arnold wants to see true strength then he shouldn't be afraid to face those he taunts in the BD. Maybe after a few beat downs Arnold will learn to respect others.

7) Quiggle from Coconut Shy

Like his neighbour Arnold, this Quiggle is one rude Neopian. If you've ever played Coconut Shy with the sound on, you'll know that I'm referring to the maddening laughter he has when you miss hitting a coconut. A nice person would say something like "Aww, better luck next time," but not this Quiggle. Most people don't like being laughed at because it's embarrassing and uncalled for. The only way to regain our dignity is to challenge the one who embarrassed us to a duel and in this case it would be the Quiggle. Too bad he hides behind the fact that we can't challenge him to a fair fight to right the wrong that he has caused.

6) King Hagan

Pleasing King Hagan is probably the hardest task in Neopia, especially when your intelligence is constantly being questioned. "Yes, King Hagan, I know you're not dense but please don't call me a youngin'. I'm more than 100 months old, thank you very much. What do you mean you know that already? How can you know something I made up on the spot? King Hagan, are you trying to act smarter than you really are? I think you just don't want to give me your avatar."

5) King Skarl

This grumpy old king is one tough Skeith and rather patronizing too! Not only are we told to make him laugh, but he also brands us as his jester. Talk about humiliating. But that's not all. If our jokes aren't funny enough he will scream at us and kick us out of his grand castle. Not to mention the Marrow Tax he's thrown on us. Understandably, the tax is used for the upkeep of the Marrow from 'Guess the Weight' but most people taxed don't even live in Meridell. Now that doesn't seem fair. Unhappy citizens of Neopia would love to show this King that when it comes to Neopoints (NP) things aren't so humorous anymore.

4) Tonu from the Wheel of Extravagance

Ah... the lovely Wheel of Extortion, uh I mean Wheel of Extravagance. This relatively new wheel is only for those high rollers who have expensive tastes. With most spins ending in a loss one can't help but wonder if the Tonu who manages the wheel somehow rigged it. Just look at all that jewellery and gold on him. A normal day job would never be able to pay for such extravagance. However, looks are deceiving. Maybe his wealth is just an illusion. A look at his BD weapons will surely let us know just how "wealthy" this Tonu is. Only way we can see his BD set is if he agrees to meet us in the dome.

3) Food Club (FC) Pirates

(Scurvy Dan the Blade, Young Sproggie, Orvinn the First Mate, Lucky McKyriggan, Sir Edmund Ogletree, Peg Leg Percival , Bonnie Pip Culliford, Puffo the Waister, Stuff-A-Roo, Squire Venable, Captain Crossblades, Ol' Stripey, Ned the Skipper, Fairfax the Deckhand, Gooblah the Grarrl, Franchisco Corvallio, Federismo Corvallio, Admiral Blackbeard, Buck Cutlass and The Tailhook Kid)

There's no denying that the FC is a good way to earn NP, especially for those who don't play games or restock. However, like most chance games there are days where an upset occurs. What better way to deal with such an upset than to challenge the pirate who caused the upset to a fight in the BD? There are 20 pirates here to choose from and any one of them would be a great addition to the current list of BD challengers. All 20 would be awesome, but that might be asking for too much. Can you imagine the chaos it would cause on the BD chat to see that TNT has released not one, but multiple new challengers for them to enjoy fighting?

2) Bilge Dice Pirates

Bilge Dice is probably the most aggravating non-flash game. With streams of people hoping for the near impossible Lucky Streak avatar, it's no wonder that Bilge Dice is one game that people grumble about. Not getting the qualifying die of 1 and 4, not having a high enough score to beat your opponent, and getting anted when you have 24 makes the game very tough. However, the most mortifying part would probably be the superior smirks of Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye when you lose. It makes losing that much harder and that much more frustrating. I sure would like to see if they can keep their smirks after losing a fight in the BD.

1) The Lag

No one knows what The Lag looks like, but we all know it does exist. The Lag is known for making it impossible to do anything on the site that requires speed like Kadding or restocking. Even people who don't Kad or restock get annoyed by The Lag because it makes other things like chatting on the boards nearly impossible as well with pages taking forever to load. Rumour has it that The Lag might be a distant cousin of the Down For Maintenance Pteri, but neither one of them is willing to confirm or deny this rumour.

There you have it fellow Neopians! Our list of who we would like to see added as challengers in the new BD. If we're lucky enough, TNT might grant us one or two of them. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the new BD will bring. Surely we won't be disappointed.

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