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Living With a Cloud Neopet

by tigerfriend130


Living with Cloud Neopets is sometimes difficult. I myself have spent almost my entire career raising a Cloud Kougra. Many of you Neopians find yourself in the difficult situations that generally come with raising one of these flighty pets. Having trained two Cloud pets myself, I know how you feel, but, as with nearly every other pet-related problem, there are always going to be loopholes and escape routes to avoid these problems. I have listed some of the most common problems here and how to deal with them in a gentle but effective way.

1. Cloud Neopets are notorious for being dreamy and imaginative. They find it difficult to pay attention in school, as they are almost always daydreaming about something or other. This lack of a workable attention span dismays owners who don't know what to do with their pet. How can they get their pet to do well in school? The answer might surprise you, but it has worked for me. Cloud Neopets have been statistically proven to do better in familiar environments; in other words, homeschooling. My Cloud Kougra had to drop out of Neoschool due to a small attention span. Since I couldn't send her to school, we simply purchased the supplies and I taught her at home. Your pet loves you more than anyone in the world, so if you're teaching them, it is slightly easier for them to pay attention, rather than a strange teacher. If homeschooling is not an option, however, the next best thing is to help them through school by spending time with them each day further explaining each subject and helping them with homework.

2. One of the first things new owners notice when they bring their Cloud pets home is a difficulty in getting them comfortably settled in their new neohome. Cloud Neopets, unlike most regular pets, are lightweight, and they are built for life up in the clouds. They can jump very high and far and know how to keep their paws from falling through. However, if you live on the ground, this environment is stifling to a Cloud pet, and they can very quickly become lethargic and sad, longing for their natural cloud home. For some owners it just means a simple move from Neopia Central to Faerieland, where clouds are the prominent form of real estate. However, for lower-budget owners, this is out of the question. The next best thing is to build them their own room with a few homey touches from their original habitat. To start, the best way to build their room is out of Cloud, obviously. The room should also include a skylight and several large windows, as Cloud pets like the feel of open spaces and fresh air. The furniture, if possible, should be made out of cloud, and it is advised that one keeps a nightlight in their room, as Cloud pets are often prone to be afraid of the dark.

3. Cloud pets are naturally socially awkward. Since they are apt to daydream and pretend, they are usually very shy and quiet. The best thing to do for them is to get them involved with short activities with Neopets like them. Joining a Cloud guild with regular activities can help your pet break out of its shell. They will be able to share their interests and imaginative qualities with other pets like them, and this will improve their social skills greatly.

4. Cloud Neopets need to be exercised every day for an hour and a half. They are built to be constantly on the move, because their natural cloud homes are almost always disappearing, reappearing, and getting blown about. It is advised that one take them to the park and let them roam for a bit. If one can set them loose on the clouds of Faerieland, that is the best option, as they will be able to get more than the minimum amount of exercise they need, and they won't be quite so homesick for the clouds.

5. Cloud Neopets are very affectionate, and they get lonely while you're away. It is advised that the owner buy them a Petpet if the pet doesn't have siblings to be with. But still, an owner must come back often to be with their pet, because Cloud pets are so attached to their owners that they will begin to pine for them barely an hour after being left alone.

6. Because of their light weight, it is not suggested that an owner use their Cloud Neopet for strenuous physical labor. While most Unis are quite capable of hauling heavy loads and pulling carts, for example, a Cloud Uni has a light bone structure and could easily be injured trying to endure this sort of work. However, most Cloud Pets make up for this lack of physical capability with their cunning and able minds. After all, one can't have a project without having a plan, and Cloud Neopets often possess excellent leadership and organizational skills.

7. Because of their incredible imaginations and ability to make up stories, Cloud Neopets are often particularly skilled at one or more of the Finer Arts, such as music, painting and drawing, and writing. A Cloud Neopet owner should encourage their pet to exercise these skills, and to discern which career is best for them. Remember, though, that Cloud Neopets are very sensitive, and their feelings can be easily hurt. Be extremely gentle if you must criticize your pet's work, and always point out something that they did well first.

Having a Cloud Neopet is a wonderful experience and a thrilling challenge for owners. In return for your kindness, Cloud Neopets offer a deep insight to the mind and they are more aware of their owner's feelings and emotions than other Neopets might be. They are generally sweet-tempered and compliant, and they are very honest and open about their feelings if something is wrong. For any up-and-coming Neopian who wants to raise a pet gifted in the Finer Arts, Cloud Neopets are the ultimate choice. They tend to be eloquent speakers and trustworthy friends. I highly recommend that you adopt one. A Cloud Neopet is the perfect addition to your family life.

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