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3 – 2 – 1 – Bounce! A Hasee Bounce Guide

by qelato



Deep within the doughnutfruit groves in the heart of Mystery Island, Hasees are often spotted chirruping whilst bouncing upon their make-shift see-saws. Why, you may ask? If only to nab a nibble at the scrumptious, mouthwatering, doughnut-shaped fruits, of course! Jimmi and Woogy, the clever inventors of the game Hasee Bounce, devised their favorite pastime to enable themselves and their Hasee counterparts to reach the doughnutfruits that drift through the trees.

In this game, Jimmi and Woogy use each other's substantial weight to propel themselves by teeter-totter up onto tree branches and back down again, gathering doughnutfruits as they do so. The more fruits the two Hasees collect within a 100 second time period, the more points you will earn, and the more satisfied our hungry little (or, not so little) petpets will be!

Controls and Mechanics

Let us briefly review the controls before we begin. When a Hasee jumps down, it takes approximately one second before he hits the see-saw and one second for the other Hasee to reach the tree branch. You can move them from side to side when they are on the tree and in the air by using either your arrow keys or mouse. If you choose to use your keyboard, move the active Hasee left and right with the arrow keys, and press the spacebar to jump down from the branch. If you prefer to use your mouse, move your cursor left and right to direct the Hasee, and simply click anywhere to make him descend from the tree. I would suggest using the arrow keys, since, in my opinion, they seem to be more reliable. But use whatever is comfortable for you. You may also want to try fiddling with the size and quality of the game window, as well as listening to the tremendously catchy Hasee soundtrack. (And then having it stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)

Concerning Doughnutfruit

Why exactly doughnutfruits float in Hasee Bounce is beyond explanation, but we won't waste our time pondering the mysteries of Neopian physics. These goods are native to the jungles of Mystery Island and share many qualities with doughnuts, specifically shape and taste. It should be noted that throughout the game, the speed at which the doughnutfruits hover across the screen will become steadily quicker. There is an abundant assortment of colors, each with varying point values:

  • Yellow Doughnutfruit (default) – 1 point
  • Blue Doughnutfruit – 3 points
  • Green Doughnutfruit – 4 points
  • Silver Doughnutfruit – 5 points
  • Gold Doughnutfruit – 10 points
  • Checkered Doughnutfruit – 12 points
  • Sponge Doughnutfruit – 15 points
  • Flaming Doughnutfruit – 18 points
  • Icy Doughnutfruit – 20 points
  • Rainbow Doughnutfruit – 40 points
  • Fish Doughnutfruit – 50 points
  • Letter Doughnutfruit – 2 points + 2 seconds
  • + the elusive Phantom Orange Shirt Guy – 42 points

Whenever a doughnutfruit other than yellow is about to make its way across the screen, a notice will pop up saying something like "YIPPE! GREEN DOUGHNUTFRUIT". This really comes in handy because you can be prepared a second or two in advance. The more points the doughnutfruit is worth, the rarer it is. If you see a Rainbow Doughnutfruit, for example, you should always go for it, even if that means sacrificing the other Hasee by having to pick up a Gross Food.

Concerning Combos

Creating combinations is vital in order to get a high score. A combo is created if your Hasees grab two or more doughnutfruits in one turn. The point value of the doughnutfruits is multiplied by the number you collect. For instance, let's say you get two Yellow Doughnutfruits when one Hasee descends and another one when the other Hasee rises. The first doughnutfruit will be worth its default amount of points (one point). The second one will be worth two points, as the base value has been multiplied by two. The third doughnutfruit will be worth three points, since its value has been multiplied by three. So altogether in that turn, you will have earned six points, because 1+2+3=6. Another (and much more exciting) scenario is if Jimmi and Woogy grab 2 Yellow Doughnutfruits and then an almighty Fish Doughnutfruit. The Fish Doughnutfruit has a default value of a whopping 50 points! Because it was the third doughnutfruit accumulated in one turn, you will get three times the number of points it was originally worth. Therefore, you will get three points for the two Yellow Doughnutfruits, plus 150 points for the Fish Doughnutfruit! That's 153 points added to your score in just one turn (1+2+150=153)!

Concerning Letter Doughnutfruit

Throughout the game, you will notice purple and orange doughnutfruits shaped like letters among the doughnut-shaped ones. These letters spell H-A-S-E-E. The Hasee that can grab each Letter Doughnutfruit corresponds with its color (i.e. Jimmi, the purple Hasee, can only collect purple letters and Woogy, orange, can only collect orange letters). Spelling H-A-S-E-E is crucial to maximizing your score, because when you do, 20 seconds will be added to your allotted time! In the game of Hasee Bounce, this is a huge amount of time, and can have a great impact on your score. Every time you spell H-A-S-E-E, the letters will reset, so you can get multiple time bonuses in one game. If you can manage to get all of the letters in one color, you will get a much larger time bonus! I would suggest you at least attempt to collect one color for as long as you can, but if you are running low on time, go ahead and collect letters of both colors so as to try to spell H-A-S-E-E before time runs out.

Avoid Gross Foods

Scattered amidst the delicious fruity doughnutfruits are vile things that you should try avoid at all costs! Keep your eyes peeled for nasty dung, snot, and gravy-like objects, as coming into contact with them will make your poor Hasee sick! If this happens, the Hasee that touched the Gross Food will let out a hoarse cough and be unable to pick up doughnutfruits of any kind for approximately five seconds.


Congratulations! You're ready to play Hasee Bounce. You should always try to aim for at least 100 points, because if you score less than that, Jimmi and Woogy will cry in despair at the end of the game! But if you can manage 100 points or more, our Hasees will shout "Woo-hoo," while happily nibbling on their plentiful supply of doughnutfruit.

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