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Claare's List Of Underappreciated Neopian Heroes

by dewdropzz


You're standing outside of a neoschool, in a small Meridellian town. You peek inside a window to see a classroom full of young neopets. Standing at the head of the class is a pretty white Aisha, with messy orange hair, huge blue eyes and a confident grin. She sorts through the stack of papers she's holding, clears her throat and begins to speak.

Ahem. Hi! I'm Claare! And my report is on the unsung heroes of Neopia. Many of you will have heard of these heroes that are helping to make the world wonderful, but aren't shown enough appreciation. Today I would like to draw attention to these people, with hopes that they'll soon be recognized for what they've done, and continue to do.

#8. The Kass Basher Plushie

Yes, Lord Kass is the one who started the second Meridell vs. Darigan Citadel war. Yes, Kass wasn't Neopia's friendliest guy. But let's give the plushie a break! He lets Neopians whack him around, day in and day out, just so they can win a measly 1000 neopoints. If you're like my owner, you haven't even figured out how to unlock the bat, and have been hitting the poor plushie with a stick, just to win 250 to 400 neopoints! Is that even worth it? I think not! You'll never hear a complaint from the plushie, though. Nope, not a word. That could, of course, be because he's made of fabric and stuffing, and probably doesn't talk, or even have feelings, but still he risks his life every day for Neopians like you and me, and I think that makes him a real, true hero.

#7. Abigail

We all know Abigail Avinroo as the little sister of AAA. The one who you can challenge during Daily Dare if you aren't very good at games. (Like my owner! Shhh!) What we don't think of is why her scores are so much lower than AAA's. The reason is, she doesn't work as hard at them as her brother does, because she just doesn't really like games. She plays them, though, to give the weaker gamers someone to challenge. That's quite a noble thing for a little girl who would rather be playing with Usukis to do! In my opinion, Abigail is definitely one of Neopia's unsung heroes!

#6. Daily Runners

Maybe I should have written "people in charge of dailies" or "daily people" or something, 'cause "daily runners" sounds like people who run on a daily basis. Too bad I didn't think of that before I started reading this out loud, eh? Um, anyways, people like the pets who run the Fruit Machine, and the Tombola guy, do a lot more for the community than you might think. Dailies don't only give us a chance to win neopoints or prizes, but they also add some excitement to our everyday lives. I know I love when my owner takes me around with her to do dailies, because of the thrill. Even if I don't win anything, just the feeling of excitement adds to my day, and for that reason, I believe the people who thought of and run these dailies should be considered "heroes".

#5. The Shop Wizard

Imagine how life would be without the Shop Wizard! We might have to search all over Neopia for the item we want. What would it be like to have to go to Shenkuu to find the perfect background, or climb to the top of Terror Mountain to get a slushie? As long as the Shop Wizard is around, we'll never have to find out. All we have to do is tell him the name of the item we need, and usually in seconds he gives us a whole list of user shops where the item is sold! He must get tired of searching for items all the time, but he still does it to make sure we always have what we need. To me, that makes old SW a hero!

#4. The Petpet Protection League

Like plushies, most petpets can't talk, and therefore can only stand up for their own rights to a certain extent. Thank Fyora for the Petpet Protection League! The PPL helps petpets all over the world, by providing them with healthcare, educating owners on how to look after and appreciate their best friends, and of course by creating Petpet Park and the PPL award! I've noticed though that for all they do, they don't get nearly enough credit. I've hardly seen any Neopian Times stories, or themed items dedicated to them. As Neopians and petpet owners, we should give back to the PPL, an organization of uncredited heroes!

#3. The Soup Faerie

Every morning, the Soup Faerie wakes up to a huge lineup of poor, famished neopets, all waiting to be served some of the delicious soup from her magical cauldron. It must be a daunting task to have to slave over a hot stove, er, giant cauldron all day! But she still does this charity work, out of the goodness of her own heart, to ensure that poor pets never have a lack of food. The Soup Faerie is one of Neopia's uncredited heroes, without a doubt.

#2. The Gelert Doctor

I'm not sure of his name, but I've heard him be called "Doctor Gelert" before. That sounds right, I guess. Very fitting. Anyway, he's the doctor in charge of the Neopian Hospital, located in Neopia Central, and I don't think you need an explanation of why he's an unsung hero. But I'll give you one anyway! He's helped cure thousands of neopets throughout the years, from everything from Chickaroo to NeoMonia. Even though it's an exhausting job, and he's constantly busy, he always has a smile on his face. He, along with all the other doctors of Neopia, deserves the title of "hero".

#1. Kind Users

The users who stick up for, when everybody else is being rude to, the person on the pound chat boards who's new to trading and under-offers on a pet. The users who always say "good game" after winning Keyquest, or "congratulations" if their opponent won. The users who go out of their way to give someone a compliment, because they know it will brighten their day. Experiencing simple acts of kindness like the ones I just listed makes me happier than I would be if I won a million neopoints. That's why I think the number one underrated heroes, are the many friendly, helpful, generous users that make Neopia the WONDERFUL place that it is.

Unsung heroes, I thank you. I thank you for doing what you do to help neopets like me and the rest of my class. I thank you for continuing to help without the reward you deserve. I'd also like to give honorable mention to a few who didn't make it into my report. The Splat-A-Sloth sock puppet or whatever he is, AAA, even though we know he just gives Daily Dare and Games Master Challenges for his own personal glory, the Auction Genie and the Trading Post Faerie! And I'd like to thank that person standing outside the window over there for staying and listening to my report!

All the students turn to look at you. You start to feel embarrassed and walk away, after a quick "you're welcome".

Feedback would be WONDERFUL!

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