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Chocolate for the Chocolate Ball

by dr_tomoe


"Congratulations! This is your official invitation to the Year 14 annual Chocolate Ball! You and a guest will get to experience the finest chocolates Neopia has to offer! Be sure to look and dress your best!"

     Leonard's eyes went wide as he was reading that invitation. At last! He had been trying to get invited to the Chocolate Ball for years! And after so long, he finally got his invitation! It was right there in his hands! The red Lutari couldn't help it. He let out a cry of joy.

     "YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!" he shouted out, hopping up and down for a few moments.

     "What's with all the noise?" a voice from the other room chimed up.

     "I did it! I did it! I did it! Calvin I did it!" Leonard shouted out.

     "Did what?" Calvin asked, the Draik popping his head into the room, watching his Lutari roommate still hopping up and down.

     "I finally got invited to the Chocolate Ball!" Leonard exclaimed, rushing to the Draik. "Check it out!"

     The Lutari held up the invitation and Calvin took it out of his hands and started reading it over. After a moment, he looked up to his roommate. "Oh, wow! That's really great!"

     "I know!" Leonard said, still very excited to get the good news. "I've been waiting for years to get an invitation!"

     "You know..." Calvin said. "It said that you could bring a guest... Do you think..."

     "Don't even finish that sentence," the Lutari said. "Of course you can be my guest!"

     "Great!" the Draik said, "Then it looks like I need to go shopping for some fancier clothes. What about you?"

     "I already know what I'm going to do. I just need some luck," the Lutari said, "I'm going to visit the Secret Lab every day and hope I get zapped Chocolate! Imagine how great that would be! Going to the Chocolate ball Chocolate-colored!"

     This made Calvin raise an eyebrow. "Isn't that kinda risky?" his roommate asked. "You could end up as everything and anything. And you only have..." The Draik looked at the calendar on the wall. "Ten days before the Chocolate Ball. Not to mention how expensive Lutari Morphing Potions are if you change species."

     "I do have some Neopoints saved in the bank," Leonard said. "So if that does happen, I should have enough to buy a potion to change back. But just think of how awesome that would be! This is my dream Calvin! I'm going to do everything I can to make it happen!"

     The Draik sighed a bit and gave his roommate an encouraging pat on the back. "Well, good luck, buddy. You're going to need it. It might just be easier to beg the Fountain Faerie to show up, since she could paint you Chocolate without the hassle. Either way, I need to go shopping for some new clothes."

     "Alright," Leonard said, "I'm heading to the lab right now. I'll see you when you get back, okay?"

     "Okay," the Draik said, "And thanks again for the invite."

     "Anything for a friend," Leonard said, gathering a few things, and then rushing out the door.

     (Day One)

     "I'm back!" Calvin said, the Draik carrying a few bags. "They didn't have everything I needed, but Faboo said that she should get a new shipment in a few days, I'll head back there..."

     The Draik's sentence trailed off as he saw Leonard in the living room, a vibrant explosion of colors assaulting his eyes, the sheen of a gold chain he was wearing practically blinding him. What was most surprising was the bright orange Afro he had on.

     "Uhhhh..." Calvin said, trying to keep his giggles under wraps before he couldn't hold it in any longer. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he broke out laughing. "Disco?" he said between gasping, laughing breaths. "You got zapped Disco?"

     "I know..." Leonard said, not pleased at all with the situation. "Trust me. I heard the laughs all the way home. Hopefully I won't stay like this. I'd rather get turned into a Uni then to show up at the Chocolate Ball like this."

     "Well..." Calvin said, regaining his composure, "you've still got time. Hopefully you'll get a better zap tomorrow."

     "I hope so. I really do," Leonard said. "Until I get zapped Chocolate, I'll be going to the lab first thing every morning."

     (Day two)

     Calvin yawned as he started to wake up, stretching slightly and getting out of bed. "Hungry... need cereal..." he thought as he made his way to the kitchen.

     When he got in, though, he was shocked to see that all the food in the kitchen had been eaten, and a large red Grarrl was at the table!

     "What the... Who are you?" the Draik shouted out.

     "Bad zap," the voice of Leonard said, coming from the Grarrl.

     "Oh... oh...." Calvin said, the realization dawning on him. "Ah, bad luck, huh?"

     "Yeah," Leonard said. "At least I'm not Disco anymore. But once I'm done eating, I'm getting another potion."

     "Alright, sounds good," the Draik said, before stopping for a moment. "Wait, when you're DONE eating? You've already eaten everything in the house!"


     Right as Calvin said that, Leonard took a bite out of the kitchen table, before unleashing a loud wet belch that shook the windows in their Neohome.

     Calvin was at a loss for words as his roommate was eating the furniture. "You're getting more food and another table after you get another potion..." he muttered to the Grarrl, before deciding to go to the Health Food Store for breakfast.

     (Day Four)

     Calvin woke up with a yawn again. Yesterday, poor Leonard didn't change at all from the lab, even after he took that Lutari Morphing Potion. Still, green was a nice, basic color at least. And as he said, it was better than Disco. And the Draik was glad that he wasn't a Grarrl anymore, and wouldn't literally eat them out of house and home.

     "I wonder what he got today?" Calvin thought to himself, as he opened the door to his bedroom.


     "GGGGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Calvin slammed his bedroom door right in the face of the zombie Lutari that was about to lunge at him.

     "Give me some warning next time, Leonard!" Calvin shouted through the door, "Seriously!"

     "Brains?" the zombie Lutari said, before pounding on the door a bit.

     "Ugh, this is starting to get hazardous to my health..." Calvin muttered, keeping his back to the door as Leonard tried to break in.

     "Brains?" Leonard moaned out, stopping his banging after a few moments.

     "No!" the Draik shouted. "No brains! And first thing tomorrow you're going back to that lab and getting zapped again. And if you don't change, then I'm buy you a Blue Paint Brush myself!"


     Calvin wasn't able to leave his bedroom for the rest of the day.

     (Day Five)

     "What do you mean I'm a girl now!?!?!?!"

     (Day Six)

     "You know, Leonard," Calvin said, "I don't think you needed to beat the Lab Ray Scientist that badly in the battledome. He zapped you back to a boy in the first round."

     "He had it coming for what he did yesterday," the Lutari huffed, "especially since his stupid ray didn't even work today!

     "Yeah," the Draik said, "but using Rancid Battle Dung is a bit over the line..."

     (Day Eight)


     Leonard voice echoed throughout their Neohome as he burst in the front door. "I finally got it! I zapped Chocolate today!"

     "You did?" Calvin's voice came in from upstairs.

     A few loud footsteps later and the Lutari rushed into Calvin's bedroom, just as the Draik finished putting up the fancy clothes he got for the ball.

     "Check it out!" the Lutari shouted with glee, showing off his new Chocolate self. "It was a crazy week, but it was all worth it in the end!"

     "I will admit, you do look good," Calvin said, eyeing his Chocolate roommate.

     "I know!" Leonard said, "I can't believe it! My dream is finally coming to fruition! I can't wait for the Chocolate Ball now! Now I just need to get some fancy clothes and I'll be set!"

     (The day of the Chocolate Ball)

     "You ready, Calvin?" Leonard shouted upstairs. "We don't want to be late!"

     "Ready!" the Draik said, coming downstairs, dressed in his fanciest clothes. "How do I look?" he asked.

     "You look great!" the Lutari said, giving Calvin a thumbs-up. "How about me?"

     "You look... delicious," Calvin said. "Just right for the Chocolate Ball and..." The Draik stopped for a moment. "Are you wearing that gold chain you got from being Disco?" he asked.

     "Yeah..." Leonard said sheepishly and rubbing the back of his head. "I kinda like the chain."

     "It does look good on you," Calvin said. "But if I'm ready, and you're ready, then there's nothing that can stop us now!"

     "Alright then, "Leonard said. "Let's get going! I want to experience everything the Chocolate Ball has to offer!"

     *Knock knock knock*

     There was a quick knocking on the front door of their Neohome. "Huh..." Leonard said. "I wonder who that could be?"

     The Chocolate Lutari went to the front door and opened it. At the door was a baby Bruce holding a raygun!

     "Boochi?" Leonard said, when he realized in horror what he had just said. "Boochi!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOO!"


     The baby Bruce ran off as fast as he could waddle, but the damage had already been done, and a baby Lutari was now where Leonard had been standing just a moment ago.

     "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" The Lutari started crying, "Whhhyyyyy!?!?"

     "Leonard!" Calvin said, rushing to his roommate. "Don't worry! I'll take you to the lab again. Maybe you'll get lucky? Or maybe we'll see the Fountain Faerie while we're going there! Either way, the lab is the best chance we got!"

     The Draik picked up his crying roommate and headed as fast as he could to the Secret Lab. Hopefully luck would be on their side.

     (The Next Day)

     Calvin didn't even need to read the story. The front page headline of The Neopian Times told him everything he needed to know.


     Leonard took it hard, but even after that, he still wanted to go to the Chocolate Ball. But apparently mutants weren't welcome, and when Leonard found out, he didn't take it too well.

     *Knock knock knock*

     "You mind getting that, Leonard?" Calvin said. "I'm kinda busy at the moment!"

     A few rumbling footsteps echoed through their Neohome as Leonard the mutant Lutari grumpily went down the stairs and went to the front door, wearing the biggest scowl possible, his two tails swishing with agitation.

     He turned the knob to open the door.

     "Hullo!" the Fountain Faerie said happily, standing in the doorway, "Do you think you could do a quest for me? I'm looking for...."


The End

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