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A Neopian's Guide to Peophins

by bencat52


Half horse, half dolphin, all awesome! Peophins are lovely and majestic pets who also have a reputation for being shy and magical! At the same time, many Peophins can be very hard to own, just because they are very unique creatures!

If you're considering adopting or creating a Peophin, there are things you need to know first!

Peophins are Shy!

Most Peophins are known for being quite shy. Making friends with a Peophin may be a little difficult because of this. You must learn to approach a Peophin calmly and kindly. Never be too loud or too harsh, or you could scare them away! Peophins also don't do well with other pets, so try to keep them on an account with kind and quiet pets who know how to handle a new friend. That means no Grarrls!

This also means that maybe a Peophin should not be your first pet. Sure, some people can handle the shy and quiet nature of a Peophin. But most people come on too strong, especially when first starting neopets. If you want to tame the heart of a Peo, you must approach with caution, and be kind!

Peophins Need Water.

What a surprise! But yes, Peophins do indeed need water. I can't tell you how many times I've run into sad Peophins whose owners have been completely ignorant of the fact that they need to have a nice, aquatic area for their precious Peo! Make sure the water is clean and has adequate space for your Peophin to play in. You could also add play things, like diving rings and flotation devices, in the pool also!

Make sure the pool is big enough for occasional visitors. You don't want your Peophin to bring home a friend, just for them to be squished in a tiny pool!

Peophins are Magical?

Many rumors suggest that Peophins hold magical abilities. It would be no surprise, the gems they wear on their heads do seem to be quite mysterious! Peophins tend to be more able to learn magical battledome abilities than other pets.

Another ability of Peophins is to bring a certain aura wherever it goes. This aura brings a cloud of goodness and happiness to those around them! Owners of Peophins may be more likely to win the Fruit Machine and scratch off the jackpot! Of course, an unhappy Peophin's aura may become dull, and often does the reverse effect! So make sure to keep your Peophin happy, or else you'll pay the price (literally)!

Peophins are Clean!

Peophins are very concerned with their cleanliness. Any dirt in their hooves or mane and they'll go nuts! Make sure to keep the appropriate brushes and soaps on hand to make sure your Peophin is comfortable. And if you're thinking of going somewhere with lots of dust and dirt, make sure to keep a pet other than your Peophin as your active pet.

Peophins DON'T Like to be Ridden!

Unless you know a Peophin very well, try to keep off of its back! Peophins aren't as strong as other equestrian species, like Unis, and often have a very hard time carrying Neopians on their backs. They also hate to have their manes pulled, so keep the "horse-play" to a minimum! Of courseā€¦

Peophins are Always Willing to Help

So if you're in need, a Peophin won't mind getting its hooves dirty! A Peophin will always pick up a stranded aquatic traveller, and always be willing to pull itself on land to help a fellow Neopian. You would be surprised at the lengths Peophins go to, just to ensure the safety of those around them.

But try not to abuse this privilege, and save a Peo's help for when you really need it. After opening countless jars for you, a Peophin might get annoyed and begin to ignore your calls for assistance.

Peophins Don't Lie

A Peophin is a very honest pet, mostly because they often stay out of trouble! But if a Peophin is wrong, they will be the first to admit it, and will never lie about what they've done.

On the other hand, Peophins don't like to be lied to. If you tell a Peophin you're going to take them to the beauty parlor, then you can be sure you're going to the beauty parlor. If a Peo catches you in a lie, you may lose their trust forever. The owner of a Peophin must be honest.

Don't Smother a Peophin

Peophins are independent creatures and enjoy their space. So don't smother them! An overbearing owner could completely lose a Peophin's interest, and will never make for a good relationship. Overexcited pets could also do the trick, so make sure to give your Peophin its own room and not have it share a tank with any Koi or Flotsams. Most Peophins are introverted, and tend to gather energy when they are alone. Being in situations with crowds exhaust them! Just make sure to give them their space!

But Give Them Love!

Just because a Peophin may seem a bit distant at times, it doesn't mean it doesn't like you! You must show your Peophin (and every pet) love and affection! Don't ignore your Peophin! You must find the right amount of attention to give your Peophin before it starts to go nuts! And a Peophin will always appreciate an overbearing owner more than an uncaring owner, and will often see your efforts, even if you're giving them too much attention.

All Peophins are Different!

Remember: this is a general guide, and not every Peophin will follow these rules. Some Peophins may be extremely outgoing and extroverted, and some may possess no magical power whatsoever! Just because a majority of Peophins are truthful doesn't mean they all are! So make sure that before you adopt a Peophin, you get to know it first. Don't adopt just because you think they'll help you in the lottery, and never adopt just for their name or color! Make sure you find a Peophin you love and care about, and I can guarantee that even if you're loud and dishonest, you and your Peophin will make good friends.

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