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Dressing for Mutants

by kuroge


Mutant Day is upon us once, a day to commemorate those who shy away from the light of Neopia. As the tireless Dr. Sloth augments his army through his careful allocation of the rare transmogrification potions, mutant pets are becoming more and more pervasive. Unfortunately, these pets are often ignored in the field of customization. True, mutant pets resist the normal attire given to their fellow Neopians; however, mutant pets do not lack the potential for amazing customizations. Every year, hundreds of new customization items are released, and here is a handful, which I think can add depth to the already stunning mutant pets.

1. Mutant Tattered Dress:

Perhaps the only wearable clothing apparel bestowed to mutant pets, it is a marvelous dress that adds a sense of barbarity to mutant pets. Tattered, but certainly not lackluster, this dress will certainly allow any mutant pets a new look, while not disrupting their demanding countenances. This dress is available in the neocash mall for only 150 neocash. Since this dress will not retire in the foreseeable future, it can be purchased when you have some spare neocash around. Additionally, this item is specific to mutant pets; non-mutant pets will be unable to wear it.

2. Mutant Spiked Collar

Another wearable item specific to mutant pets, this spike-laced collar is sure to add the ferocity that your pet desires. The maroon colored collar does well to stand against the colors of most mutant pets. Others will easily notice this stunning piece of accessory from miles away! Consequently, this collar is a must for any mutant pet. This item was available for a period of time during Halloween in Year 13 for 100 neocash, but is now a retired neocash item. However, because the collar has not been retired for a prolonged period of time, it should not be too hard to find a trade for this item.

3. Mutant Spring Headband

If your mutant pet craves a novel look, then this headband will surely be suitable. Perfect for creating a gentle facade of kindness, or simply standing out in a crowd, this headband accessorized with two flowers, one red and one purple, will give your mutant pet a completely new demeanor. This item was available during the summer of Year 13 for 150 neocash, and is now retired. Like the mutant spiked collar, the mutant spring headband should not prove to be difficult to acquire.

4. Unsettling Fog Foreground

One of my favorite wearable items, the unsettling fog foreground is ideal for mutant pets in any context. The unnerving, ominous fog coupled with flickering crimson eyes will match any dark background that you give your mutant pet. Adding a shadow of mystery creates a gloomy feeling that just might be fitting for your mutant pet. Obtained as a limited edition item from the now retired haunted woods JubJub Power Bounce suitcase, this foreground was quite popular at release. Because a plethora of this foreground has been released, this item should be very easy to find, despite being retired.

5. Haunted Wood Foreground

Those who want an alternative to the unsettling fog foreground should purchase a haunted wood foreground. Also decorated with eerie mist and creepy red eyes, this foreground offers decrypted trees characteristic of the Haunted Woods. Although this item has a low rarity, 76, attached to it, the popularity of this spooky foreground makes it a much sought after item. Its price is around the range of 200,000-300,000 at the moment. This item has also only been recently released, so, hopefully, its price will decrease as time goes on.

6. Looming Balthazar Shadow

No mutant customization is, of course, complete without a shadow looming in the background. And what better shadow to oversee your mutant pet than the villainous Balthazar himself! This neopoint item was a reward for beating AAA in a particular challenge in Year 13. Because it is a retired item, it has risen in price since it was released. Now priced at around 100,000, this item may be out of reach for some Neopians. Substitutes to consider include the spooking shadows neocash item, released as a reward for the JubJub Power Bounce game.

7. Spooky Haunted House Foreground

This lower foreground wearable item is the perfect Halloween-themed foreground for your mutant pet! The swaying bats and the flashing haunted lights typical of a haunted house is excellent for that traditional sinister look. This item was obtained by opening one of the limited edition Halloween JubJub Key Quest token available earlier this year. Although now retired, the novelty of this item allows for its abundance, so it should be easy to find a trade for it.

8. Ancient Archway Foreground

Even more ghostly than the spooky haunted house foreground is the ancient archway foreground. The purple gargoyle sentinels give off a foreboding mood that is sure to send chills to any Neopian. Although its rarity is only 78, like the haunted wood foreground, this foreground has only been recently released so few are in circulation within the economy. Therefore, this foreground may be difficult to obtain for now.

9. Evil Garden Gnome Background

There is no better background than one filled with threatening gnomes for the equally vicious mutant pets. The looming thunderstorm contributes to the dark tone of this wonderful background. This ancient background, a reward for beating Lulu in a challenge back in Year 11, has a price tag of around 150,000. It may take a bite out of your money pouch, but this background will not prove disappointing.

10. Spooky Potions Cave Background

What better customization idea is there than one that goes back to one's origins? Filled with toxic chemicals, this spooky background is sure to be a delight to your mutant pet. The sea of red that sits underground is a nice touch to the ambiance of the background as a whole. A prize of the newly released jungle-themed Wonderclaw machine, this background can be won with a little luck.

And that's 10 customization ideas for your precious mutant pet. Enjoy mutant day, a day filled with the most unique pets in Neopia. Most importantly, don't forget to give your mutant pet the attention he or she deserves!

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