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Top 10 Sandwiches and Burgers!

by fairygold


Hello, you food lovers out there! I'm Fairygold, with all the latest foods to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your stomach. Food is a huge part of Neopian living, and burgers and sandwiches are no exception. These bread-toppings-bread feasts are made to create a dazzling delicious favorite food right in front of you! Some are yummy, some are weird, some are filling, and some are even downright dangerous. But no matter what kind of sandwich or burger it is, these delicious and delightful kinds of foods deserve a thousand compliments, plus a few pats on the back, er, bun. This edition we will have – you guessed it - sandwiches and burgers to see, so here we are: the top 10 sandwiches and burgers. Bon appetite!

1. Banana Honey Gormball Sandwich

Mmmm... this sandwich is delicious! It has a bun, but instead of the usual lettuce and tomato and all that plain old simple stuff, this sandwich has crushed banana slices and is drizzled with a thick layer of honey. The sesame seeds on the bun go great with that yummy banana / honey coming from the inside the bun. It's perfect for a gloomy day, and when you eat it, it explodes with tastiness in your mouth, just like a Gormball exploding! This is a filler-upper when you watch a Gormball match, whether at home on your Neovision or in the actual stands!

2. Sandwich

This is a sandwich, plain and old. Well, that's how some people may describe it, but it actually has a blast of flavor, forcing you to keep eating! The mix of lettuce, tomato, cheese, and all those good old toppings is too hard to resist. Take a bite and it'll throw you into a traditional land of yumminess and pure genius. Whoever invented the ever-so-delicious-yet-so-Year-1 sandwich, I give you two thumbs-up!

3. Bluehamberry Burger

Whoever hears the name of this burger may say, "EW!" But this delicious morsel is actually the best! When you take a bite, you'll be surprised at what you taste. The nice, roasted, tender ham brings out the juiciness of the ripe blueberries, making this burger a family favorite. The bun is so soft and delicious, making you say, "Wow!" and making you wonder how you could have EVER doubted this yummy burger!

4. Cheese and Eel Burger

This burger is yummy, even though the name sounds disgusting! Many people flock and buy underwater suits just so they can get a taste of this burger, usually sold at Maraqua. The eel is rich in flavor, exploding in your mouth when you first taste it. The cheese drizzle on it goes nicely with that savory eel, making the burger a whole lot sweeter. Yum!

5. Beast Burger

Eek! Don't get too close to this yummy burger or it'll bite. Anyway, those who are brave enough to tame this wild beast say it is the most delicious burger they had ever tasted. One brave person told me that the burger settled right down when he put it into his mouth. It had a crunch that told him about the lettuce in there. The juice of a tomato blasted in his mouth. His taste buds sizzled as he tasted the spiciness of the middle of the burger, making his tongue on fire. But a drink of water and he was licking his lips!

6. Peaburger Delight

The name says it all. This burger IS delightful, with those juicy peas squirting in your mouth. You really feel the need to have more after you swallow the last bite of this delight. The bun is smooth, with few sesame seeds dotting the bun. If you bite a little into the bun, you'll notice it's not hollow. Instead of all that rich, fluffy, yummy stuff, there is nothing except peas! Peas swarming all over, making you smile. There are also some awesomely tasty peas in between the top and bottom bun, making this a family favorite for everyone! If you eat the top half of the bun, you can pretend the bun is a bowl and the peas are the food you're eating.

7. Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger

Wow... Barnacle Bill has a knack for long alliteration! The spiciness of this burger is overwhelming, making gasp for air. Bill's secret is a spicy sauce he made himself, made from the spiciness and finest ingredients from Mystery Island. How do I know his secret, you may ask? I managed to wiggle it out of him. Anyway, there is a tiny bit of barnacles in this belly-busting burger, adding a nice crunch.

8. Mystery Meat Sandwich

This sandwich is for those who have a liking for mystery foods. The meat is different for each sandwich made, some say they got sausage, some turkey, some have gotten some plain things, like pepperoni, or even simple ham! All meats are tenderized and smooth, making this delicious sandwich a must-have for all those mysterious folk. There is so many different kinds of mystery meat waiting in those stores for someone like you!

9. Aisha Cheeseburger

Awww... this is always the best burger for anybody who simply adores Aishas. It's not recommended for feeding to any Aishas, though. It specifically says "DON'T FEED TO AISHAS" on the cover of the pack it comes in. Anyway, this Aisha shaped cheeseburger is yummy, with all those delicious yet flavorful topping stacked higher and higher on this burger. Lettuce, tomato, patty, cheese, all lining this simply mystifying and magical burger.

10. Skeith Burger

Whoa... this meal is fit for a king! (King Skarl, that means you.) This burger has little corn kernels poking out of the holes in the bun. Gigantic meat patties and monster-sized lettuce top off this burger! Any Skeith would enjoy this-- just try to ignore their roars for more.

Well, there ya have it, folks! Those are all the latest scoops on the delicious foods TNT calls yummy (which I agree)! These magical morsels are just waiting to be bought at a store to be consumed by a pet who really wants a good sandwich or burger! Bye-bye, and see you next edition for all the latest fantastic foods!

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