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10 Super Cool Uses for Yoyos You Never Thought Of

by spelt


It's obvious that yoyos are an awesome and unusually amusing toy. You can spend hours just twirling one around and sending it up and down at your will. I bet you and your friend have had a competition to see who can walk the dog the best, or maybe you just enjoy coiling the string into its pocket and sending the ball shooting down towards the floor. What other toy lets you do that?

However, have you taken the time before to see past the toy, and look at it from a different perspective? Well, I'm here to tell you that there are many uses for the average yoyo, besides simply playing around with. Are you ready to enter a whole new world of yoyos? Here are some stunning uses for yoyos!

1. Battledome Yoyos!

Ever imagine taking on those evil Meerca Henchmen with a yoyo, or even the Giant Ghostkerchief? Show them your power when you break through their defenses with your magical yoyo. Not only that, but you will be having a blast while taking down those brutes. Battle yoyos are sure to surprise anyone you challenge to a duel, which may give you the advantage.

2. The string is all you need.

String is fun, right? Right! There are plenty of things to do with string. Detach it from the yoyo and you're ready to go. The possibilities for the strand are endless. Wrap it around your hand and make a stylish bracelet; around the neck and you have got yourself a necklace. You can even make a telephone out of it! All you need is a couple cups. Cut out the holes in them and insert the string (we're getting high tech now!). Do not be afraid to mess around with it, creating your own games is always fun. Share them with your friends, and play them at slumber parties.

3. Need the Time?

Keeping track of time is hard when you're having this much fun! Having a toy that can tell you the time solves this problem perfectly. You never have to worry about being late to class, or a meeting again. Not only that but you can also make a yoyo alarm clock. When it's time to wake up the string flings the yoyo in an unpredictable direction so you have no choice to get up (excellent for your lazy children who never seem to get out of bed on time).

4. Dance to the Beat.

Yoyos are so much fun you can't help but dance when you see them bouncing around. They make a superb accessory for those dance parties. They can help you keep beat and look flashy at the same time; you'll be the center of attention. Installing some lights or sparkles onto them makes them even better. They can glow at night, or just shine in the daylight. Getting ready for a dance competition or even a casual event with friends? Bring out those yoyos and show the audience how you groove!

5. Yoyo foods, anyone?

Cake is nice and all, but it can get a little bland, right? Well, how about yoyo cake? Instant classic! Selling yoyo shaped cookies at a bake sale is a big treat. Why not make some brownies while you're at it? You could even put some fun into it and make yoyo sandwiches, and let people customize their own yoyo feast (but let's make sure actual yoyos are not an option). If you are getting a lunch ready for an average day at school, yoyo lunchboxes are a fun way to eat during casual conversations with your buddies.

6. Arts and Crafts!

If you are bored of the same old stuff, why not try to incorporate some yoyos into your average arts and crafts? Making a Yoyo Day would be a fun way to bring yoyos into the world of art. If you're tired of writing with those plain old #2 pencils then feel free to stick a yoyo on yours and get rolling. Painting a picture with a yoyo is always fun, just make sure to clean it after.

7. Saving the world, one yoyo at a time.

Evil villains are everywhere, threatening poor Neopia every step of their way. Sloth himself has made a few attempts to enslave all Neopians, and almost succeeded. I bet this would not have happened if there had been yoyos protecting us from his reign of evil. Now you have the chance to take one up and stop these hideous plans from becoming reality!

8. Paperweights sure do come in handy.

Ever spend hours upon hours organizing that stack of papers, when all of the sudden a fan turns your way and all your hard work is gone? This would most definitely not happen with a yoyo lying around your desk. Just plop it right on top of that stack and it's safe from any menacing gust of wind that may find its way towards your important paper mountains. Multiple yoyos work even better, and add quite a bit of style to your collating.

9. How about some pretty yoyos?

Necklaces are a good way to drum up attention when you enter a room. People love to watch the sparkles around your neck while you walk past them. This is true for all jewelry, and now you can take this same idea and apply it to yoyos too! Show your neighbor who has the better yoyo with some diamonds implanted in it. Looking for the perfect gift? Gold yoyo bracelet will knock their socks off when they set their eyes on that dazzling beauty.

10. Last, but not least (or maybe, it's up to you really).

I know you are probably thinking 'there's no way there can be ten whole uses for a yoyo, it's just a toy!' I'm here to prove that thought wrong, with the tenth and final use. Yoyos can even be used as a grappling hook! Go from the ground to the top of a building in seconds. Don't feel like waiting in a line, a yoyo can fix that. Is the elevator broken? A Yoyo can fix that as well!

Yoyos seem 10 times more exciting than ever before, right? These uses will surely give you more hours of entertainment than you ever thought possible. Go on, my friends! Explore the amazingness that is the yoyo. I bet you can even come up with more uses of your own.

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