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The 5 Best Places in Brightvale

by omi_roxx


This week there is a very special holiday in the land of Neopia - the discovery of Brightvale! This prosperous kingdom is home to wise scholars and beautiful stained glass windows, lush green fields and a King who's the wisest of them all!

So in honor of this special day, I'll be telling you all about the great places to visit while in Brightvale. After reading this, you'll want to be sure you don't miss any of these great things!

So get out your suitcases and start packing; it's time to take a trip to Brightvale!

1. Fruits of Brightvale

First up on the list is the Fruits of Brightvale shop!

During all of your sight seeing and touristing, you'll want to make sure that you have a happy and full belly! You wouldn't wait your trip to be miserable because of your constantly growling stomach, would you? No way! So what better place to go to for this purpose than the Fruits of Brightvale shop?

The moment you walk in, you'll be greeted by a kind looking Green Acara standing by the counter, waiting to assist you in your purchases. But that's not all that will greet you! The smell of the fruit seems to just hit you in face, like a fight in the Battledome. Sweet, sour, tangy, and even rancid smells may meet your nose! And not only is your nose assaulted, so are your eyes! Vividly hued fruits are everywhere! Lime green, bright orange, electric blue and neon pink are everywhere! Such bright and beautiful colors, true edible art! There are so many great options to try when you're here, you might just spend all your money in this one shop!

To start the day, a big breakfast with a tall glass of Magenorb Juice on the side is the best thing you could wish for. Though it's sometimes too sour or sweet, there's always a chance that it'll be just right! What's life without a bit of excitement? For lunch, why not try a Skeem Jam sandwich? Tangy and sweet, you'll never be able to eat one of mom's Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches ever again! And for dinner, Sauteed Purblare Slices are a fine dining option sure to make you feel like royalty.

2. Brightvale Books

Now that you've fed your stomach, it's time to feed your mind with some knowledgable books from Brightvale Books. Ever stocked with books to get your mind churning, this store with please your book loving pet without a doubt! So come on in and take a look, you shan't be disappointed!

Any Baby pet along on your trip won't want to read a thick novel. But they do have good options for your little ones! The Royal Book of Colouring is a fun book with lots of pictures of Brightvale for your toddler to color! From the detailed castle to the lush green meadows to the intricate stained glass windows, your toddler will have a blast coloring this all day! This is truly a great buy you've gotta get!

But what about all the non babies along? A coloring book won't do at all! So for the older ones , perhaps some Brightvale themed books will do the trick. Brightvale Castle and King Hagan are two books you've got to read when visiting the Royal Castle of Brightvale. You'll know more than your tour guide after reading these books! Another good read is Wisdom of the Wise, a book that'll have you feeling like a philosopher from the very first page! You'll want to soak up every bit of knowledge until your pores almost burst from it all! And for all first time Brightvale tourists, I highly suggest Brightvale Maps. You wouldn't want to get lost on your vacation, now would you? A detailed, easy to read book of maps, you'll know your way around Brightvale like you've lived there your whole life!

3. The Wheel of Knowledge

We had to put this one in! One of the most fun places in Brightvale is The Wheel of Knowledge! There are a wide array of prizes to win. Maybe you'll get a bag of neopoints? Or a cool little Brightvale doodad that'll be a fun keepsake to remember your trip in the future? Or maybe you'll hit the jackpot and earn a juicy bit of wisdom from the Wise Old King himself! Sounds fun, right?

This is one of the most fun Wheels you can spin! All neopets will love trying their luck at this. You'll never know what you might get until you try! So spin, spin spin! For just a small fee of 400 neopoints, this is totally worth it! That feeling of anticipation as it slows down, getting closer to your prize is just priceless and truly amazing. If you've never felt it, you've just gotta go here!

4. Brightvale Glaziers

If Brightvale is know for something, it's definitely their beautifully unique windows. The smith is always hammering away in his forge, making only the finest windows for your neohome. He puts love and effort into every piece, and the good craftsmanship shines through like the sun! You just have to buy one for your neohome. Not only are they a work of art, but when the sun hits the stained glass it sends rays of colorful light all over your home, filling it with colors and life. It'll jazz up your neohome in a matter of seconds, and it's great conversation starter.

This is a great way to spiff up your home! Instead of spending endless neopoints on new furniture and taking your precious time on painting the walls to make it nice, these windows are a quick and easy thing to put in your neohome. Very spiffy, yes? So why are you still staring at this? Go and stare at windows instead, and buy one for yourself!

And now, for number 5, the best place in Brightvale!

5. Brightvale Castle

Drum roll, please! The best place in Brightvale is none other than the Brightvale Castle!

This magnificent castle made of polished white and green stones is an architectural feat, one of the finest castles in all of Neopia. Topped with waving Brightvale flags and surrounded by a mote of pristine blue waters, this is one thing you've gotta see. One of the tallest and most memorable landmarks around, this is something you'll never forget when you see it.

But let's not get caught up in the outside! Let's remember what it is that's inside that's really the thing we all wanna see! The Wise Old King himself, King Hagan!

After a whole day of Brightvale fun, do you think you've got what it takes to talk to the King and give him wisdom? If you read enough books in the Brightvale Books, you just might be scholarly enough the dish up a plate of wisdom that might amaze the King! It's completely free and super fun, trying to think of a witty bit of talk to stir up your brain gears! So get thinking and start wising it up!

Definitely the best place to go to in Brightvale, that's for sure!

Well, that's all! I've visited and listed every last fun place in Brightvale. I can reassure you that all of these places are 100% awesome, and you won't regret going one bit! And when it's Brightvale Day, the festivities are amazing! Everywhere there's happy Neopians and bright balloons, giving you that giddy last day of school feeling.

There's only one thing left to do. Pull your suit case off the shelf and dust it off, because it's time to get ready for your fun trip to Brightvale! Hurray!

Happy Brightvale Discovery Day!

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