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A Celebration of Intelligence

by jamespongebob


It was a windy day as I strolled through the gardens of Brightvale, inhaling the fresh scent. There was something in the air. A hint of celebration. And I know why. It's Brightvale Day. The time when the inhabitants of Brightvale get to have fun and celebrate. It is a rare event, indeed.

What's so special, I sometimes hear. It's not easy to miss the sounds of complaint, echoing into the fine land. Of course they come from none other than the crass land of Meridell. And why wouldn't they? The poor folks there can do nothing but envy the land of intelligence. I scoff at their indifference. And that's when I hear it. The sound of a gathering crowd.

I check to see what the fuss is about, and I see a crowd of Neopets gathered around a board encased with glass. It frames a single long parchment that was in an old condition, yellowish brown. I ask a nearby Kyrii dressed in a beautiful trench coat what is going on.

"It seems that King Hagan has written a journal entry about a celebration of intelligence and has decided to share it with us. Look! He wrote a list of some kind."

I make my way to the front of the crowd and read the entry.


Ah. What a beautiful day to celebrate Brightvale Day. It has come to my attention that this day is more than just celebrating the prosperity of this kingdom. It is also to celebrate the knowledge it contains. The knowledge that it makes and nurtures. The most valuable treasure that it is. This morning, a young Ruki came to my palace and shared me her knowledge about fruits. It was really quite enlightening and enjoyable. It always makes my day when a young Neopian shares me impressive knowledge. Really it is my main goal in life, to seek more knowledge. I have decided to dedicate this journal entry to those Neopians whose knowledge is so impressive. I find myself looking for the knowledgeable that are unknown, that I often come to overlook those who are known. So I will write about them this entry, and hope they will serve as an inspiration to us all. I shall begin with a basic category.

The Most Intelligent Faerie

Faeries are often brilliant. They are extraordinary beings and I find many of them so intelligent, but I truly admire Delina's intelligence. The crafting Faerie really lives up to her name. She manages to make such simple things anyone can find, and she can turn them into such wondrous creations. How crafty and smart is she, to have made young Neopians help her in quests! Not only does she have someone to find it for her, but it's a simple and effective way for her to do experiments with the said items. And she is gracious enough to reward those who help her with them.

The Most Intelligent Creep

I find the need to define creep. It's something not necessarily scary, but it is more like disturbing. And I find the Brain Tree's knowledge disturbing. Like me, he is always on a quest for knowledge, which is so admirable. But there is something I find quite off about him. He asks those who complete the quests he creates for knowledge, but can tell when someone is wrong. How I wonder, considering he is said to find out the answer meaning he does not know it? Perhaps he has someway to tell if someone is correct or not. I am very busy right now, but maybe one day I can ask him.

The Most Intelligent Cook

I would say the Soup Faerie for this one. Not only do I care for her generosity, but I am intrigued by how she always knows how much money you have. Other than that, I find it quite interesting that the soup you get is always different even if it comes out from the same pot. Yes, there is some mystery under her generosity on which I hope I do find out.

The Most Intelligent Hero/ine

I really had trouble picking one, considering the vast amount of choices, but I ended up with Lisha. I am not going to hold bias against her since she saved Meridell, but I am truly amazed by how she did it. She was able to help tremendously in her war, and she still to this fay, is always wanting the learn more. She is very studious when it comes to magic and is a great inspiration for even those in Brightvale.

The Most Intelligent Villain

Dr. Frank Sloth. Do I truly need any explanation?

The Most Intelligent Gamer

I adore games though it may not seem like it. Though terribly conceited, I simply cannot help but find interest in AAA. He is truly a supporter of the art of knowledge, even proving its superiority over brawn in one Daily Dare. How foolish Abigail must be, if she thought that brawn could beat brains. The Blumaroo is constantly improving himself in gaming and always on the hunt for more gaming knowledge to add to his already well-developed brain. Ahh, if only he wasn't so arrogant.

The Most Intelligent Ruler

I am not going to mention myself, honestly. I do not want to compare myself because I am always searching for knowledge. So maybe I am, but I will say who I think is the most intelligent excluding me.

I believe it would be King Kelpbeard. The ruler of Maraqua is not only very wise, but also a very powerful warrior which is really something to admire. He was able to lead Maraqua to victory and became its benevolent ruler afterwards. He is truly amazing.

So I guess that concludes it. I would love to write more but the page is ending. I guess all of us wants someone to follow. An inspiration for knowledge. But truly everyone has it inside of them. It's something all of us from Brightvale know. We are to nurture it and make it grow into something amazing. Living life. Studying. Knowing more. It's really one of the many reasons there are to celebrate this day. Because Brightvale is knowledge. One of the reasons we are who we are. And without it, it would all be meaningless.


And as soon as I finish reading, I hear someone say, "Who here thinks King Hagan is an inspiration?"

Not a single hand stays down.

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