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Neopian Fashions Part 1: Brightvale

by petpet_master_


Ah Brightvale, Neopia's most intelligent land. A beautiful green land ruled by only the most knowledgeable King Hagan, a King proven to be infinitely better than his grumpy little brother, Skarl. This peaceful land is filled to the brim with delicacies such as the lovely exotic yet memorable fruits of Brightvale, the divinely crafted armour, found only at the Brightvale armoury, and do not forget the abundant supply of only the finest reading materials, found both at the Scrollery and Brightvale Books.

If those magnificent places still have not convinced you that Brightvale is the greatest land, do not fret! There are still many more places to discover such as the Motery, Brightvale Glaziers, and the Wheel of Knowledge. You will find yourself stunned in amazement by the sheer power held in each mote sold at the Motery, so much so that you may leave with a bit more that you were willing to buy. Take a gander around Brightvale Glaziers and experience the pure talent shown in each stained window. Test your luck and maybe learn something new by spinning the Wheel of Knowledge, or maybe, if you are feeling bold, share some of your knowledge with the most knowledgeable himself!

Feeling adventurous? Get ready, aim, fire! Why not play a thrilling game of Castle Battles? Aim your cannon at your opponent's castle and destroy it piece by piece. If you are lucky, a bountiful treasure awaits you within the crumpled block tower. Advance through the levels and build more complex and powerful castles. If Castle Battles is not really your cup of tea, try a game of Biscuit Brigade. Fend off your enemies by building up your castle's defense and distracting your enemies with cookies and, er... weapons.

Now that you know the basics of Brightvale, time to look the part! What? You thought you could just walk right in? Oh my, you have a lot to learn. While Brightvale is home to anything and everything knowledgeable, is it also home to some of the finest fashions in Neopian history. Being a citizen of Brightvale or even a tourist requires you have only the most intelligent taste in fashion. Do not expect to be let in wearing THAT old thing. Oh dear, oh dear, quick, someone get the royal stylist in here! Oh, and welcome to Neopian Fashions Part One: Brightvale!


1. Broken Stained Glass Window Background

Rarity: 89

Price: 30,000 NP

If you are even thinking about making an appearance in Brightvale, this background is an absolute must. It signifies the dignity and knowledge needed to produce such a magnificent creation using stained glass. If you have the money to own something THIS fancy, you deserve to show it off.

2. Nighttime in Brightvale Background

Rarity: 83

Price: 5,000 NP

If you are a little low on the dough, this is the perfect background for you. A night on the town is sure to bring the same nostalgic feel as this background, and it is sure to go with any Brightvale-esque outfit your knowledgeable mind can think up. It may not be as fancy as the first, but a wise king once told me, "'Tis better to have money saved than spent". Okay, I just made that up, but it is still a lesson to live by.

3. Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground

Rarity: 80

Price: 15,000 NP

Want to show off your wealth without actually spending anything? Then this foreground is the one for you! Earning a lot of money takes knowledge and class, both of which YOU have with this stunning foreground. Wow your friends! Wow your enemies! Wow that one person that you see from time to time walking to the post office but you never really talk except for that one time you bumped into each other! Yeah, you get the idea.

4. Stately Tree Foreground

Rarity: 65

Price: 2,000 NP

Prefer to keep your wealth a secret? Good, that is probably wiser anyway. Show off your love for nature with this fantastic tree beside you wherever you go. It's dark green leaves let in the perfect amount of sunlight, so you are never without that intelligent glow.

5. Fancy Brightvale Gown

Rarity: 78

Price: 20,000 NP

Show off your loyalty to Brightvale wearing the traditional colours: green and yellow! You are bound to turn some heads with this fantastic piece of fabric. Maintain top style status while also maintaining your bank account.

6. Brynn's Brightvale Tunic

Rarity: 101

Price: 100,000 NP

Want to dress up as one of Brightvale's most revered heroes? Then this is the tunic for you! It is a bit on the expensive side, but if you (and your bank account) are up for the splurge, I say "go for it"! You will not regret it.

7. Black Square Glasses

Rarity: 101

Price 200,000-300,000 NP

Even if you have 20/20 vision, spectacles like these will instantly give you a wiser look. Whether you are reading an ancient scroll or the latest gossip in the Neopian Times, these glasses are definitely for you. They are a bit of a splurge, but well worth the respect you will gain from your peers.

8. Sundial Wristwatch

Rarity: 101

Price: 1,000 NP

Real watches? Pft! Too mainstream. Show off the vast extents of your knowledge with the ancient time-telling skills required to read this watch. Its blue and gold design is fit for a king (or queen) and is sure to add some significant fancy points to your outfit. (Cheap too!)

9. Broken Hour Glass

Rarity: 101

Price: 100 NP

Okay, so maybe you are really, really broke. You could probably pass off this old thing as an ancient artifact if you are lucky. Maybe clean it up a bit and sell it. Remember "A wise Neopian is only wise if he knows he is not". Yeah, whatever that means. Anyway, if you know how to work with glass, you could probably fix it and carry it around with you. It is sure to catch attention!

10. Handy Dandy Magnifying Glass

Rarity: 101

Price: 1,000 NP

Carry this around with you and always be ready to examine fascinating specimens of knowledge filled knowledge. Yep, only the most knowledgeable carry around this Handy Dandy Magnifying Glass of knowledge. Okay, I am taking this a bit too far, aren't I? Either way, this makes a great accent piece to any outfit you will wear.


11. Stained Glass Window Background

Rarity: 500

Price: 200NC

Hmm, look familiar? Yes, it is the non-broken super bedazzled version of the first item on this list. Prove to the world that you are a true lover of stained glass. So much so, you only carry around the finest, non-damaged glass there is.

12. Muted Library Background

Rarity: 500

Price: 200NC

Prefer to keep your nose in a book? Then this background is the one for you. It provides the best amount of light; just enough for you to read with ease, but not too much as to destroy the atmosphere.

13. Stained Glass Balcony Foreground

Rarity: 500

Price: N/A

Treat yourself to a game of Blumaroll and if you are lucky, you might win one of these fantastic foregrounds! Perfect for completing a royal look.

14. Inside an Hourglass Foreground

Rarity: 500

Price: N/A

Okay, maybe this is taking hourglasses a little too far. Who are we kidding? There is no such thing as too much of a good thing! Impress your friends and family by being a WALKING HOURGLASS. How much more intelligent could you look? I mean seriously folks, this is a must have. If you were lucky enough to win this item from a game of JubJub Power Bounce, then good for you! If not, do not fret! You can still obtain this item through a Neocash trade, or maybe a generous neofriend.

15. Tower Princess Superpack

Rarity: 500

Price: 700 NC

With this superpack, you can feel like a real Brightvale Princess. Spun with only the finest thread by only the most experienced gown makers, this is surely the gown for you.

16. Woodland Archer Superpack

Rarity: 500

Price: 750 NC

With this superpack, you can show off your archery skills to all your friends! You are sure to gain the respect of King Hagan himself with this Brightvale-esque look. Just be sure not to hit anyone!

17. Magical Quill and Book

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Carry this around to note all the adventures you have. This delicate blue feather quill along with the rustic, leather bound book is sure to give you an intelligent appearance. If you are not into that whole "reading" thing, it always makes a great paperweight!

18. Shiny Silver Wig

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Ever heard the phrase "With age comes wisdom"? Of course you have! But why wait? Get that wise, aged, look with this sophisticated wig. Goes with anything!

19. Suave Wavy Brown Wig

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

Complete your intellectual outfit with only the finest of wigs. This hairpiece is sure to catch the eye of a lucky princess.

20. Magnifying Eye Glasses

Rarity: 500

Price: 150 NC

With these glasses, you never have to worry about something being unmagnified ever again! Everything you see will look 50 times bigger than it actually is. Some who do not understand the fashion of Brightvale might say these look a little silly, but what do they know? These are great for calligraphy or sewing and are a must have addition to your wardrobe.

Phew, fashion emergency avoided. You look most knowledgeable! You will soon be ready for your many quests and adventures. And please, take it upon yourself to venture out to grace the NC Mall with your intellectual presence. There are so many fashions to choose from that can also be worn with the many Neopoint wearables shown above. Congratulations on learning how to complete your look with both Neopoint and Neocash items, find your perfect outfit today. Now, onward! To Brightvale!

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