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Dress like the Faeries: Part 2

by minemoe


Welcome back to Dress like the Faeries: Part 2. Throughout each part of these guides we will be exploring some of the most stylish Faeries in Neopia. Taking a close look at what they wear so that you too can create the same theme upon your own Neopets. Faeries come from all over Neopia and have many different roles in our day-to-day lives. Some like to take on quests from them, others turn to them in their darkest hour when they are hungry or sick. I'm sure at one point or another we have all had an encounter with one. So do you have a particular favourite Faerie whom you like above all? Ever wondered how you could show your support and appreciation for them? Well, look no further. For within each of these ongoing guides, I'm sure you will find the Faerie you would like to dress up as. It will leave Neopians taking double takes at you, having them wondering if they might have spotted a real Faerie crossing their path!

In Part 2 our next Faerie, is the most evil and revengeful one going, or is she just merely misunderstood? She reigned from a dark cloud that hovered over Faerieland until it crashed that fateful day. Sending Neopians on quests to hunt for dark magical artefacts so she can gain ultimate power one day, perhaps? You might even get a reward if you bring it back in time! It is well known in Neopia about her hatred of the Faerie Illusen being her greatest of enemies, but the reasons why that is so, are still very much shrouded in mystery. She certainly isn't one to be messed with. Feared among many, treated with suspicion where ever she goes and is known to be manipulative and cunning out of all the Faeries. After all, this is Jhudora the Dark Faerie we are talking about! But let's hope that hasn't put you off, because she's still a fabulous dresser and here's how you can be too…

Item: Jhudora Wig

Source: Neopoint

Info: Oh, this wig is just striking; who'd have thought purple hair with green highlights would work so well? Well, Jhudora certainly did! Your Neopet can have the same street credit as Jhudora wearing this wig and really get into character as one of the most feared Faeries of all time.

Item: Darkest Faerie Dress / Sugar Plum Faerie Dress

Source: Neocash / Neocash

Info: The Darkest Faerie Dress will be perfect for just any of the Dark Faeries to wear but since this gown has more of a blue tone to it compared to the usual purple and green one the real Jhudora wears. I thought a more fitting one could be the Sugar Plum Faerie Dress (although Jhudora is no Sugar Plum Faerie!) since the colours of green leaves and purple shades go much better with the outfit on the whole.

Item: Dark Faerie Wings / Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings

Source: Neopoint / Neopoint

Info: Jhudora's wings are notorious against other Faerie's wings, with sharp points protruding from them they are not for the faint hearted. Two to choice from: the Dark Faerie Wings have a slight plushie, patchwork feel to them, where as the Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings really do have the sense of the real Jhudora's ones in my opinion. But it's entirely up to you which one your pet may prefer wearing.

Item: Jhudora Balloon / Jhudora Kite

Source: Neopoint / Neopoint

Info: Show your support to Jhudora and have her face fly up high into the sky with either this Jhudora Balloon or a Jhudora kite. And scare other Neopets along the way, as both portray that famous evil stare of hers!

Item: Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus

Source: Neocash

Info: If you're a real fan of Jhudora, you should certainly know of her two bodyguards a purple and green Gruslen, who go by the name of Sarah and Daisy. Menacing as they look with their spiked collars, tusks and red eyes, you wouldn't want to get on their bad side, that's for sure! But since you are a follower of Jhudora, I'm sure they would be happy to keep you from harm and ward off any trouble that might come your way.

Item: Creepy Jhudora Potted Plant

Source: Neopoint

Info: I wonder what is growing in this pot; it can only be a creepy plant of Jhudora's making, of course, and you'd better make sure you water this; it looks like it might attack you otherwise.

Item: Strange Green Mist Foreground

Source: Neopoint

Info: Where's this green mist coming from, I wonder? Perhaps it is something cooking from one of Jhudora's cauldrons; she does enjoy brewing up unknown concoctions of her own making. Perhaps one has over spilled somewhere and its contents are filling the air around. I wouldn't breathe it in too much if I were you, but it does make for the perfect ambience for this Jhudora themed look of course.

Item: Disembodied Cackling Jhudora

Source: Neocash

Info: What was that? Can you hear it? That strangely familiar cackling that would fill many a Neopet with dread. Jhudora must surely be up to something if you're ever been privileged to hear this noise echoing out of nowhere. Have this Disembodied Cackling Jhudora sound echoing behind you, and have Neopets running a mile in the thought the real Jhudora is near by.

Item: Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll / Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion

Source: Neocash / Neocash

Info: Having a Jhudora Doll floating next to your Neopet can certainly have some perks to it; for one thing it will ward off any enemies you might have, but if you want to be really like Jhudora, you can always send one of her Mechanical Minions to the job for you.

Background: Jhudoras Bluff Background / Malicious Dark Faeries Background

Source: Neopoint / Neopoint

Info: Was that cackling coming out of that castle? Well, I wouldn't be surprised with the Jhudoras Bluff Background. Is your Neopet brave enough to hang out in the layer of Jhudora? Or perhaps your Neopet fancies taking a stroll through the Malicious Dark Faeries Background, with creepy trees that have faces on them… watching you. Well, I wouldn't worry too much as you are dressed like Jhudora after all and could fool anyone (unless you bumped into the real Jhudora, that is!).

Well, that's it for the most powerful Dark Faerie in Neopia. Can your Neopet pull off Jhudora's fashion sense as well as she does? Are you brave enough to strut your stuff and dress like this notorious Faerie? I bet you are! So go on and fill your closest up with some of the best Jhudora wearables out there! We'd better hurry and round things up for this week before Jhudora realises what Faerie will be dressing like in Part 3 – her arch enemy Illusen. See you then!

Tip: All items shown in this article are suitable for all species to wear but don't forget that many species and paint brush clothing can make great alternatives for Faerie clothing too, for example in this outfit a Xweetok could wear a Space Gypsy Xweetok Dress for an alternative Jhudora inspired dress.

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