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Neopia - A Quiz

by kadface


The world of Neopia is a vast land, from the sprawling metropolis of Neopia central to the desolate seclusion of the citizens of Qasala. With such diversity, is it possible to know everything about each land? Can you identify your Tyrannian from your Altadorian? Are you able to separate the Pirates from the Astronauts? Take this simple eleven question quiz today and see how you score.

1) Which mysterious island floats around the shores of Neopia, and could only be accessed in a very special way?

a. Roo Island

b. Lutari Island

c. Faerieland

d. Mystery Island

2) Which land is said to be ruled by the wisest king of them all?

a. Brightvale

b. Neopia Central

c. Maraqua

d. Krawk Island

3) At which land can you take a free ride in a glass bottomed boat?

a. Virtupets Space Station

b. Tyrannia

c. Kiko Lake

d. Shenkuu

4) Which land was once inaccessible due to a torrential whirlpool?

a. Maraqua

b. Mystery Island

c. Terror Mountain

d. Virtupets Space Station

5) At this location; you can swap items, presided over by the faerie Jhuidah. Where are you?

a. Neovia

b. Kreludor

c. Altador

d. Mystery Island

6) Which site is home to the largest mining operation in Neopia? Hint: It is defended by a S750 K.. Defense Robot.

a. Kreludor

b. Brightvale

c. Haunted Woods

d. Lutari Island

7) Which land owes its rediscovery due to the loss of a very lucky coin?

a. Meridell

b. Moltara

c. Terror Mountain

d. Lost Desert

8) Which micro-location was once home to the infamous Lord Kass?

a. Meri-Acres Farm

b. Neovia

c. Darigan's Citadel

d. Geraptiku

9) Where is there a village with 130 inhabitants?

a. Terror Mountain

b. Haunted Woods

c. Tyrannia Plains

d. Altador

10) Which merchant town is home to the famous Hoban?

a. Shenkuu

b. Kreludor

c. Neopian Central

d. Qasala

11) How many miles west of Meridell is the land of Brightvale?

a. 1

b. 50

c. 200

d. 1000


1) The correct answer is Lutari Island. This mysterious location was only accessible through the Neopets Mobile program. However, this method is no longer obtainable and Lutari Island, and the popular Lutari pet that resides there remains a mystery to many Neopians.

2) That's right! Brightvale is home to the wise King Hagan. If your wisdom is feeling particularly vibrant today, you can visit him and he will judge your quote with impartial wisdom. If you feel jovial, visit his brother King Skarl in Meridell, who will reward you with great foods if he finds your joke to his taste.

3) Unsurprisingly the answer is Kiko Lake. The habitant Kikos of this lake are particularly proud of their home, indeed, they may find it somewhat amusing if you take the free ride available. If you are inspired by the beautiful homes you see below you should you take the trip, visit the Kiko Lake Carpentry shop, and you too can partake in the laid back lifestyle the Kikos live.

4) Maraqua is the unfortunate land to have suffered this cruel twist of fate. Many years ago the land was cursed by an evil pirate. Fortunately King Kelpbeard protected his subjects from any further evil doing. That is, until the pirate threat returned in the shape of Captain Scarblade...

5) The Mystery Island Trading Post is the place where you can trade your wares for other items and neopoints, only up to the value of 800,000 NP though. If you need to sell your products for more, you should bring them along to the Auction House in Neopia Central, which can accommodate the selling of items for up to millions of neopoints.

6) Neopia's only moon, Kreludor, is home to this mining location. However, make sure your visit is swift if you plan to be able to leave. The mining operation is said to sponsored by Neopia's greatest enemy, Dr. Sloth. But he hasn't been seen in sometime, rumoured to have been defeated by the Resistance. Yet this mine is still a protected site, you should probably leave quickly now.

7) Brucey B rediscovered the Lost Desert whilst chasing after his lucky coin. The Lost Desert has been home to many site events over the years, with the most famous introducing the characters of Jazan, Nabile and Tomos in the Lost Desert Plot. The desert winds are all quiet for the moment however, perhaps there are still some hidden gems in the dunes?

8) The evil Lord Kass took residence in Darigan Citadel, and was engaged in a brutal war against the citizens of Meridell. Fortunately for Neopians everywhere, he was finally defeated thanks to the efforts of Jeran and Lisha, and the medieval population can rest easy.

9) This small village is situated in the Tyrannian Plains. Home of the Ugga-Ugg language, this hamlet was rescued from the clutches of the evil Monoceraptor by brave Neopians many years ago. Now a model village of peace, with gentle and kind inhabitants.

10) Hoban lives in the town of Shenkuu. Having recovered from falling overboard, Hoban resides safely in this town, protected over by Captain Thare. Here you can play a game of Kou-Jong or examine the skies at the lunar temple.

11) If you guessed 50 miles, I am very impressed. The small distance between the two cities just shows how close the two brotherly kings are, despite their youths of playing Castle Wars against one another.


8-11 correct: Traveller - Many Congratulations! You truly are the well-heeled traveller. Knowledgeable in all aspects of Neopian Geography, or perhaps the canny expert in searching the information. Either way, congratulations on completing this quiz top of the class.

5-7 correct: Vagabond – Well done. Although you don't quite know everything about the world of Neopia, you've clearly been around the block a few times. Perhaps visit some of the smaller worlds, such as Neovia and Meri-Acres farm more often to expand your knowledge base.

3-4 correct: Armchair Rambler – Not the highest score, but not a complete dunce. Perhaps you should spend less time in your Neohome and more time exploring? The World of Neopia is large and has something for everyone. Virtupets Space Station is a good place to start for the lazy traveller.

1-2 correct: Staycationer – The pleasures and comfort of home clearly call to you too strongly. Doctors recommend learning more about the world of Neopia as healthy, travelling more is a definite requirement for you.

0 Correct: Ignoramus – Congratulations on defeating the odds! By getting absolutely no questions you have successfully managed to guess your way out of any prizes. I would suggest not playing Dice-a-Roo with this run of bad luck.

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