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Which Neopian Monarch Rules Your Life?

by anamya


The world of Neopia is formed by very different lands, where all sorts of Neopets coexist. Some live in lands ruled by kings or queens, other not. But it is impossible not to feel influenced for at least one of those powerful Neopians. Maybe it is their heroic deeds, or maybe historical flaws. The way they treat their people, or the way they deal with others Neopians. Answer these 10 questions and find out which Neopian ruler has the strongest influence on your life.

1– What would you like to do in your spare time?

a) to sit with your friends to remember stories of the past

b) to manage a little store

c) to read a book

d) to eat

e) to play some Neopets games

f) to build something

g) anything that is not paperwork!

h) to plan world domination... or maybe not.

2- What colours did you use to paint your room?

a) beige and orange

b) pink, pink and more pink!

c) browns and greens

d) Primary colors: blue, red and yellow

e) all the colours I could get, my room is all colorful

f) many tones of blue

g) gold, lots of gold.

h) dark tones, like black and purple

3 - If you lived in a fantasy kingdom, you would prefer to be:

a) a skilled swordfighter

b) a spell caster

c) an advisor

d) a tough judge

e) a buffoon

f) a careful guard

g) someone noble

h) a polemic leader

4- What calls everyone's attention about you?

a) your courage

b) your presence

c) your intelligence

d) your sense of humor

e) your good luck

f) your strength to start again when things go wrong

g) your beauty

h) even though you are different from everyone, lots of people like you

5- What does make your heart beat faster? (It can be for good or bad reasons)

a) Yooyuball

b) Burritos

c) Stained glass

d) Bad jokes

e) Bugs

f) Pirates

g) Bureaucracy

h) Plans gone wrong

6 – What is your biggest regret in life?

a) I once put all my friends in trouble with me.

b) I helped my friends, but caused problems for other people.

c) I'm not as nice to my family as I should be.

d) I didn't stop people who were doing things wrong.

e) I disappeared when people needed me most.

f) I didn't pay attention to people who were trying to help me.

g) I never considered how the past could affect the present.

h) I was really evil. But I changed, I swear!

7- Which of these gifts would you prefer to give/receive?

a) Weapons

b) Strength

c) Books

d) Cookies

e) A carousel ride

f) An expensive dinner

g) Fruits... or a Codestone

h) I don't feel like giving or receiving gifts

8- Which of these games do you like most?

a) Crisis Courier

b) Faerie Caves II

c) Spellseeker

d) Kass Basher

e) Dice-a-Roo

f) Jubble Bubble

g) Sutek's Tomb

h) Dodgeball

9 – How do you classify your social life?

a) It was agitated, but now I prefer to spend some time just chatting with friends and watching sports.

b) I am always organizing events! Festivals! Races! I can barely find time in my agenda.

c) I spend more time with my books and my studies than with other people.

d) I have a lot of work to do, but I often find time for nice things in life, as games and tasty food.

e) I love going to parties and playing games! I do it all the time!

f) I don't like to be in places with people I don't know.

g) It is pretty boring. I wish I had time to have some fun.

h) I spend most of my time by myself. But I like it this way.

10 – When you think about 'power', what came to your mind?

a) Physical Strength

b) Magic

c) Wisdom

d) Winning wars

e) Electricity... hehe, that was fun!

f) Responsibility

g) Money

h) World domination

Now, count how many A, B, C, D, E, F and G answers you chose and see below which Neopian monarch influences you most! If two options tie, read them both: you are probably a mix of those two.

If you chose more A - King Altador

The main ruler of Altador was a hero in the past and one of the most valorous warriors of Neopia. If he is your guide, honour is your treasure and you are not afraid of battles to achieve your objectives, never forgetting the value of teamwork.

If you chose more B - Queen Fyora

Fyora, the faerie queen, rules Faerieland for ages. She's known for her immeasurable magic power and her kind smile. Those who live under the influence of Fyora can do great things and never stop improving the environment around them. But even when they are really busy with great projects, they always find time to help others and to appreciate the beauty and magic of little things in life.

If you chose more C - King Hagan

King Hagan is the wise ruler of Brightvale. If you follow his rules, your goal in life is to get the widest knowledge about everything in the world. You love a good book, you enjoy (a least some) of your classes and you have fun when you can go through a deep conversation with your friends. You are probably one of the smartest in your group of friends. Just keep your eyes open to not let your passion to isolate you from the ones that like you – as Hagan did with his brother, Skarl.

If you chose more D - King Skarl

Although he's known as the Grumpy King, Skarl is actually the most balanced ruler in Neopia. Who else fought two wars, had to rebuild his kingdom, but also loves hearing (good) jokes, having a snack and playing games? If your life is influenced by the ruler of Meridell, you probably are the kind of person that finds time for everything and balances work and fun very well.

If you chose more E - King Roo

King Roo is the hopping and flamboyant ruler of Roo Island, fan of games and entertainment. People who feel inspired by Roo normally see the funny side of everything and are very welcome friends – as they are always for a game or a party. You may not be taken seriously for some people, but you simply don't have time to waste worrying about it.

If you chose more F - King Kelpbeard

Reserved and low profile, King Kelpbeard is a discrete ruler. He maintained Maraqua unreachable for years, after defeating the pirates. If you are inspired by him, you probably are not a fan of exploring the unknown. You prefer to deal with people and things you know, and you will do everything to protect them.

If you chose more G - Princess Amira

The beautiful Princess Amira of Sakhmet is part of one of the longest noble families of Neopia, daughter of Coltzan III. Although she hates paperwork, she knows the responsibility of ruling a big city. If she is your inspiration, you probably aspire for a life of luxury, but you also know that you'll just get that after a lot of hard work. You appreciate fine things, as jewels and art.

If you chose more H - Lord Darigan

The once evil Lord Darigan is now the one who manages the truce with Meridell. He lives in reclusion, writing plans that no one else has access to. If he is your Neopian leader, you are probably a quiet person, not well understood by others. But you also has strategic thinking and you are able to make great changes in your own life when you find new opportunities.

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