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The Royal Items

by _white_spirit_


Somehow, maybe work of the destiny, you find yourself on this magic shop, home of some of the most interesting items in Neopia. You aim to equip your pets with some of them, or maybe you're just looking for a source of money. You still don't know how this exquisite shop works, but you are interested. You feel that the potions here are different from all the others you see in different shops, and this unconsciously attracts you. You... are at the Royal Potionery!

The Royal Potionery, as the name suggests, is a potion shop located in Brightvale's heart and, much like the Scrollery or the Brightvale Motery, it sells this land's merchandise. The shopkeeper is a white male Cybunny who proudly claims to have something for everyone. You may not see him anywhere besides this shop and you may also consider him somehow shy. But the truth is: he's very good at what he does!

In an interview granted by the shopkeeper himself, I've been told what the most popular items are and what do they do. Listed from one to seven, here they are:

1. Voidberry Potion (r92)

This potion can be used as a multiple use weapon, like many of the items that stock in this shop, and should be taken to the battledome in order to reveal its full power. You don't need to have a very trained pet to use it, because it will attack your opponent with his own strength boost.

Technically, this weapon attacks with what the battledoomers call reflected icons (three darkness and three air, rounding to the closest entire number), which is obviously an advantage for you since it makes it easier to defend from lethal attacks and simultaneously neutralizes part of your opponent's attack! We could say that, analogically, this weapon works like a magic mirror that reflects part of your opponent's darkness/air attack!

Also, while explaining me the making of this potion, the shopkeeper said that the voidberry fruit, which is the main ingredient present here, must be stored in void conditions, along with all the other ingredients harnessed, making its selling price slightly high – 100,000 neopoints.

2. Prickly Potion (r91)

Ouch! When I had this potion in my hands for the first time, even though the Cybunny had warned me to be careful when holding it, I was clumsy and eventually stung myself. After a few tries, I found out that the easiest way to use it is by picking it up from above (not too hard, after all *cough*).

"The prickly potion is a very special item and, much like the voidberry potion, it is meant to be used by weak pets who can't defend themselves only by carrying strong weapons," according to the shopkeeper himself.

The ingredients include a combination of Brightvale's fruits, one of them responsible for the sparkly aspect, and the other responsible for morphing the bottle during the first 24 hours of encapsulation. All together, they create this amazing weapon that attacks with 6 reflected icons (three darkness and three fire) which, by the way, can be found for sale at the price of 120,000 NP.

3. Greater Earthen Potion (r98)

Unlike the items described above, the Greater Earthen Potion cannot be taken into the battledome. Instead, it is a stat increaser we are talking about. This means that, when drunk, the encapsulated magic of earth will increase your pet's strength and intelligence by two points, making it stronger and also capable of creating efficient strategies during combat!

The ingredients aren't as simple as the effects caused, though. To successfully create a potion like this, the ointment must rest twenty-five nights and the plants used must be collected only during the flowering, making this item appear much less frequently than all its cousins.

It's a r98 item and usually sells for 200,000 NP. The interviewed considers this item "a gift for warriors", since its use would not be profitable in pets under basic training.

4. Greater Elemental Potion (r99)

Probably the best of the series, this greater potion works somehow randomly. It is a multiple use defense that can be used on the battedome (that's not random) but you never know for sure what elements will it protects you with (that's where the randomness enters).

When used, the magic of elements bottled in this item will do one of the following things: protect you with three icons of light, earth and physical; protect you with three icons of light, water and darkness or protect you with three icons of air, fire and water. Any outside attack based on these elements will be neutralized if this potion is used and matches your opponent's attack.

Creating a potion like this isn't something hard to perform. The problem is in the ingredients, which include several fruits and plants collected from many different places around Neopia. This gives the item an additional production cost of transport and storage and a consequently higher price – 500,000 NP.

5. Flask of Liquid Light (r97)

While explaining me how this potion works, the shopkeeper told me that the liquid light started as a bet between two friends as something that could not exist, but, after a few months of trying, it has been open to consumers and is now selling on his shop, along with all the other magic items created by the shopkeeper.

This multiple use weapon does not act randomly, but it may act differently depending on your opponent's intelligence! When used, this potion will attack with ten icons of light and four of air if your opponent's intelligence is more than bright or six icons of light and two of air if it is not! This may be handy and allows extra damage, so there aren't reasons not to try it!

It's usually for sale at the price of 105,000 NP, since the main ingredient is pure light and it doesn't have a high producing cost. Please don't confuse with Flask of Liquid Sunlight, which sells at Magical Marvels, in Altador.

6. Scroll Potion (r99)

This is not a scroll but it would be incorrect to refer to it as only a potion. The truth is: it is a very complex mixture of Brightvale ingredients which, together, during two-player battles, will decrease the intelligence of your opponent by five points and then increase the intelligence of your pet by five points permanently.

Although this cannot harm your opponent, "it will act on their brain chemistry and steal some intelligence points that can be used to carry other weapons more efficiently," the shopkeeper said.

The list of ingredients is absolutely confidential, as it would be a threat to have it in the wrong hands. Therefore, I've only been told that this potion stocks very rarely at the shop and has a selling price rounding the 3,000,000 NP. It can only be used once per battle.

7. Leaded Elemental Vial (r99)

Probably the main reason of the whole shop's existence, this potion can pay for all the experiments and studies the shopkeeper does and it's a great help during battles. It has a very high demand and is currently suffering a lack of supply, making its price affordable only by a few millionaires: it's almost 45,000,000 NP we are talking about!

The leaded elemental vial doesn't have any kind of upgrades, because it is the most powerful that could ever be! When equipped, it has the ability to full heal your pet! Much like starting a battle from the beginning! Once per battle, only.

Unlike the Greater Elemental Potion, this one has do rest during almost eight months and cannot have any kind of temperature, pressure or radiation interference. It also must be kept in a leaded vial and that only makes the price higher. It's very desired among battledoomers, from what I've been told. You wouldn't have troubles selling it if you no longer wanted it.

And that's it! All the items above are currently buyable and you'll certainly agree when I say they are also unique! I could see during the interview that the Cybunny really dedicates himself onto this job, making these potions, vials and flasks really amazing and popular among many battledome experts, including you!

(; You have now the information! Go and use it for the good!

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