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Paint Brushes for Personalities

by zoarozdtyui


So you've decided on your pet's traits, their favourite activities, favourite colours, the clothes they like. You've created a whole personality for them. Now you just have one problem. What colour should you paint them? There are so many colours to choose from. There's baby, camouflage, checkered, desert, Darigan, pirate, zombie and so many more. How can you possibly choose one to suit your pet's personality? Well, I'm here to help. Today I'm going to choose a selection of colours and explain to you what kind of personality the colour would suit. So, hopefully by the end of this article you'll know exactly what colour to paint your neopet.


Your pet is an amazing explorer; they've travelled across the whole of Neopia, from Krawk Island to Altador. Their camouflage colour is very useful especially when hiding from Dr. Sloth as they ruin his evil plans.


Everyone loves your neopet. They're so cute and friendly, you just want to give them a big hug! Your pet always has loads of energy and just wants to have fun. They fear the battledome; it's so big and scary, not the right place for a baby pet. However, your pet can also be a bit mischievous.


Your neopet isn't particularly popular as some neopets are scared by them. They like to wander in the Haunted Woods; it's the only place where they feel like they belong. Your neopet likes spending time on their own. They know the other neopets don't understand them. Your pet likes the battledome; they're tough and can easily scare their opponent.


Your neopet loves food, particularly gourmet food. They've spent so many years eating food that they've actually turned into food. Your pet looks so delicious they have to run away from other hungry neopets, so your pet can sometimes be quite nervous. Your pet is looking for good friends (who won't eat them).


Your neopet loves the cold, so they spend a lot of time at Terror Mountain. They fear summer and warm weather as they don't want to melt. Your neopet is made of tightly packed snow, so is quite strong in the battledome. Most of their friends also don't mind cold temperatures, so they can spend a lot of time with your neopet.


Everyone knows your neopet. They're rich and famous and better than all other neopets. They love expensive clothing and live in a huge castle. Alternatively, your neopet could be kind and caring. They want to help all other neopets. They are a wonderful ruler and are adored by other neopets. The battledome is no place for royalty.


Your neopet is nice and friendly. They're covered with beautiful colours. There's red and orange and yellow and green. They are always very happy and bring happiness to the neopets around them. Your pet loves to run around outdoors, as they always have plenty of energy. Neopia Central is one of their favourite places to go.


Your neopet likes to spend their time outdoors. They love the smell of the outdoors and like to go for long strolls around Neopia. They are quite relaxed and are never in a hurry to go anywhere. They aren't fond of the battledome, as they aren't as strong and some other neopets. They have leaves that could easily tear and branches that could be snapped.


Your neopet's favourite place is the Lost Desert. They like hot temperatures and really can't stand places like Terror Mountain; it's just too cold there. Your neopet would love to own their own pyramid. They are strong and confident and won't easily be defeated in the battledome.


Your neopet loves to swim and likes to spend their time in Maraqua. They always want to eat at Kelp; they know the food is delicious there. They are playful and love water sports. You'll never find your neopet being lazy; they love to stay active. They get on well with water pets. They often win in the battledome, as they're strong and very good at defending themselves.


Your neopet is always miserable. No matter how happy they feel, you'll never see your neopet smile. They like to spend time by themselves, while other neopets are having fun. Your neopet doesn't really have many ambitions, they are satisfied with how things are. They don't want to be rich or famous. Your neopet doesn't like the battledome; they aren't strong or confident, and they prefer to stay out of the way.


Your neopet is friendly and always have a smile on their face. They have plenty of friends and want every neopet in Neopia to be happy. They know that other neopets are jealous of their beautiful appearance. Your neopet particularly likes to spend their time in Faerieland and will happily complete faerie quests. Your neopet is strong and powerful, so they don't mind the battledome.


Your neopet doesn't like being noticed, and would rather blend into a crowd than stand out. They spend a lot of time alone and prefer not to go on adventures. They only have a few very close friends, as they don't like being around big crowds of neopets. They often win in the battledome, because their opponent can't find them.


Your neopet loves to party. They like bright colours and have plenty of friends. Other neopets love to spend time with your neopet, since they're always guaranteed to have loads of fun! Your neopet is confident and always happy. They're filled with positivity and it rubs off on the neopets around them. Your neopet loves to stand out and show their personality to the whole of Neopia.

I hope this article has helped you to see which colour would best suit your pet's personality. Make sure you think carefully, paint brushes are expensive and you don't want to waste your neopoints on a paint brush if the colour won't suit your pet. Remember, you can visit the rainbow pool if you want to see what the colour would look like on your pet.

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