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What to Do for Illusen on Illusen Day

by hannahcreep


Well, as you can tell, it's Illusen Day, which falls on the day of my birthday! SO IGNORE HER AND GIVE ME PRESENTS! I mean *cough* it's Illusen Day! Time to celebrate the great, popular, nice, sweet, and... great Illusen! Well, she's my favorite faerie and she is in no way making me say that. But it can be hard to make her happy. So what should you do on Illusen Day to make her happy? Well, I'll tell you:

1. Do/Don't do a quest for her

Now, what do I mean by that? Well, on Illusen Day, most people do her quests. Actually, that's the day when quest doing to Illusen is at its highest. Why? THE AVATAR! And does Illusen like that? NO! She's actually kind of peeved that people only do her quests for her avatar. Now, she can handle when people want her prizes or her other avatar but really, she doesn't like when people do her quests on her special day just for the avatar, not because they want to give her presents! Now, what should you do?

If you DO want the avatar, show you actually care! Bring a gift for her or better yet, show your hate for Jhudora by smashing a Jhudora doll in front of her. Just show you love her for her, not for her avatar! If you do have the avatar, do another quest. You'll show you love her and want to do her quests.

2. Show you hate for Jhudora

Honestly, the only good dark faerie is Delina with her crafts. At least, I think she's good. But the biggest faerie rivalry has always been Illusen and Jhudora. Sure, they don't fight ALL THE TIME and they don't bite each other to death but they do have a rivalry. It's good that her quests are shut down for the day but that's not enough! SHOW YOUR HATE FOR JHUDORA! Crush Jhudora prizes! Rip her T-shirt! TP her house! Kick her mixing pot out the window! Throw cute, warm, fuzzy petpets into her home!

Just show that you hate Jhudora! SHOW YOUR HORRIBLE HATRED! If you don't hate Jhudora, please... stop reading this now.

3. Show your love for the Earth

You thought just loving Illusen and hating Jhudora was enough? WRONG! Don't you know that Illusen is an Earth faerie? What you should do is very simple: plant something. Plant a tree, grow a garden, and give back to the environment. Do something for the environment. Wait... I'm getting news back from Illusen! She says she really doesn't care about the environment. She does live in Meridell. That brings me to what you should do next.

4. Show her the wonders of Meridell!

Wonder why Illusen picked Meridell? Me too and she won't tell me. Why not show her the wonders of Meridell? Maybe give her some mutated cheese? Maybe Warty Blue, Tyrannian Dung, Overgrown, Mummified, Mutated, Gooey Snot, Fishy, or Bubbling Snot cheese? Why not a nice Bowl of Yuck? Take her to the Pick your own game and get her a nice pile of wearable dung with a Pusberry for a snack! Try to eat Brick cheese while breaking your teeth! Try to shove her down the Symol Hole! Maybe wake Turmaculus with the chance of getting eaten and get that awesome avatar! Play Turmac roll or Cheeseroller. Visit the Rubbish Dump and wait for some farmer to drop off an eatable substance. Give her a Fuzzy Ummagine Potion! Then take a trip to the Healing Springs. Take a nice, relaxing stroll to King Skarl's castle! Yes, he might kick you out but who cares?!

Steal his gold! He has a ton of it! Then bet it all away on Turdle racing. Honestly, if that doesn't convince her to move back to Faerieland, I don't know what will.

5. Bake for her!

Didn't I ever tell you Illusen loves baking? Make her something nice, something from the heart! Maybe some cookies or some cupcakes! Maybe give her a feast! Start off by giving her an Illusen Day Drink! Then some Illusen Chilled Summer Soup! For the main course, give her and Illusen Day Burger, an Illusen Leaf Burrito, Illusen Day Sandwich, Illusen Day Hot Dog, and some Illusen Day Pizza! For dessert, some Illusen Day Cupcakes, Illusen Day Jelly (just don't mention Jelly World!) Illusen Ice Cream, Illusen Day Doughnut, and finally... and Illusen Frosted Cupcake! Yum!

Now, if you don't have the budget (I sure don't!) do something creative! Make a jelly head of Illusen out of leftover jelly! Carve her head into scarab cookies! Maybe even reuse her cream cookies, flower cake, or rose shake! I'm not saying she's going to be happy, but you can try and reuse them without her noticing.

6. Write something for her

Do what I'm doing and write something for her. It doesn't necessarily have to get into the NT or poetry contest. It doesn't even have to be writing either. You can make a lovely song for her, draw a beautiful portrait for her, you can even go live on Neovision and confess that you've always liked her more than you have Jhudora and Taelia! Illusen is so special that Taelia doesn't even get a day! Jhudora gets a day near Valentines Day because TNT wants people concentrating on that. If you actually do something creative for Illusen, send it in to her or even TNT to give to her.

Well, that's the end of my article on Illusen! I hope she enjoys it because I was trying to do something creative and nice for her! If she doesn't like it, I don't care. It's my birthday and I might not be as well known as her but I can definitely say one thing for certain: nobody tries to celebrate my birthday just to get an avatar they will barely use. Besides, the avatar isn't THAT great. If I had an avatar all of my own, it would be the Springabee's knees. Happy Illusen Day!

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