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The Greatest Faerie Story Ever Told

by hockeygirl29


It was finally the week, the week that the young, wild little Green Xweetok, Marie, would finally get to visit any place in Neopia as she pleased. It was a huge week for her. She and a friend of her choice would fly anywhere in Neopia that they desired and see the lovely sites. What would she pack, what would she wear, who would she take? Most importantly, where would she go? She never went anywhere outside of her home of Meridell. This would be the first time she went anywhere without her parents, too. She didn't have many friends to accompany her, either.

     Maybe she would tell her parents that it was sweet that they did this for her birthday, but honestly she didn't know where she really wanted to go, and that she simply couldn't chose someone to accompany her. Although, she would feel so guilty if she told them this. Her parents knew how badly she wanted to go visit another place. It was her sixth birthday, maybe she should take the chance before it was too late and she would have to be on her own.

     "Sweety! Dinner!" cried Marie's mother from downstairs, taking Marie out of her thoughts.

     She trampled down the stairs and sat at the dinner table next to her mother, father, and little sister.

     "So have you decided where you want to go?" her father asked, munching on an apple.

     "I don't know, everywhere sounds so good. It's just that...," she trailed off, looking down at her plate and seeing the warm, gooey mashed potatoes.

     "It's okay. You still have a while to think about it... After all, you turn six in only six days!" Her mother smiled, trying to make Marie feel better, when in fact, she just made it worse.

     Only six days! She had to pick a friend, pick a place, pack and travel halfway around Neopia in six days? There was no way that she could do that. She knew she was getting older and smarter, but even a mere two year old like her sister would know that wouldn't work.

     Marie let out a soft sigh.

     "I say we go to Mystery Island!" chanted her younger sister, Crystal, the red Xweetok. "Tiki Tours, Tiki Tours, Tiki Tours, TIKI TOURS, YAY!"

     "That's enough," said Marie's mother. "Your sister gets to choose and you definitely are not going with her."

     Crystal rolled her eyes and giggled.

     What was it with the young kids? Why were they always roused up so easily? She remembered times when her sister obsessed over her dolls, but after eight months, she had said she was too old for them. After the obsession with dolls came the obsession for her own petpet, a Warf to be exact. She had doodled pictures all over her notebook and constantly begged for one. After one year and six months, she decided to stop begging.

     Then Marie had thought long and hard about her childhood. Was she like that too? Did she obsess over everything else everyone wanted to do? She remembered the time when she was obsessed with going to places and having fun like Tiki Tours, but she started to like them around age three. She remembered once when she turned four, her and a couple of her school friends went to go Kiss The Mortogs. All of her friends hadn't kissed the frog that turned into a prince, but she had. She remembered cheering and screaming, when now she really didn't find that much joy in it any more. She enjoyed the Faeries more.

     With that thought, Marie completely froze and blushed. She had ALWAYS wanted to meet a Faerie. It was a dream of hers. All of her friends would come back from Faerieland saying, "Marie, I have the greatest Faerie story ever!" The thought of that made her angry. She had dreamed of meeting Queen Fyora. All her friends would show her a souvenir that Queen Fyora had gave them. She would always nod her head and say, "That's so cool!" in her fakest happy voice ever. Suddenly, Marie got an idea.

     "I've got it!" Marie shouted, her parents looking at her startled. Apparently, her parents had started talking about something else while she was remembering the past.

     "Got what?" her father asked.

     "I'm going to Faerieland! I've always wanted to go there my whole life! It's perfect!" she cried.

     Her parents gave her an approving nod and she squealed. She was finally going to meet a real Faerie! She couldn't bear the excitement. She wanted to run around screaming, but of course, she had to finish her dinner first before packing.

     "So who are you going to take with you, then?" asked Marie's father.

     "Huh? Who am I taking with me? Um, I have an idea."

     To be honest, she had no idea at all. That thought hadn't even crossed her mind. She could always take her friend Kevin, the calm red Nimmo. She thought about it for a little while and decided that Kevin probably wouldn't be the best person to take. He was always made Marie feel guilty for something that was nothing to feel guilty about. Then she thought of Aria, the adventurous Wocky, but the more she pondered, Aria might wander off away from her.

     Marie finished up her dinner and went outside and kicked a soccer ball around. Who would she take? Most of her friends weren't that interested in traveling either. Why was it so hard for her to choose? Then, she saw a green figure out of the corner of her eye. She turned around and screamed.

     "Shh! Chill out, Marie, it's just me!" called Marc, the yellow Gelert.

     "Oh," she whispered.

     "What's the matter?"


     "Are you sure?"

     Marie thought for a second. She had no one to go Faerieland with; why not go with Marc? He was sweet and fun. Who knows maybe he would like to meet Queen Fyora, too! Then again who wouldn't want to meet her, she's the fairest lady of them all!

     "Would you like to go to Faerieland with me?" asked Marie.

     Marc paused and then asked, "You're going there for your sixth birthday, aren't you?"

     Marie nodded.

     "Sure, I'd love to! To be honest, Faerieland seems like it'd be like fun!" he replied. "When are you leaving?"

     "Six days," answered Marie.

     "Whoa, we better get packing then, huh?" he added.

     Marie laughed and nodded. They both went back that night and pack up their things. Marie had everything she wanted in her suitcase. She had even decided to bring a map of Faerieland that she had drew on to decide which sites she wanted to see first.

     Marie was filled with joy. She finally was going to get to go to Faerieland!


     Six days later, Marie had woken up that morning with excitement in her head. Marc had come over and her mom had made them both birthday pancakes. She had told Marc everything they had to do. First they would go to the Wheel of Excitement where they would both spin and win a prize. After that, they would go to see the Poogle Races. Then they would go to Faerie City and go to the bookstore and the petpet shop. Finally, to end the tour, they would go to see Queen Fyora.

     "Sounds good to me! Ready to go?" Marc asked.

     "I've been ready!" replied Marie.

     Marie had kissed her mother, father, and little sister goodbye thanking them for the pancakes and the fabulous present of getting to go to Faerieland. Then Marc and Marie were on their way.

     They started out the door, and just before they could leave Meridell, they were stopped. A large blue Skeith stood in the way. He was wearing golden armor and was standing post at the way to Brightvale. His mouth was pointed downward, and he certainly didn't look too happy.

     "Um, excuse us, we're going to Faerieland, if you don't mind." Marie smiled, trying to pass through.

     As she walked forward, the Skeith blocked her from leaving. "King's orders state that no one shall leave or enter the kingdom at this time," he bellowed.

     "Why?" asked Marie, looking quickly over at Marc. He shrugged.

     "It's the king's orders! If you wish not to follow, you will face some serious CONSEQUENCES!!" he hollered.

     Marie couldn't believe what she was hearing. The king wouldn't let her leave to Faerieland, but why not? She had wanted to go since she was a little girl. She and Marc had started to walk away, but before they could reach their homes, Marie burst into tears.

     "I can't believe it! I'll never get to go to Faerieland! My life is over!" she wailed.

     "Come on, that's not true," Marc said, patting her back.

     "Yes, it is!" she managed to reply back.

     "Actually, it's not," said a third voice.

     Both Marc and Marie looked around. Obviously someone said something because they both heard it. It sounded like a voice of something dainty, but very mighty. Marie turned her head and saw a couple of bushes shake and out of the bush came a tall, green Faerie. It was Illusen.

     "What troubles you, child?" she asked, a concerned look on her face.

     "I was going to meet Fyora, the Queen of Faerieland," Marie said in awe. She couldn't believe Illusen was standing right in front of her.

     Illusen chuckled and then replied, "Well, Faerieland isn't all what it's made up for, you know? It's loud and noisy and busy. That's why I moved to Meridell. You'd be better off here."

     Marie nodded still with her eyes wide and bright. Illusen's bright green eyes were staring right at her, and her hair fell down her shoulders like a waterfall. She was talking to the real Earth Faerie; what was she supposed to say, what was she supposed to do? Should she ask for something from her, or would that bother her? Should she just turn around and go home or should she stay and chat with her for a while? Did she know a way to get to Queen Fyora?

     "Here," said Illusen, putting her hand out. "Queen Fyora gave me this before I left Faerieland. She told me if I ever missed my home that I could us it. Although, I don't really miss Faerieland that often anymore."

     In her hand was a Queen Fyora doll. This doll didn't look anything like the other ones in Neopia. The eyes looked directly at her and the doll had a bright, but intelligent smile. Just holding the doll could make any Neopet cheer up.

     "Th- th – thank you!" stuttered Marie.

     Illusen smiled and shook both Marie and Marc's hand and with that she disappeared into the bushes. Marc looked over Marie's shoulder at the doll. The hair was still soft, as if it had always been brushed, and even the dress had not one dirt stain on it.

     "Whoa. I've never seen a doll like that before!" he smiled. "Now this will probably be the greatest Faerie story ever told."

     Marie smiled and looked back at the bushes. Marc was right. Suddenly she didn't care about meeting Queen Fyora anymore. She had a new favorite Faerie.

The End

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