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Did your Neopet NOT Receive a Valentine?

by mr_holithon


We all know that Valentine's Day is the time where all the members of Neopia give romantic gifts to their special somebody and show their appreciation for having such a someone in their lives. But what if your Neopet doesn't receive said gift from said special someone on said special day?

Well, all four of my Neopets received no roses or chocolates from any secret admirers this year, and I must say they all had different reactions to what had occurred on that fateful Tuesday. So I have decided to share my experiences to assist those who may also have a Neopet that got no Valentine and show them how to cope in such predicaments.

The Relaxed One

My Lupe Isaachar is actually probably the most laid-back, easy-going one of my crew and is content with taking things as they come. So when Valentines Day came around, Izzy wasn't really expecting to receive any gifts from anyone in particular, so he just packed his stuff and left to do his usual discovering lands that don't exist thing he does (seriously, he thinks there is a world made of jelly. Sometimes I worry about him).

So there wasn't really anything I had to do when he found out he hadn't gotten anything for Valentines Day, except giving him some jellybeans for being such a good sport. There's not really much to worry about for a Neopet who doesn't really bother with things like Valentines Day. Can't say the same for the other kinds of Neopets, though...

The Secretive One

Maureen is a Kougra that really just keeps to herself by reading books, working at the local bookstore, and honing her skills for the Battledome. So it came as quite a shock for me when I found out she was actually hoping for a secret admirer to whisk her off her feet and give her the perfect Valentines Day. The Secretive Neopet like Maureen is also the kind that puts on a strong appearance on the outside, and the go into their room to secretly cry a little.

Dealing with the Secretive Neopet may seem difficult to deal with, but all it takes is just a little delicacy and kindness. All you need to do is comfort them, give them a hug and take them to a trip to their favourite place in Neopia, in this case the Brightvale Library.

Just a word of advice, though; if your Neopet enjoys reading books and you are trying to make her forget what happened on Valentines Day, DO NOT go down the aisle marked "Valentine Day: Find Your True Love Today". It will result in receiving a multiple scratch wounds when your Kougra buries her claws into you back whilst burying her face into you to hide her tears.

The Ignorant One

This is the Neopet who does not realise they aren't as incredibly awesome and cool as they think they are, so when they do not receive a Valentine, they will do everything in their power to irritate everyone in the room with them, expressing how everyone missed out on such perfection that is them and how they are better than anyone else. Alexander Zachariah is one such pet.

Don't get me wrong. As far as Neopets go, A-Zac is probably one of the most talented and well-groomed Neopets I have seen. The problem is that he knows it. So when he didn't receive anything for Valentines Day, chaos ensued. He even went the extra mile and wrote a song about how he was more perfect than all the Faeries of Faerieland and that his voice can beckons any Petpet to do his will or something.

The Ignorant One seems a bit tricky at first, but I found out there is only one thing that will calm someone like A-Zac down: Time. It is hard at first, but all you have to do is ignore their endless ramblings and let them release some steam, and after a while they should calm down. I reckon it's mainly because of their arrogance that eventually leads them to behave like this and pretend as if nothing had ever happened.

But even this behavior is nothing compared to what I had to deal with next.

The Emotional Wreck

This is by far the most difficult thing an owner has to ever go through. I found this experience harder than when I somehow got myself caught under the Snowager whilst it was hibernating and I was incapable of escaping for the whole Month of Celebrating.

If you had read my previous article, you would know that Dorothie's general craziness is already a major handful to deal with every day. Now add to that the fact that Valentines Day is her favourite day of the year because not only do you get free chocolate and and gets to dress completely in pink, it's also the day where she feels like the most popular Neopet in all of Neopia.

So when she didn't end up receiving one Valentine at all this year, saying that she was utterly devastated is an understatement. She would spend all her time in her room doing nothing but bawling her eyes out, eating the chocolate out of her hat (by the way, thank-you for inventing this, Neopian Staff), and just an unusually high level of wallowing in self pity.

I literally tried everything on Dorothie; trying to take her out shopping, bribing her with a room made entirely of chocolate, even tried dragging her out of house by attaching her to a stampede of Tonus conveniently rushing by. But nothing worked. The noise coming from her bedroom was slowly driving me to become more insane than the Raving Techo Supporter.

Then it hit me. After I rubbed my head after being hit by something, I realised there was only one way I was going to make Dorothie calm down: FORGERY. So I wrote her a fake love letter from a secret admirer and told her that it just arrived late in the neomail. This was how I found out that Dorothie had a really keen eye and noticed immediately that it was fake.

So here I am writing an article, and now IMPLORING anyone that has any leftover Valentines Day gift that they may need to get rid of, for the love of Fyora SEND IT TO ME so that I can calm Dorothie down before my brain decides to explode from insanity!

Definitely going to try writing into the NT more regularly, so look forward to my future writings! also, HELP ME!!!

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