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The Healthy Chia

by melovechias


Fruit and Vegetable Chias play a large part in the lives of Neopians and Neopets. They supply cuteness, are rare, always smile, are easy to draw and for some villains also a healthy snack. Many Neopians - *cough* Adam *cough* - have a crazed obsession with certain vegetable Chias, whereas other Neopians have strong dislikes towards the healthy, cute and rare Chias. The colours of Chia are limitless. Chias are the most basic shape, The Neopets Team have cleverly adapted this shape to create the forms of 22 different types of Fruit and Vegetable Chias:

Apple, Asparagus, Aubergine, Avocado, Blueberry, Carrot, Chokato, Durian, Gooseberry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Onion, Orange, Pea, Peach, Pear, Pepper, Pineapple, Plum, Thornberry and Tomato.

Most Fruit and Vegetable Chias can be obtained through a dip in the Magical Fountain in Faerieland, through eating a Magical Chia Pop and also through obtaining the Secret Laboratory Ray and getting a lucky zap.

This guide hopes to show the benefits and costs to the Top 5 Fruit & Vegetable Chias, in our opinion. The 5 Colours are not in any specific order; the order is for you to decide what is the most amazing in your vision.

Apple: This flavour of Chia is one of the most beautiful Chias of all. The shape, the colour, and that cute smile, you cannot turn that down. Another benefit is that an apple is such an easy shape to draw, stick a mouth and eyes on it and your submission is no more amazing than any other fruit Chia submission, good luck! The cost is that green apples contain more soluble fiber and around .98 grams less sugar than red apples on average. WE WANT RED SUGARY APPLES, TNT. Is there a hidden secret as to why there are no Red Apple Chias? Is The Neopets Team too healthy? Only they can answer this question.

Asparagus: The Asparagus Chia is probably the most famous colour of Chia as it was hugely endorsed by the Neopets creator, Adam. The Asparagus is Adam's favourite vegetable and why not create a Chia out of it? Genius. Asparagus is so amazing that according to current Market Trends, a Kilo of Asparagus varies from 2-10 million Neopoints. A notable Asparagus event was on Adam's Birthday in Year 6 where ALL Neopets were changed to Asparagus Chia; this was, of course, a joke and all Neopets were returned to their normal species and colour. The benefit of having an Asparagus Chia is that even although Adam has moved on from Neopets, he will always be close to your heart, through the Asparagus. The costs of Asparagus are that –This comment has been removed; the insulting/hating/judging wrongly of Asparagus is a Neopian offence-.

Pea: WOOOOOOOOSH!!!! Pea Chias are the most sought after colour of Chia ever. This is due to the avatar known as 'Super Attack Pea' and the solution is that you must seek to find the solution on your own, sorry! The avatar features a pea with a red cape soaring through the clouds with the text 'Super Pea'. A super attack pea is valued at well over 1 Billion Neopoints and Pea Chias have such high status as many have seen and touched the Super Attack Pea itself. The high demand results in Pea Chias being traded for Royal Neopets and even higher in some cases. Another benefit is that when people walk by your account you will hear 'Whoa, duuude, you gots a Pea Chia; man, you must be uber rich!' Even if you have one Neopoint to your name and are a Soup Kitchen regular, it feels good to be known as a user with amazing pets and limitless Neopoints. Cons of Pea Chias are that they are fairly small and are not very intimidating, especially when it comes to the Battledome. Just equip a Super Attack Pea to resolve this problem.

Chokato: A chokato is an extremely rare tropical fruit from the crazy island, Mystery Island. Chokato itself is worth over 200,000 Neopoints, resulting in the Chia colour being rare and exotic. Apart from looking scrumptious and cute, the Chokato Chia is appealing to Avatar Collectors as it matches the 'Chokato!' avatar, which is an amazing SECRET avatar (the solution yet again is one you must find, good luck)! It regards a special TCG, though! The high status of the TCG reflects on the Chia and increases its rarity. Costs of Chokato Chias are that they are EXTREMELY delicate and require special care; another cost is that their arch enemies the Kiko can also be painted Chokato, which can stir arguments – don't let it get to the Battledome, unless you want to wear your Chokato Chia.

Onion: Aah! My eyes! Onions *sniff* - Onion Chias absorb sulfur in Neopia to produce a strong acid that triggers the tears on Neopets, Faeries, Villains and Owners. A benefit to this acid is that when walking through the dangerous Haunted Woods, your Onion Chia will protect you from all creatures and villains as they fear the embarrassment of crying in front of their victims. If you are a horrible cook and create abnormally plain meals for your Neopets, have no fear, your Onion Chia is here! Frequently your Chia can shed a layer of onion. Use this sparingly as some Onion can really brighten up your meal. Another benefit is that a busy concert/shop/neoboard/mall will have their customers fleeing when your Onion Chia jumps out, leading you straight ahead queues and being able to enjoy your day. A cost to your Onion Chia is that you are not invincible to the acid and your Chia may feel unwanted as every time it goes near you as it always sees you crying. *sadface* - Try sunglasses or do not take your Chia out often to save them from the feeling of being unwanted.

*sniff* I hope by now you have learned several facts about Fruit Chias and that you are now running with the Neopian Times in your hand to the trading post to find yourself a Magical Chia Pop. *sniff*

Dedicated to the Chias! Have a great Chia Day!

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