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Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

by skyerandom301


Also written by mikh26

As you might wander around Neopia on a fine day such as the 3rd of March, watching the Beekadoodles fly about in the skies or having a giggle with the little Neopets playing games in the field, you might come across the thought "What special day does the Neopian calendar hold for me today?" So now you walk back to your neohome (be it in Faerieland, Krawk Island or even somewhere like the Lost Desert) to take a peek at the special dates written on your calendar. Having just had a wonderful Gadgadsbogen and a nice day honouring Unis, you might feel very disappointed to catch a glimpse of today's event. 'Cancelled- Due to lack of Interest'. This is enough to leave unhappiness in those who have bothered to walk home to look in their calendar, so to lighten up the mood, we have come up with some alternative days which could take the place of today. If not for real, maybe just imagine it.

1. TNT Staff Appreciation Day- Yes, we admit it. If not for the amazing work you all do around the site each and every day, we would all be hiding in a corner crying because we are unable to play on the best site in the world. On this day we can celebrate all day long in name of all of our staff heroes, there must be lots of cake (maybe even a mouldy one for Dragona), party poppers, music prepared by all of the neopets and a day full of other exciting surprises. Keep up the great work, TNT!

2. Petpetpet (P3) Appreciation Day- So the petpets get their own special celebration, yet the cute little P3s don't have so much as a wink? Maybe they need their own special date on the calendar too, so they don't feel left out. If petpets didn't have their petpetpets to take care of, maybe they would forget to attend their petpet appreciation day. We can't have that happen!

3. Neopian Gaming Day- Games are one of the main features on the site, yet they don't get the praise they need (unless you're like me and smother them with hugs day in, day out). All games bring happiness and joy to a gamer's heart, from exploding robots through to games with Adee the Chia being swamped with ice-creams. Isn't a day to celebrate the greatly made games on Neopets just what we need to brighten this day up?

4. Annual Avatars Appreciation- Everybody loves new releases, whether it's just an item, a game or even an event. But lately avatar collectors haven't really felt the love. So why not have one day that all avatar collectors can get together and prepare for a new release? Not just a new event or clickable avatar, but an actual avatar that will be a challenge for the majority of the collectors.

5. Neocash Spending and Appreciation Day- Neocash, what else is there to be said? We all know that there are never enough neocash items released. It's not like we get new items every week. We don't want all our cash paying players to feel left out.

6. Cove Day – Ever wanted to own a Super Attack Pea or a Grapes of Wrath? Good luck buying one. Nowadays with the lack of Peas or any old Cove items around, it is really hard to buy for not only newer players but all players. TNT has noticed this problem with the old R180/R101 stamps and released the Dr. Sloth auctions. I think it's time for those smugglers to start finding these items again and putting them in the Cove. Even if it's only 1-3 of 5 different old Cove items, it will keep them rare but at the same time give other players a chance to own one and lower the price a bit to where other players can buy one.

7. Neopian New Item Day – Are you a restocker? If you are, then you know what it is like when a new item is released and it is in a shop that you are comfortable with. Everyone wants to be the first to get it because of the easy profit. Then there are the other shops that don't get as much attention. Like the card shop; that shop hasn't had a new item since April of 2006. So on this Day every single shop should get at least one new item. This may sound like a lot of work, but TNT has all year to prepare for it. This would be the perfect day for it since the 3rd is half price day in all of the Neopian shops already.

8. New Feature Day – Have you wondered 'when was the last time we got a new Neopian shop?' Or 'what about a new land?' This is a day we could have, just for a new feature- from shops to lands to even just a new species-. It could be anything that TNT doesn't release often, making it a special day for when something big is released.

9. Mystery Day – Who doesn't love a good mystery now and then? Lately there has been a lack of mystery. It seems like the only mystery is when there is a new plot. So a day where it's nothing but mystery from what colors they release to new items they release, where everything will be unknown until someone finds it, would be the ultimate mystery for all of you mystery lovers out there.

So here we have it, a list of possible days which could be used instead of this insanely uninteresting day known as the "Cancelled- due to lack of interest" day. Now wouldn't this be cool to have another special day to celebrate. Or maybe one of these days was initially there but didn't get enough interest. I guess we'll never know. (Unless we ask the editorial about this!!) Anyway, Neopians, try to have a good day, continue your walk in the park and don't feel so down about this cancelled day; maybe next year there will be something else in store for us.

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