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Celebrating the Right Way: With Chocolate!

by babygirl122187


Also by layeredcrazy

The fourteenth of February marks one special day indeed. Mysterious Valentines Cards are zooming around, Beekadoodles are singing sweet love songs, and Neopians everywhere are madly opening Valentine Mystery Capsules. What could possibly make this extraordinary day even more special, you ask? Well, let us introduce to you our one true love: chocolate.

Chocolate is a delicious substance that can make anything better. If you don't believe us, it is extremely important that you read this article. If you are already a firm believer, well then chocolate lovers unite! The Neopets Team also agrees with us. You can confirm this by looking up the hundreds of chocolate items already created. There is even a chocolate color for Neopets and Petpets! Unfortunately, there is no chocolate paint brush, so you must be lucky enough for a special zap or a fountain faerie quest to gain this fantastic color. Just be warned: Neopets are not for eating (no matter how delicious they look)! There are several Neopets that have the ability to become chocolate. One of the most popular chocolate pets is the chocolate Aisha. With all that whipped cream and a cherry, how could you not love this adorable yummy pet? The chocolate Draik, Cybunny, and Uni are all very popular choices as well. We are convinced that no matter which chocolate pet you choose, you are sure to love it. If you are extremely lucky, you may also zap a chocolate petpet! This even includes the possibility for a chocolate meepit! *hides stash of chocolate from lurking eyes*

Once you have a darling little chocolate pet, we encourage you to take a peek at the chocolate toys. That is correct, Neopians. There are toys made of chocolate! The Chocolate Usul Squeaky Toy is so cute that "When you squeeze it, a little cream comes out of her tail." There is also a sweet little Chocolate Xweetok Hand Puppet to play with as well. For those who enjoy gambling, be sure to purchase a Chocolate Treasure Chest for your chance at other fantastic chocolate prizes! We heard that there may even be a background that you can win. Lastly, don't forget to examine the selection of chocolate plushies! Unfortunately, the plushies are not edible. Boring, I know. These plushies are still fun to play with, though!

While examining all the chocolate items, why not dress your pets up as well? There is no shortage of wearable chocolate items! The Chocolate Dream Background and Chocolate Fountain Lane Background are both absolutely beautiful Neocash items. You can add Chocolate Wings to your Neopet along with a Chocolate Top Hat or Dark Chocolate Candy Wig to make them look extra dashing. Just to make sure everyone knows of your love for chocolate, why not add a Chocolates Thought Bubble? We are sure this can complete any and all outfits. If you do not have access to Neocash, have no fear. The Chocolate Paradise Background is also a beautiful background. It matches perfectly with a Chocolate Chunk Foreground! You can even place a Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat on top of your Neopet's head. There you have it! Your Neopets now look tasty and delicious *cough* we mean beautiful looking!

Since you have already dressed up your pets, why not add a little chocolatey goodness to your Neohome? The Chocolate Mynci Gnome would look fantastic outside of any doorstep! For classic Neohomes, try out the Chocolate Sofa and Milk Chocolate Table! Who wouldn't love to finish their meal by eating the table?! A Chocolate Bush and Chocolate Pond would look nice as well. In the meantime, we can sit and wish for Chocolate Ponds in all of our backyards. That would really be living the dream! Until then, be sure to put one in your Neohome.

Once your Neohome is perfected, it is time to pay a visit to your Habitarium. Those P3s work so hard to make you some Neopoints, so why not treat them to a cooler habitat? The Chocolate Wonderland Background would give your Habi a great chocolate feel, while the Chocolate Ink Bottle would turn your precious Petpetpets into a delicious chocolatey treat. You may even fancy the ever-so lovely Chocolate Bridge. (Warning: Avoid the temptation to eat the bridge as it may collapse!) Want to take it a step further? The Chocolate Fountain is a chocolate lover's dream! A giant fountain with chocolate flowing down in a beautiful formation is quite pleasing to the eye and is sure to tempt your taste buds.

After your Habitarium is complete, it is time to indulge in life's greatest pleasure. It is finally time to eat the chocolate! A chocolate treat comes in many forms. One of the oldest and most popular forms is the chocolate bar, although you may want to treat yourself to a few different kinds. I would suggest the Milk Chocolate Scorchio, although the White Chocolate Usul is scrumptious for those white chocolate lovers. You may prefer your chocolate in cake form. For that I would suggest a Chocopie Slice or an Aisha Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake (my personal favorite). Whatever your fancy may be, you will be sure to find it at the ever-so-popular Chocolate Factory. Who knows, you may even be lucky enough to find an avatar stashed underneath the wrapper!

Since it is Valentines Day, we suggest treating your pets to something with some "love." Your pets are your best friends. You tell them your hopes and your fears, all while actually listening (the poor dears)! Why not tell your pets "I love you" in the best way possible: by over-stuffing them! Nothing says "you're the best" like Chocolate Covered Cherries or a Milk Chocolate Rose. So go ahead; indulge your babies with a mound of Valentines Chocolate Selections! Or perhaps you may want to spread the joy by sending your Neofriend a Chocolate Heart. After all, anybody would be more than excited to receive anything chocolate.

We hope after reading this article that you are just as big of chocoholics as we are! There is so much joy to be found in chocolate whether it is dressing your pets, decorating your Habitarium, or just simply eating it. We suggest taking a look around Neopia to discover what other chocolate items you can find. You may even stumble across the Chocolate Coin Wishing Well. We are confident that this brings back fond memories of crossing your arms, reciting "I love you, TNT!" eight times, and smacking your head into your computer keyboard while making sure to hit the numbers 3, 4, and 7 along with other random characters. We can't quite remember, but we think the solution was something along those lines. Now grab your nearest Giant Bar Of Chocolate while we celebrate another Valentines Day. Clearly, this day is better with chocolate!

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