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Baby Adventures: The Secret Note - Part Eight

by cloudpuffpuff


Meanwhile, Treaphie and Princess Lunara were in deep discussion with Queen Fyora.

      "Please repeat what you told us before, Treaphie," Princess Lunara insisted yet again.

      Treaphie sighed. "Jhudora wanted to finish a few tasks before the sources of magic were destroyed. She requested a day, which indicates rather lengthy tasks. She did not mention what they were."

      "Yes," Princess Lunara mused, "so I still am of the opinion that she would have left the sources of magic at her home. Surely she wouldn't bring them with her and risk them being destroyed while out doing her tasks?"

      "But why would she leave them at her home if she knew we had already managed to get there once before?" Treaphie protested. "She could keep them best protected if she was keeping an eye on it at all times."

      Princess Lunara opened her mouth to speak, but Treaphie quickly asked Fyora, "What do you think, Your Majesty?"

      Queen Fyora smiled. "I think you both make excellent points," she conceded, "and that she is neither carrying them with her nor keeping them within reach at her abode."

      "But then where are they?" Princess Lunara asked, puzzled.

      "I believe Jhudora alone knows where they are," Fyora told her. "We must find her and persuade her to tell us."

      "But how?" Treaphie whined.

      Princess Lunara piped up, "Well, we did capture Vira. Perhaps not having her on Jhudora's side will help?"

      "Jhudora never did seem too enthusiastic about helping," Treaphie mused. "She only was afraid that, if Vira did find someone else to do the deed for her, she would be punished."

      "She should be easily persuaded now," Princess Lunara commented. "But how do we find her?"

      "I think I may know where." Fyora smiled elegantly. "Please prepare yourselves."

      Princess Lunara and Treaphie exchanged quizzical glances as Fyora raised her swirling staff and it glowed a brilliant lavender hue. The next thing they knew, the three of them were standing on a grassy field surrounded by vegetation and farmland.

      "Why, we're in Meridell," Princess Lunara realized.

      "What are we doing here?" Treaphie asked.

      Fyora commented pleasantly, "I have a feeling I know what Jhudora wanted to do."

      She strolled ahead peacefully, and Princess Lunara scooped Treaphie into her arms and followed the Queen. They were walking for only a few short minutes before a lovely glade came into view.

      "Illusen's Glade!" Treaphie gasped. She had only heard of the place in stories, but it was just as she imagined it. The place was a quaint little cottage with humble wood walls and neatly trimmed grass all around it. Towering trees formed a ring around the cottage, and fresh green leaves littered the ground. It looked welcoming and inviting. Treaphie found herself growing excited, but was still curious. Why would Jhudora be here? She hated Illusen...

      Treaphie gasped. "She's here to take down Illusen?" she cried. Princess Lunara looked surprised and turned her gaze to Fyora for confirmation.

      Fyora nodded sadly. "Yes, I believe she would want to make sure to settle matters with her before risking losing her power. She wouldn't want to be weaker than her if the Dark magic was destroyed instead of Earth magic. While they are both the same she would try to defeat her."

      Treaphie gasped. "I hope we get there in time!"

      "As do I," Fyora agreed. "Let us find out."

      She approached the door of the cottage and knocked softly on the door.

      Treaphie held her breath. What if Jhudora answered, turning them all into Mortogs? Or if nobody answered, if Illusen was powerless on the ground and unable to reach her doorway?

      The door slowly opened, and Treaphie released her breath in relief. Standing there looking perfectly unharmed was Illusen, light-skinned and heavily freckled, with a single braid in her long auburn hair. The smooth green streaks running through her hair matched her thick eyeliner, sparkling irises, bright lipstick, fluffy wings, stylish elbow-length, fingerless gloves, sleeveless top, and leafy skirt. There was no doubting that she was an Earth Faerie as she grinned at them and tucked a strand of hair behind one of her pointed ears.

      "Welcome to my home..." she began, looking at them each in turn with a sincere smile before her eyes fell on Fyora and widened considerably. "Your Majesty!" she breathed, sinking into a curtsey. Her eyes darted from side to side, looking terrified. "What... what a pleasant surprise! Do come in!"

      Fyora accepted her offer graciously and stepped into the cottage as Illusen hurried to the whistling kettle on her wooden stove. She bustled around, opening many leafy cabinets before finding four wooden cups that looked as though they had been carved by her and setting them on the countertop.

      As she poured tea into each mug, her normally pale cheeks looked a little flushed. She was clearly thrown off by the Queen arriving with no prior warning. She handed Fyora and Princess Lunara each a cup, then went back to the counter and returned with a mug for Treaphie and herself.

      "To what do I owe this lovely surprise?" she asked, sipping her tea as she settled down into one of the oak dining chairs.

      Fyora, too, sipped her tea before speaking. "Simply stopping by for a visit," she replied nonchalantly, gazing thoughtfully at the earthy decor around the cabin. Treaphie's face evidently showed her confusion as she glanced at the Queen, for Fyora looked back at her with a warning gleam in her eye. Treaphie quietly drank her tea, too, perplexed over Fyora's behavior.

      "So you simply wished to... stop by for a visit?" Illusen asked, still looking a little shaken. "You could have given me advance notice, Fyora!" She laughed lightly, trying to calm herself.

      "Ah, many things have been happening lately," Fyora murmured, and she looked questioningly at Illusen. "But of course!" she exclaimed. "You don't live in Faerieland, and our great cloud is not visible from your Glade!"

      "Has something happened that I should be aware of?" Illusen asked, concerned.

      "Yes," Fyora told gravely, looking suddenly much older. "Darkness is overpowering the kingdom. Our fluffy white clouds have turned slick and purple, and the work of Dark magic at its strongest. Our faeries are trying to keep it at bay, but it seems only Dark and Earth magic has gotten stronger lately."

      Illusen gasped. "I thought my magic seemed more powerful!" she said excitedly. "But... why? Surely only the sources of power could do such a thing, and those have been lost for years!"

      "Naturally," Fyora agreed. "Quite perplexing indeed."

      "But surely," Illusen insisted, "with no offense intended, my Queen, you should return immediately and see what you can do? I am certain only you can solve this mess."

      "Indeed, Illusen," Fyora said with an unusually sharp glance. "I am trying to do that now."

      And in that brief moment, Treaphie understood what was going on, just before Fyora raised her staff and a purple glow surrounded Illusen. An odd sort of look seemed to leave the Earth Faerie's eyes as a dark figure materialized right in front of her, bound by Fyora's magic.

      "Jhudora!" gasped Princess Lunara, spilling her tea.

      Treaphie gazed at the horribly familiar sight of Jhudora. The faerie's sickly purple shade of skin looked unhealthy, and the vibrant green lipstick she wore was beyond unnatural. Her cruel purple eyes surveyed Fyora with great dislike, and her large, pointed wings reminded the baby of a Barbat's in shape, but of the ruined clouds of Faerieland in hue. Her long purple hair, streaked with green, was flowing just like her long-sleeved dress.

      Illusen shuddered on the floor. "She-she took me over!" sputtered Illusen indignantly. "She was going to attack you! Be careful, Your Majesty!"

      "I am aware," she said gently. "Please rest now. Princess Lunara, could you take care of her?"

      "Ce-certainly, ma'am," said Princess Lunara weakly, clearly shaken as she hurried to Illusen's side and grabbed a few herbs from the cabinet.

      Jhudora glared at Fyora with intense dislike. "You are running out of time," she hissed. "Soon Faerieland will be completely overtaken by Dark magic. Your palace, kept so clean by your presence within, is being overrun by the Dark as I speak!" She cackled. "But of course, you do not know my far greater plans."

      "Ah, you mean the ones concerning the sources of magic being destroyed?" Fyora asked lightly, and Jhudora gasped. "Yes, I am aware of your plans. I am well-informed, in fact, by one of the pets you have so kindly given tea to."

      Jhudora directed her glare instead to Treaphie, who tried with all her courage to keep a straight face but couldn't help wincing a little. "It doesn't matter," she countered, turning her gaze back to Fyora. "You have lost, for only I know where Vira hid the rings, and there's no way to get to them!"

      "Oh, really?" Fyora asked, raising her eyebrows. "But surely she would have a way to get to them, Jhudora, so it cannot be impossible."

      "That's where you're wrong!" Jhudora shouted with glee. "She put them where they cannot be summoned by magic, where only a truly rare gift will be able to retrieve them!"

      "And where is that?" Fyora asked, frowning slightly.

      "You can't make me tell, Fyora!" yelled Jhudora. "I'm not letting you destroy my magic!"

      "Jhudora, I wouldn't dream of getting rid of the Dark," she told her with such honesty that Jhudora looked a little surprised. "The world needs balance, and destroying any of the elemental powers would completely throw everything off. That includes the Dark, we need it - we need you, Jhudora. Perhaps we can both win here."

      Jhudora opened her mouth and closed it again. After a few moments, she whispered, "You mean, if you manage to - to get it... the sources of magic will not be destroyed?"

      "On the contrary, they will be very well protected," Fyora promised.

      Jhudora continued to stare at her, scrutinizing her face, searching for any sign of a trick. Finally she said, in a voice barely audible, "She put them inside her mirror. Her favorite mirror, which she hung in my home." Jhudora frowned. "I never liked it. I always had to keep my eyes from looking there."

      "But then how is it impossible to retrieve?" Fyora asked conversationally.

      "Only Vira is able to look in those mirrors to pull the sources of magic out. Actually," she added thoughtfully, "Another servant of Vira's Master can pull them out, and I'm afraid she never disclosed the information to me... which clearly was a wise move."

      Fyora pursed her lips. "Thank you, Jhudora," she told her, releasing her. "I will, of course, be making a stop by your home today. There is no need to be alarmed."

      "Of course," grumbled Jhudora.

      "You will do no further harm to Illusen, especially not tonight," she spoke in a calm, firm voice. "We have enough to do against Vira without adding in our own feuds."

      "Where are we going to find another servant of Vira's master?" Treaphie asked worriedly.

      "Actually, I know of one," Fyora said casually. "Follow me, please."

      The pets didn't have a choice - Fyora's staff was again enveloped by that purple mist before the three of them appeared in Faerieland once more. Things were even worse than before, but at the sight of Fyora, every faerie's face filled with hope.

      "Your Majesty!"

      "I knew you'd come!"

      "Will you make the Dark go away?"

      "I am trying, young ones, but in order to do so I'll need to find someone. Do you know where the Grey Faerie lives?"

      Princess Lunara gasped. "She was a servant?" she whispered, but Fyora either didn't hear her or didn't pay attention.

      "Do you mean Baelia?" asked a Light Faerie with waist-length blonde hair.

      "I understand she has a different name now," Fyora told her, a slight frown on her face. "That is why I cannot find her."

      "Nobody knows her new name!" another shouted. "It hasn't been made official by you yet!"

      Fyora frowned even deeper. "Thank you, please carry on with your work." She turned to Treaphie and Princess Lunara, sighing. "This may be a bit harder than I anticipated."

      "Can't you find her without knowing her name, Fyora?" Princess Lunara asked tentatively.

      "My magic is able to find those who are officially named, but not unknown strangers," Fyora told her. "I will need to know her name to find out her location."

      "But no one knows her new name!" Princess Lunara protested.

      "Wait a minute," Treaphie gasped. She had recalled a story her sister Toupahz had once told her before bedtime about the Grey Faerie from their copy of the Neopedia. "Doesn't that Kyrii who freed the faerie know what name she goes by now?"

      "Tavi!" Princess Lunara said excitedly. "That was the Kyrii's name. Can you find her and ask if she knows the Grey Faerie's new name?"

      "Certainly." Fyora smiled broadly. "That was a grand idea, both of you." Fyora's eyes closed, her staff lit with its usual lilac glow, and they appeared outside a small, cozy-looking home in Neopia Central. It had light-blue walls and a long, slanting dark-blue roof, with two brightly-lit windows right below it. Fyora, ignoring the gasps and shouts of the passerby upon seeing her, walked casually towards the home and knocked gently. Princess Lunara and Treaphie scurried up just as the door opened.

      The one who opened the door looked up and gave an audible gasp. She was a rather small Red Kyrii, her fur a dark orange hue and her bright-red mane of hair running down her back. Her face was slightly pointed, as were her ears, and she had on a bright orange bubble vest and thick black hiking boots.

      "Fyora?" Over her shock, the Kyrii looked skeptical immediately. "On what day did I visit your palace?"

      "March 23rd, years ago, it seems." Fyora smiled sincerely. "You haven't changed a bit, Tavi, though you have accomplished quite a lot since your visit."

      Tavi looked as though she had blushed at the praise, though it was hard to tell because of the shade of her fur. "Thank you, Your Majesty." She bowed, then asked, "What have you come for? Surely not just to say hello?"

      "Surely not," Fyora agreed. "I came to ask about your friend, known to many as Baelia."

      "The Grey Faerie... wishes her name to remain a secret," Tavi whispered uncomfortably. "After what happened last time."

      Fyora nodded. "I understand," she told her. "But this is vital to Faerieland's safety - we must find her, and to do that we need to know her name. I'm sure she would want to tell me," she added at Tavi's unconvinced look. "After all, to get her name official, she must come to me so that I may certify it."

      Finally, Tavi gave in. "I know that you are the real Fyora, after my question to you," she conceded, "And I will tell you. Her name is Masia."

      "Very nice choice," Fyora said approvingly. "Thank you." And she walked away from the house.

      Treaphie, not looking at Fyora, as Princess Lunara was busy tickling her, did not see what had happened until she noticed the scenery change again - now she was on the outskirts of a small field with a large tower nearby. Treaphie climbed down as she saw the Faerie Queen beside her moving towards the tower.

      Fyora crossed to the door of the tower in three great strides as Treaphie toddled after her. Princess Lunara chuckled and picked her up, rushing to Fyora's side as she gently knocked on the door.

      After a few moments, a hopeful voice said, "Tavi?"

      "No, Masia, I am Fyora," said Fyora in a comforting voice. There was a scramble towards the door, and Masia quickly opened it, letting out a cry of delight.

      "Oh, at long last, Fyora!" she exclaimed happily. The hem of her tattered blue dress fluttered in the breeze, looking as faded as her skin and withered grey hair, which was tied back into a high ponytail. She had only a few feathers left as wings, for they had been clipped years ago. "I've been meaning to see you for so long, but I have no idea how to make an appointment with you, and have felt a bit too embarrassed about my lack of wings to go out in public..." She faltered. "But now you have come! I can have my wings back! And my magic!"

      "Soon, Masia," Fyora replied with a smile. "You should have told me your name ages ago. But no matter - after this situation is settled, I shall, of course, grant you new wings."

      Masia's previously drained face now glowed with excitement. "Anything I can do, Your Majesty, just say it! I will do anything for my wings!"

      Fyora's smile was sympathetic. "I am sure you will," she agreed. "I understand you used to be a servant of the Master?"

      The glow in Masia's face subsided a little. After a tense silence, she nodded stiffly. "I regret looking into that mirror now," she moaned. "But I couldn't help it... it was so overpowering..."

      "And you are still a servant?" Fyora asked her.

      "I would have never imprisoned the thousand more it takes to free me from the consequences of my own mistake!" Masia exclaimed. "Technically speaking, I am still a servant. However, the Master found me useless without my wings and with my glum disposition. Because I was so worthless, the Master told me there was no point in me even working for them. Th-They arranged for me to be sent into a cage, locked by my own identity, to waste away. I think they wanted entertainment from this slow and painful end. But I was lucky - I could escape, even though I will never truly be free from the Master."

      "I will need you to accompany me to Jhudora's home," Fyora told her. "No worries," she continued at Masia's alarmed look, "I will be there, and Jhudora understands that what is going on requires her cooperation."

      "What is going on?" Masia asked, eyes wide. "I haven't left my home in a month... what is that?" she asked, appalled, as she first noticed the slick purple hue of the clouds in the distance.

      "That," Fyora answered, "is the problem. Let us go."

      The group appeared outside of the gloomy archway Treaphie had walked under with Kasthie and Kolyae earlier that day, seeming like ages ago. It somehow didn't seem as creepy now, not with Princess Lunara carrying her across and Queen Fyora by her side. Soon they were outside the large door that had been so conveniently open before, allowing passage into Jhudora's dreary home. Quietly they entered, the door creaking behind them.

      Treaphie glanced ahead and saw the large cauldron still bubbling in front of Jhudora's dark throne. There were numerous pots lining the walls, but she quickly looked away, remembering that there was a mirror in here somewhere. Fyora, too, averted her eyes.

      "All right, Masia," she told the Grey Faerie swiftly. "If you could just locate the mirror, please..."

      Masia inspected the various rooms of the house, and it wasn't long before she called out, "Here, Your Majesty! Right here on the wall!"

      "Excellent," Fyora said in her usual calm manner. "Now please reach within and grab the sources of magic."

      There wasn't a sound from the room Masia was in.

      "Masia?" Fyora called softly.

      Still no answer. Fyora turned to the other two. "Stay here," she said quietly. "It could be dangerous-"

      "Fyora, we want to help!" Princess Lunara cried, her big eyes wide. "We need to save Faerieland, and we're not letting you go alone into what could be a trap!"

      Treaphie, her eyes sparkling, agreed. "Haven't I proven useful already?" she asked Fyora. "Surely you won't deny me accompanying you?"

      "All right, but be very careful," Fyora murmured, maneuvering her way towards where she had heard Masia's voice earlier.

      Masia was standing by the mirror, her arms hanging limply by her sides, looking unharmed except for a distressed look on her face. There was another voice hissing, coming from the mirror, making Masia look more and more terrified.

      "Unworthy servant... you could never do anything, and now you are ready to betray your master? Remember how you feared me... what I did to you... do not do anything to make me think you are even more foolish than I assumed years ago..."

      Masia's knees were shaking at the sound of the voice that had caused her to lose her beauty, her wings, and her magic. It was clear from her face that she was not going to get the sources of magic, that she was too afraid. Treaphie had to do something.

      Treaphie crawled out of Princess Lunara's arms and made her way across the floor to Masia. Masia looked down at the sweet Baby Usul's face, her violet eyes looking up at her, and smiled weakly.

      "The Master cannot hurt you anymore," Treaphie told her strongly. "You are safe, Masia. You escaped them, and Fyora is now on your side. You can have everything restored if Faerieland is restored, but if it falls, so does Fyora's magic, and you will never be back to how you were."

      The Grey Faerie looked at her in surprise, and then a look of determination came across her face.

      "Sorry, 'Master'," she said mockingly, smirking a little, "I'm gonna get those sources of magic back."

      Despite the mirror's crueler protests, she reached her hands through the mirror, passing through easily, and moved her hands around for a while. Finally she gripped something and pulled it out. It was one of the rings!

      "Good job, Masia!" Princess Lunara cheered.

      "Well done." Fyora smiled. "Now, the other one, if you please..."

      It only took a few more minutes to find the other ring, which she brought up and handed wordlessly to Fyora. She looked a little stronger, but still regarded the mirror with a fearful glance, and hastened from the room as the others exited ahead of her.

      In a gesture that by now Treaphie was used to, Fyora raised her staff, and they appeared in the palace room with the other royals. Fyora handed the sources of magic to King Jazan, King Hagan, and King Skarl, who were standing nearby, with the whispered words, "I trust you thought of where to keep them in this time?"

      "Indeed, Your Majesty," King Hagan told her proudly, sweeping down into a bow before her. "Shall we take these there now?"

      "Please do," she prompted, and the Kings bowed again and exited.

      "I'm glad we retrieved the magic," Treaphie told Fyora, "but now what? How do we stop the spread of Dark magic?"

      Fyora looked her over approvingly. "I think you know the answer, Treaphie," she told her. "What have we done today that may help with this?"

      Treaphie thought back to the last two days, of all she had learned of magic and the ways in which it worked.

      "We need a... Dark Faerie to remove it?" she asked.

      "Not just any Dark Faerie," Fyora corrected, "but a very powerful one. One of the most powerful ones, actually."

      "Jhudora!" Treaphie cried.

      "Yes." Fyora nodded. "I shall summon her here, but I suggest you do not try to provoke her in any way, especially by reminding her of how you escaped her twice so far."

      A little worried, Treaphie hid behind Princess Lunara, who also appeared frightened. Moments later she heard the 'thud' of Jhudora landing on the marble floor, and then her voice:

      "Well? What do you want now, Fyora?"

      "Jhudora, I believe I already told you how essential it is that we do not start up rivalries amongst each other in the face of a greater danger." Fyora's tone was not angry, but disappointed. Jhudora murmured something Treaphie couldn't hear.

      "Now, I'll need you to make the Dark recede from the clouds," Fyora told her in a commanding tone.

      Jhudora gawked at her. "Why would I do that?" she exclaimed. "This is the best thing to happen to Faerieland in ages! I think it's a nice new look, don't you?" She grinned wickedly.

      "Jhudora," Fyora warned. "Don't make me persuade you further."

      "How so?" jeered Jhudora.

      With another wave of her staff, the Space Faerie became solid in front of Jhudora. The Dark Faerie gasped.

      "Mira! You... escaped?"

      "Indeed I did, Jhudora," Mira spoke coldly. "Now make this Dark go away before I send you to another galaxy!"

      Jhudora did not doubt the validity of this statement; Mira looked furious, and her palms were tingling with the magic she had built up since arriving at the palace. Cautiously, Jhudora looked up at Fyora.

      "All right," she consented resentfully. "I'll do this... what you want. But this isn't over." She glared at Mira.

      "No," Fyora sighed. "I'm afraid your irritation towards the other faeries is nowhere near over. But we must deal with one matter at a time. Now, if you please, kindly make the Dark magic leave the clouds."

      Jhudora hesitated.

      Fyora shot her another warning glance. She raised her staff.

      "Okay, okay!" Jhudora said hastily. She raised her arms and performed a complicated movement with them, one that looked like the act of clearing away something in front of her. Treaphie ran to a window and peered outside, gasping in surprise. The Dark was going away from the clouds! They were again white and fluffy, just as they should be.

      Fyora looked rather pleased. "Thank you, Jhudora," she said graciously. Jhudora grumbled in response. "You have been a big help. I will not forget this. Now you should really head back to your cloud."

      "With pleasure!" Jhudora turned on her heel and sped down the hallway of the palace. Fyora watched her go thoughtfully.

      The other royals hurried towards Fyora, alongside the two babies Kasthie and Kolyae and the young faerie Mia.

      "Come," Fyora commanded, gesturing towards the meeting room they had all occupied earlier. Everybody followed and took the same seats they were in last time.

      "Do you need help with something, Fyora?" Treaphie asked earnestly. "Because we'd love to help you!"

      Fyora smiled at the young Baby Usul. "No, no," she said, "All is well now. On the contrary, it is my turn to help you. I have rewards to give you all."

      The babies beamed.

      "Kolyae, loving Chomby, you have helped your family in times of great need. You have ensured that everyone was safe by your actions during the hunt for Vira. For that, I gift to you this." She handed him a small, capped vial. There was a light blue liquid inside of it. "This is a very powerful healing potion. You must use the entire thing for it to work, but the effects are marvelous. It heals any disease, any injury, or any curse."

      King Jazan shifted in his seat at this last part. It was clear from his eyes how he longed for the vial; he was eager to be rid of his curse.

      Kolyae grinned. "Thanks, Fyora!" he told her enthusiastically.

      "Kasthie, understanding Korbat, you know that it is important to consider everyone's feelings, and you make sure that you don't do wrong to others, even on dangerous quests. You have proven how valuable your care for others is on your quest to free Mira. For these actions, I present this." Fyora took a tiny, heart-shaped red object from her pocket. Kasthie accepted the gift and studied it. It was flat and had a red button on it. "If you point this object at someone and push the button, words will appear on the heart that say how the person feels."

      Kasthie smiled. "Thank you, your majesty," she said contently.

      "Treaphie, brave Usul," said Fyora gently, "You were an essential part of this mission. You were courageous beyond measure and fought against outstanding odds. I know exactly what you desire most. In fact, I think you are carrying what you want with you as I speak."

      Treaphie blushed and took the Faellie out of her backpack. The Faellie blinked her eyes as she looked at her surroundings with mild interest. Her white fur was smooth and soft; it looked like a fresh blanket of snow. Treaphie couldn't bear giving her up. They had gone through so much, and the Faellie had become both a lifesaver and a friend.

      Fyora smiled. "You have deserved no less than this majestic creature, Treaphie."

      Treaphie gasped. "You... you mean it?" she stuttered. "I-I can keep her?"

      "Definitely," said Fyora. "I can think of no better owner than you. In fact, I do not think she will follow anyone's orders except for yours now."

      Treaphie felt an overwhelming happiness. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" She hugged her Faellie - her Faellie! She officially was her owner now!

      "Congrats, Treaphie!" Kasthie gushed.

      "What are you going to name her?" Kolyae asked curiously.

      Treaphie pondered this for a moment before deciding, "I'll name her after what makes her so unique, and what saved her that day I found her - her ability to use magic on snow. She'll be called Snowflake!" Treaphie hugged the Faellie, who was as calm as ever.

      "Very fitting." Fyora nodded in approval. "Well, I think you have had enough of adventure for now," said Fyora to the babies. "You may go back to your home as heroes."

      "Thank you," the babies said together, bowing.

      Fyora's face shone with pride. "It is I who must thank you. You have done so much for Neopia, all of you. You are saviors to the faeries. I wish you well."

      Treaphie bowed again. She left the palace through the door with the others. The main room of the castle, where the babies had recently fought with the faeries, was deserted. It seemed strangely quiet, and after what they had been through that day, Treaphie felt ready for something to leap out at her. She remembered the time she had managed to climb onto the ceiling fan and spin around without falling off about a year ago, though it seemed like a past lifetime now. She had thought she was the bravest pet in Neopia. That was nothing compared to now. Now she understood what it was really like to be a hero. She looked behind her and saw Kasthie and Kolyae faithfully following her. Each held onto a precious gift given to them by Fyora for their deeds. They were heroes, too. Treaphie used to consider herself the 'leader' of their group of three. But trotting behind her were not mere sidekicks. She felt an overwhelming amount of appreciation and wanted to spill it out over the ones who deserved it most.

      But that could wait. They had been through a lot, just like she had, and she knew that what she wanted most right now was a nice, relaxing sleep.

The End

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» Baby Adventures: The Secret Note - Part Six
» Baby Adventures: The Secret Note - Part Seven

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