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Secrets of the Fountain Faerie Revealed!

by rock_star_megs


So lately I've been wondering about the Fountain Faerie. Specifically, I want to know what she does with 99% of her time (since it seems as if there's a 1% chance of getting one of her quests). I mean, I'm a long time user, and it was only last year that I got my first ever Fountain Faerie Quest.... except that it was on my side account. That's right. My first FFQ and I couldn't even get the avatar! And yes, the avatar would be super nice to have (just to add to my collection), but it would also be great if FFQs were more frequent to help those of us financially challenged Neopians deal with the outrageous prices of some paint brushes (or at least be slightly more frequent as another loyal user perk). I mean, 20+ MILLION for the new Water Paint Brush? AS IF! So, I put on my detective hat and found, with some help from some very useful sources, a list of things that the Fountain Faerie does when she's not handing out quests.

1. Differentiating herself from the Water Faerie

Now, as most of you may have noticed, the Fountain Faerie and the Water Faerie (not to mention the Healing Springs Faerie) look an awful lot alike. They have light blue tails and blond hair... and who hasn't done a double take when a Water Faerie quest pops up, thinking that it might FINALLY be the elusive Fountain Faerie asking for an item? Well, sources tell me that the Fountain Faerie spends a lot of her time trying to set herself apart from the aforementioned Water Faerie. One faerie I spoke to told me that the Fountain Faerie spends some of her time experimenting with her hair colour, trying to decide if she should have different coloured streaks put in her hair, like green or rainbow. Thankfully, she realized that two other faeries currently have green streaks, and she certainly doesn't want to copy them. I'm told she's still mulling over the rainbow streaks, but no word yet if she'll actually go through with that.

2. Making Her Name Known

I don't know if all of you Neopians know this or not – but the Fountain Faerie has an actual name! Yes, it's true! You may know her only as the Fountain Faerie, but in reality she prefers to be called by her given name: Naia. Sources tell me she's trying to spread the word around, wanting to be known on a first-name basis like other well-known and well-loved faeries (Illusen, Jhudora, Fyora, for example). I'm told she was also interested in an acronym change from the current FFQ (Fountain Faerie Quest) to NQ (Naia's Quest)... but I heard that Fyora convinced her that that would result in much confusion with Neoquest.

3. Lobbying for a NC Mall Collectible

I happened to be at the Neovian Printing Press in November when a minor faerie walked in, sent on a task of having posters and pamphlets printed up for a certain faerie. Upon chatting up said minor faerie, I was able to discover that Naia was campaigning to get her own collectible in the NC Mall! I was told that she was a bit miffed that Marina's (the Healing Springs Faerie) hair was selected, when it is common knowledge that Naia has the most sought-after and beautiful hair in all of Neopia (Naia's words, according to this minor faerie. Naia also ignored the fact that the series was for Famous Dailies – I'm sure her hair would've been chosen if her quests were daily activities). As a result, Naia is spending a lot of time thinking of collectible ideas. I've heard rumours that she is hoping for Fountain Faerie Face Paint/Make-up, or at the very least something like a Rainbow Fountain foreground or a Fountain Faerie Floating Doll, since she's currently under-represented in the NC Mall.

4. Spending time at the Grooming Parlour

Speaking of her hair, a rather obvious activity of hers is spending quite a bit of time and Neopoints on having her hair properly looked after. She is a regular in the Grooming Parlour – which isn't surprising given the length (and shine!) of her hair. She is constantly stocking up on Blue Lipsticks, Blue Long Hair Brushes, Detangle Combs, and Blue Scallop Mirrors (because she can never have too many mirrors – she's also thinking of decorating her fountain with those to give it a more water-y feel). So if you've ever been to the Grooming Parlour and seen those items disappear super quick, you should know that Naia is shopping. I'm told that because she has such great influence in the Grooming Parlour that she even selected Hannah's Grooming Parlour outfit in Hannah's latest game, Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure. Not too shabby for her, eh? (I think she eventually wants to branch out and be involved in a game like Illusen and the Soup Faerie in Snowball Fight, but everyone has to start somewhere!)

5. Auditioning Petpet Companions

Partly inspired by Jhudora and her Bartamus, Naia has also started thinking about having a Petpet companion. I mean, if there's a trend, Naia definitely wants to be part of it (she likes to remind everyone that she was the first Faerie to have streaks in her hair). Sources tell me that she's still waffling between a Rainbow Carmariller (to emphasize her Rainbow-ness) or a Faerie Mauket (to emphasize her Faerie-ness), though I've also heard that she can't wait for a Water Petpet Paint Brush to be released. Two good Petpet choices in my opinion. And who knows, maybe she'll pick both and start a new trend – multiple Petpet companions!

6. Campaigning for Her Own Day

Not to be left out, Naia also wants to be recognized on the Neopian Calendar with her very own day. Yes, that's right – she wants to join the ranks of Illusen, Jhudora, and Fyora with a full day dedicated to all things Fountain Faerie. A few sources told me that she's considering offering a Fountain Faerie Quest for those that stop by, or have some way of increasing the chances of us Neopians receiving a FFQ on Naia Day. I've heard, if Naia Day actually happens, that she's also hoping for a Fountain Faerie avatar to be released – one that actually features Naia (she feels left out that all the other faeries appear on avatars but not her). No word on what date she would like for Naia Day...

So there you have it, fellow Neopians, a look at what Naia does with her time when she's not handing out quests. And who knows, maybe once she's achieved her goals (Petpet companion; Naia Day; NC Mall collectible; etc.), Fountain Faerie Quests will be more plentiful!

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