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Infamous Jhudora

by pinkpaint


As I gaze up at my Neopian calendar (Yes, that's right, I have the Neopian calendar printed out and hung up on my wall) I see that Jhudora Day is fast approaching. As my eyes move slowly across the green and purple text it suddenly dawns on me... an extremely frightening revelation!

Apart from what she looks like, I know absolutely nothing about the infamous Jhudora! How can this possibly be? It honestly embarrasses me to say but I am in fact a six year old Neopian (believe me, that's a long time of playing Neo!) and I know nothing about this dark yet alluring green and purple faerie. I am utterly, utterly ashamed of myself.

So because of the guilt and shame I feel for not knowing who this iconic faerie really is, I put it to myself to learn about and get to know Jhudora before celebrating her big day. I went on an adventure around the wonderful world of Neopia in search for answers. Here, my probably smarter than-me friends, are my findings:

My search began in the most basic of ways; I typed 'Jhudora' into the search bar. Now don't laugh! This small yet inconceivably important step is what lead me to find the information I am about to reveal to you... I have broken this article down into fun facts and frightening facts, for your amusement, of course. :D

Let's begin with the fun facts, shall we?


Fun Fact #1 Jhudora is a white Chia. No joke, she is a white Chia! Okay, okay, there is a pet named after Jhudora, Jhudora the white Chia to be precise. This little Chia really does have that much in common with the real Jhudora from what I can see, but I thought I'd give a shout out to the 'other' Jhudora here nonetheless.

Fun Fact #2 There are so many Jhudora themed foods, toys, stamps, furniture and much more, I'm sure, out there for those devoted Jhudora fans! Seriously, I've seen a selection of them, and you can too! Just type Jhudora into your Neopets search bar. :P

Fun Fact #3 There are not one, but two Neopedia Articles about Jhudora. These definitely helped me to compile this list of fun and frightening facts about Jhudora; without these articles, this article probably wouldn't have been written either! Kudos to the authors!

Fun Fact #4 Jhudora used to live in the clouds. Not figuratively, literally! Her castle once floated high above in the sky, atop a sea of clouds... However, since the Faeries' Ruin plot, she now resides in Jhudora's Bluff. Now you can buy your Jhudora-fan Neopet a Jhudora's Bluff Background!

Fun Fact #5 Nobody knows how old Jhudora really is. For all we know, she could be hundreds of maliciously evil years old!

Fun Fact #6 Most people have hobbies like scrapbooking, drawing, writing articles for the NT and so on and so forth, but for Jhudora, her hobby is sending innocent unknowing Neopets out on quests in order to collect things for her. Why does she have them collect her these random bits and pieces? Nobody knows.

Fun Fact #7 You can do quests for Jhudora! In return she will reward you with some cool and deceivingly evil rewards like, Poisonous Lollypop, Noxious Nectar, Caustic Potion, Dark Faerie Magic, Toxic Shroom and Wind Up Rat to name a few! YAY!

Fun Fact #8 There are two Jhudora themed avatars for use on the neoboards. Don't get too excited though; these avatars have to be earned. You don't think the dark faerie would just hand them over, do you? Hah, well, aren't you silly!

Fun Fact #9 Jhudora's day is the 4th of February every year! Neopians, fearful and devoted alike, gather together on this special day to celebrate her evil and intriguing existence.

FRIGHTENING FACTS *cue eerie music and far-off-in-the-distance screams*

Frightening Fact #1 Jhudora has red eyes! The picture featured on Jhudora the Dark Faerie (collectable card) may lead you to believe that her eyes are purple, but I have it on good authority that they are in fact RED! One of Jhudora's Neopedia articles told me, so it must be true!

Frightening Fact #2 Jhudora also has razor sharp nails, creeeeepy!

Frightening Fact #3 Jhudora is a very punctual faerie. She doesn't like to be kept waiting! I'm serious, don't dare make her wait. Bad things happen to those who are late.

Frightening Fact #4 The dark faerie doesn't seem to think very highly of, no, in fact she detests... you guessed it, Illusen. Jhudora actually believes (and I quote) "Illusen suffers from a severe lack of imagination". Why does she think this? Because Illusen doesn't believe in punishing failure.

Frightening Fact #5 The dark faerie is EVERYWHERE! Okay not literally, figuratively. Jhudora has eyes and spies on the lookout all about!

Frightening Fact #6 Jhudora has a 'master plan'. What's her master plan? I am sworn on pain of painfulness not to speak a word of it to anyone!

Frightening Fact #7 In 'Jhudora' the Neopedia Article, her occupation is listed as: Striking fear into the hearts of Neopians everywhere.

Frightening Fact #8 Jhudora is not only evil and malicious but also very wise. Not a good combination! You see what I did there? I'm so punny. :D

Frightening Fact #9 Illusen is the only faerie to ever bear witness to Jhudora herself committing an act of pure evil. In all other cases Jhudora's hands have been kept clean while others have done her treacherous evil-doings for her!

So there you have it, folks! At the beginning of this article I had very little knowledge of who this Jhudora, the infamous dark faerie, was and is, but now I can tell you a total of 18 fun and frightening facts about her! I also now know enough about her to avoid asking her anything that may perhaps one day get me into trouble, like,

"Hey Jhudora! What's the deal between you and Illusen? Why do you detest her so?"


"Jhudora! Hey! Jhudora! Jhudora! What's your master plan?"

So remember next time you don't know something, or someone teases you for not being up to date with the latest and greatest thingamabob, take an adventure around Neopia and you are bound to find the answers you are looking for and perhaps even get an article out of it! Just make sure you take caution if you seek answers near Jhudora's Bluff...

Happy Jhudora Day!

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