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Conquering Carnival Games

by flotsam_freako_8254


Wondering around the Avatar Chat, I've seen many boards asking for advice on how to gain the oh-so-gooey Carnival of Terror avatar. It's an avatar complete with a pie, evil clown and a deserted fair, so why wouldn't you want it? This need for advice inspired this guide, and hopefully after reading this you will gain the strategies handy to not just get this elusive avatar but also to make quite a handful of neopoints daily.

To start off

The aim of this game is to take out as many Chia clown foes as you can, who of course end up throwing pies at you in retaliation. The catch, of course, is that you have limited ammo, health and time to do this. To shoot a clown, simply aim your mouse and left click. To refill your health, ammo and time, you can shoot any power ups that float down in parachutes. Simple enough?

However, here is where it stops being simple. You run out of time, health or ammo and it's game over. The clowns don't exactly stand still and let you shoot them down – they like to move around and drop in from the sky. Each part of the clown is worth different values as can be seen:

  • Umbrella – 1 point
  • Pie – 1 point
  • Clown head – 2 points
  • Clown legs – 2 points
  • Clown arm – 3 points
  • Clown body – 6 points

But wait! There is more to know!


You could say that the path to avatar success is in the hands of these two words: custard and piecrust. Custard completely fills in the health bar, and piecrust does the same for the ammo bar. Ever been confused as to why you can't seem to pass the halfway mark to the avatar score? I'm betting that you've never used your best friend known as piecrust. Piecrust gives you a total two bars of ammo per game to use instead of just one, and thus will exponentially increase your chances of getting the avatar compared to not using it. Remember, these codes are one use per game!

To gain the most out of the codes, you should follow what I say carefully. In regards to custard, try to avoid shooting any pies that fly towards you and just let them hit you, as well as avoiding any health power ups. That way, you can save your ammo for the clowns, rather than for 1 point pies. Custard is best used once your health bar turns yellow (to avoid losing if two pies happen to fly in at the same time for instance. It's quite nasty if that happens).

For piecrust, to avoid the middle of game panic as you madly type the moment your ammo bar gets empty, follow this small tip. Type in piecrus the moment your game starts, and press in the last t the moment your bar gets empty (as in, the next time you shoot, it's game over).

I'd also recommend turning off the music, but leaving the sound on while playing. This way, you can hear every time you make a shot and whether it hit, or misses, and is an excellent way to tell if you've hit a power-up or not as it makes a ding-like noise.

As a final tip, if you look through the instructions, you find that the clock in the last page is clickable. Whilst no one is sure what clicking this does, many rumours have stated that this may give up more power ups in a game. Try this, or maybe not, but I got the avvie in a game that I clicked this, so who knows? :)


Now, to the important part! Be sure when you begin to initiate the piecrust tip. Now, I find that most of the time, your game ends when you run out of time. Hence this strategy was created with trying to get the most out of your ammo within a limited amount of time.

During your first bar of ammo, for any large sized clown you see (these will be the ones closest to you and easy to see the individual body parts), shoot all four parts of the clown. I start with the head, then the arm, and then double click to shoot the legs and body. I double click because this helps to create a rhythm for me, and every second faster you shoot a clown gives you another second to aim and shoot for another one. For any medium sized clown you see (those that appear more in the middle of your screen), I tend to use either a three, or two shot method, depending on your skill. If you are confident in your skills, go for the arm, head then body to get more points. If you're just starting out, just double click on the head. For the clowns that are very distant and small, only go for if you are sure you can hit them. Otherwise, don't shoot. You'll need this ammo later. Also make sure to get any ammo and time power ups that you see!

Once you tap in the t to refill your bar, this is when your strategy starts to get varied. Check how much time you have. If you have had excellent luck with the time power ups (or you shoot really fast), and your time bar is over half full, you can continue with the strategy above until you reach a point where you find yourself having a lot of time and not much ammo (when the bar gets yellow). Here, you should focus on one and two hit shots. Shoot only the clowns you are confident of hitting. To get a one hit, you need to aim for the gap between the clown's head and body and this will get you 6 points for one shot! For the two shot method, those more confident should go for the arm and then the small gap. For those less confident, double click on the head. You'll get less points, but it's better than hitting nothing.

If, as you will most of the time, you have less than half your time left, continue your shooting strategy, aiming to use as much of your ammo within the time left. If you remain unlucky in getting more time power ups and have plenty of ammo to spare, implement the next tip alongside your current strategy. Start shooting any pies and umbrellas that you see. Even though they are only worth one point, if you have plenty of ammo to spare, shooting these may give you that extra point boost to get you the avatar. Continue doing this, and adjust your shooting to your amount of time accordingly. So if you have plenty of time and less ammo, aim to destroy the clowns with minimal shots and maximum points (so try and shoot the arms over the head for example), and if you have plenty of ammo and less time, just shoot anything that can get you points.

If you find that you are constantly running out of ammo, either you shoot really really fast, have heaps of time left or you are missing a lot of your shots. It's better to play slower and get a lower score at first and gradually increase your speed rather than miss all the time and give up. This is why you should have the sound on – you know whenever you shoot at something.


Hopefully you have gotten through my strategy with some new knowledge ready to be used! Just remember, whilst strategy plays a large role in getting the avatar, luck is also a factor. A game with plentiful ammo and time power ups helps make getting the avatar score easier. You could also end up in a game where it's open season with pies and you find your health alarmingly low – remember custard! And remember, the most important thing is to practice – you won't get this score the first or second time you play, you need to keep practicing, no matter how much you never want to see those clowns again. Just add this game to your dailies, and you'll soon find yourself in a game with 1337 shooting skills and plentiful power ups and with a lovely new avatar!

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