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Appreciating Sloth: A Celebration Plan Proposal

by lute248


Sloth Appreciation Day is approaching and my personal mischievous elusive Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle (MSPP) pet has always greatly admired Sloth's villainous qualities, stemming from his handsome looks to his charming charisma to his diabolical plans to dominate the entire Neopian population as shown through the numerous plots and Defenders of Neopia mission that revolved around him.

The pixelated images and items related to Sloth have flooded the Neopian market and the very existence of these objects go to show that Sloth villainous fame has reach out to all of us and created many followers/supporters over the years; therefore this special day is well deserved for our tall caped nemesis, as we wouldn't want Sloth to feel unhappy and lonely about celebrating this day alone.

Under the request of my evil Poogle (who keeps a secret Sloth shrine hidden in his own Neohome room), I have decided to write an article that would suggest various ways we can celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day besides the usual cake and candles (it is not his birthday, by the way), for we all know Sloth has higher standards of expectations when it comes to naming him to be the best Neopian villain of all time.

The 5 Major Plans to Celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day:

A) Avatars that would brighten up the neoboards with Sloth's face:

On Sloth Appreciation Day, avatar hunters are treated to not only one avatar but two "I heart" Sloth and happiness avatars which are seasonal avatars that are only available on this very special day. We all know Sloth isn't that evil, after all, right?

There is also the infamous Sloth avatar which was one of the first few avatars that was released by TNT all the way back in Year 5 in which to receive this avatar you had to receive a random event mentioning Sloth has deemed you worthy of using his image on the Neoboards.

With all these Sloth avatars in mind, I think it would be very fitting for all chatters (regardless if they are avatar chatters or not) on the Neoboards to post a "Forever appreciating Sloth" board, posting messages of the many ways and things this infamous villain has done to Neopia over the years, whether it may be destructive like the one seen in the Return of Sloth plot or his kind act of providing the shipment to organize the monthly Dr. Sloth stamp auctions.

B) Games to pay tribute to Sloth's villainous actions:

I propose that all Neopians only play games that relate to Sloth directly or indirectly; I mean, after all, this day is a complete dedication to our tall fiend. Here are some suggestions of games you could enjoy during Sloth Appreciation Day.

1) Advert Attack:

The goal of this game is simple: help Ace Zafara cross the finish line before his opponent does. However, Sloth isn't going to make this game as easy as you may think as Pop Ups would occasionally pop up thwarting your attempts of moving Ace Zafara each time. There are a total of 10 levels in this game and as you go higher for each level the frequency of pop-ups that appear also increase.

2) Neverending Boss Battle:

Sloth would like to challenge you to go up against his indestructible ship, this game along with the Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth are my two favorite games for its both enjoyable and simplistic game play. The objective of this game requires you to keep shooting at Dr. Sloth's indestructible ship and dodge all the respective projectiles that he will attempt to fire at you until it is game over in which you lose all your lives.

3) Splat-A-Sloth:

Perhaps you need to play a Sloth related game to vent your rage at Sloth instead of praising him, then this is the perfect game for you. However, make sure you don't miss an opportunity to smack the Sloth with the Neopian Times paper because that simply spells losing and we all know how Sloth relishes defeat.

4) The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth:

I personally like this game since it is very reminiscent of my favorite arcade games and of course, yes, also because I like Sloth too much. The game involves shooting and destroying as many enemies as possible and along the way you also get cool weapon upgrades and encounter unique creatures for later levels, especially the space fungus level.

C) Pets that are fond of Sloth:

Many Neopians would have received the random event whereby Sloth appears in a puff of smoke and hands you a random species transmogrification potion (even Krawk or Draik too), out of the goodness of his heart, of course. Mutant Grundos have a great association with the character Sloth himself since they are represented as minions of Sloth based on past plot events.

I suggest that Neopians morph any of one of their own pets using a transmogrification potion as a means to celebrate Sloth appreciation; I mean, after all, you don't want Sloth to feel betrayed if you attempt to make a profit from his moment of kindness of handing out valuable transmogrification potions.

D) Dressing up as Sloth:

What would Sloth Appreciation Day be like if all Neopians didn't dress up their own pet with the respective Sloth wearables that exist in the Neopian market? Avid Customizers can rejoice as here is a list of Sloth related wearables (both Neocash and Neopoints clothing wearables) so you can get your pet to wear on this very special occasion.

1) Sloth Shadow Background Item (Neocash item)

2) My Best Buddy Sloth Cardboard Cutout (Neopoint item)

3) I Heart Dr. Sloth Thought Bubble (Neocash Item)

4) Sloth Clone Make-Up (Neocash Item)

E) Last but not least, presents!!!!

To end the Sloth appreciation on an explosive note, I propose Neopians gift our villain some nice nifty presents as a form of a peace offering, hoping he would simply scrap his next diabolical Neopian invasion and spare all of our lives. Some gift suggestions I can think of include stamps and candy associated with Sloth (Grinning Sloth Stamp, Chocolate Dr. Sloth and Ring of Sloth stamp).

As an extra token of appreciation for the caped villain, Neopians could also pledge our support for Sloth by purchasing a "I Support Sloth Bade" as a way to reach out to Sloth from the bottom of his heart.

With all these proposal plans in mind, I hope everyone has a terrific Sloth Appreciation Day.

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