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The Top 10 Rarest Items in Neopia

by dragonair23


We all know the feeling – you've found an item that you've absolutely fallen in love with. You need – no, must! – have it. You head on over to the Shop Wizard, only to discover no one's selling it. Starting to feel anxious, you run over to the Trading Post, where, to your dismay, you find that the item you so desperately wanted is going for tens of millions of neopoints.

However, keep in mind as you cry out dramatically to the heavens that at least the item's available to buy. There are items so rare that the most you can ever hope to see of them is in your dreams. Let's take a look at some of them, shall we?


Name: Hubrid's Odial Sphere

Description: "Make a pact with the Warlock Hubrid Nox and all manner of precious things can be yours..."

This item isn't your run-of-the-mill smooth black sphere! It was at first available in the Hidden Tower but then was later retired, and it's definitely one of the more unique weapons available. When used in a battle, your Neopet's current health would be reduced to half. If you're thinking that that's a horrible weapon, think again – it also would provide you a random Hidden Tower item for the duration of the fight, and it was multiple use! Suffice to say, using this item would make you a star in the Battledome before you could say "Why would something that summons Hidden Tower items be called odial?" However, you'd need to be rich to even purchase it – it was 26 million neopoints! Battledomers disliked it, and thus when it retired there were few available to buy. In the month of Relaxing, Year 13 (June 2011), in honor of Neopets reaching 1 trillion page views, many rare items were given away at the Trading Post and Auction House. The very last item was a Hubrid's Odial Sphere, which temporarily turned the Trading Post into the Battledome. Since then, they've almost completely disappeared, if they're not already gone. MAGAX is probably relieved.


Name: Flotato Gloves

Description: Congratulations, you won this by working out the Gadgadsbogen Logic Puzzle!

When you look at a flotato, a buoyant fruit that floats in water, your first thought would obviously be "Hey! Let's make some gloves out of that!" No? Well, clearly someone had that reaction. These gloves are don't weigh much, but are somewhat awkward to use do to their large bulk. In the Battledome, they do 7 air icons, 8 physical icons, and block 5 physical icons. Not bad stats, but these are incredibly expensive (if you can even find one for sale) due to the fact that only three were given out as a prize for the Gadgadsbogen Logic Puzzle back on the 5th day of Running, Year 5 (March 2003). I think I'd rather just eat my flotatos rather than fight with them, thanks.


Name: Darigan Sword of Death

Description: "This sword has three sharp blades at its tip that will cut through anything, even castle walls."

When you have a sword that can cut through castle walls, something's gone too far. Nonetheless, this is very nice looking item, having Darigan's signature color and using two wings as the hilt. It was given out during the Champions of Meridell plot to only one user. (Other rare items from the Meridell vs. Darigan plots include Lord Darigan's Blade, Castle Defender's sword and shield, Darigan General's Sword, and a Lord Kass Amulet to name just a few.) Said user then sold the item to a different user and it is currently being proudly displayed in a Darigan gallery. This has many myths and rumors surrounding it due to the fact that it was never tested. The Spectre of Lord Darigan used this weapon and it did 70 icons worth of damage, but the stats for the plot prize item may be different. Still, despite all this I doubt this would be a very practical weapon. It's so sharp that you'd probably just end up hurting yourself with it before you could attack your opponent.


Name: The Golden Bringer Plushie

Description: "Now you can own your very own golden plushie demi-god!"

This golden plushie is quite the sight – it's rather large, similar to the regular Bringer Plushie, but with finer craftsmanship. It's worth noting that this item is one of only three kinds of golden colored plushies currently available in Neopia. This was rewarded as the prize to the top scorer in the Hannah and the Ice Caves war, making it another item with only one in existence. Some sources state that it can be used as a Battledome weapon like the regular Bringer Plushie, though the exact damage it does is unknown. Just keep in mind: all that glitters is not gold, but it can be just as expensive.


Name: Island Attack Fish

Description: "Specially bred as guardian Petpets, these nasty nippers will attack ANYTHING they do not recognise."

No, this isn't a petpet. (Really, who would want to be the owner of something that attacks anything it sees?) Rather, it's a Battledome weapon, and decently powerful one at that. It's been said to do about 5 earth icons, 5 water icons, and 1-5 physical icons. However, it can easily be blocked by many defense items, such as a leaf shield. It was originally given out as a prize during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot, and usually goes for about 100 million neopoints when someone sells one. Don't you wish it was possible to pull up something that expensive from Underwater Fishing?


Name: Tazzalor's Cutlass

Description: Made of finest silver with a solid gold hilt, a fine piece of craftsmanship.

Ah, Tazzalor, everyone's favorite Grundo programmer that nobody's ever heard of. For those who don't recognize him, he was one of the main programmers for Neopet v2. After he was done creating the program, he then retired to Krawk Island and adopted the lifestyle of a pirate. (Everyone knows pirates have the best retirement plans. Arr.) When four Neopets were trapped by Neopet v2 he helped provide part of the code to help shut the malevolent machine down. Neopians who figured out the puzzle got various prizes, all very rare now, though this cutlass is the most mysterious. No one knows how much damage it does; one unconfirmed rumor states that it does an impressive 32 physical icons. Exactly how many of these exist is unknown, and what the qualifications were for receiving one as a prize are also unknown. Even stranger, an item seems to exist called 'Tazzalor's Ultimate Cutlass', though it seems to look identical and even has the same description. It's possible it would do even more icons in the Battledome than the regular cutlass. It seems that grog drinking pirates who can't remember what their favorite food is are still surprisingly competent weapon makers.


Name: Ski Lodge Mutant Kacheek Plushie

Description: "This special edition prize was given to you for guessing the correct murderer in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery!"

Ahh, the only plushie to give you fond memories of TNT members being murdered. (No, not the Mumbo Pango Plushie). During the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery Plot which the plushie was named after, TNT staffers were picked off by an unseen killer, and it was up to Neopians to figure out who it was. (Spoiler: it was Maverick – or rather Maverick's robot replacement made by Dr. Sloth.) Throughout the plot, a mutant Kacheek was seen in a glass test-tube like object in the background of The Underground Lab (all good ski lodges have them, you know). You see, the Ski Lodge used to be owned by none other than Dr. Sloth, which would explain why this guy was around. Once Maverick was apprehended, the Kacheek was released from his containment unit. Because the Murder Mystery is one of the oldest plots, this plushie is one of, if not the rarest plushie in existence. They have been priced at about a 100 million Neopoints before, and currently cannot be obtained from the Trading Post or Auctions. There were other, equally rare prizes available, like several photos, a three part series on the Ski lodge, and a Maverick plushie and baseball cap (which is currently the only buyable item from this plot). But unlike photos or baseball caps, this is something people actually want.


Name: Xantan Cloak of Slime

Description: "Protect your pet with this slime cloak of Xantan. His powerful magic is held in the folds of this cloak!"

Ahh, NeoQuest. Whether you play for fun, neopoints, or just to obtain the avatar, it's always been a staple of Neopian life. For those of you who have never played NeoQuest, Xantan the Foul used to be in the Circle of Twelve before he was banished and had most of his powers removed. Found in the Dank Cave, he's at level 10 with 80 health points. If you're playing on insane mode, he returns as the final boss as Xantan Reborn (fitting title). There he's at level 50 with 1,000 health points. Back when NeoQuest I was released, the first 5 users to beat each of the separate difficulties (normal, evil, and insane) received a different set of trophies from the usual ones and special Battledome equipment, including this cloak. In the Battledome it's said to block 2 fire, earth, and light icons with a chance of doubling those amounts and another chance of blocking one type fully. It's not a bad weapon, but good luck finding one, as apparently only one was given out. There's also another possible item, the Eye of Xantan Amulet, and a few other rare Xantan themed items. It's also worth nothing that he never wore a cloak or any amulets. Weird.


Name: Spoppy III

Description: "Super Secret Spoppy!"

This is, quite possibly, the weirdest item ever. (And considering items like Coconut Cream Steak and Cheesy Scissors, that's really saying something.) Okay, first off, let's explain what a spoppy is. A spoppy is a petpet created by mixing a poppit and a spyder in the Mystery Island Cooking Pot. Good so far? Okay. Now, there was a problem with the Cooking Pot that day that caused duplicates to be made with different IDs for each one. To prevent confusion, the different spoppys were separated into three different items, though they all look the same. The first spoppy is your normal spoppy. Spoppy II could be created in the original way at first, but now they can only be created by a lucky zap with the Petpet Lab Ray. The strange (well, stranger) thing is that the last item, Spoppy III, doesn't seem to be obtainable. Mixing two or three spoppys together does nothing, and these cannot be obtained by zapping. Even stranger, there is a user who has all three spoppys in their gallery. How did this come to be? Who knows. Maybe Pango Pango just likes messing with us mortals.


Name: 00 Negg

Description: "A suave, sophisticated treat for the extra special Neopet."

What the negg faerie wouldn't do to get her hands on this! This spiffy negg, based off of Agent 00 Hog from Cheat!, looks quite nice with its tuxedo and perfectly white color. This is the rarest negg in Neopia (yes, even more so than the fish negg), with only one in existence, rumored to be owned by Adam himself. If one does ever appear, be willing to shell out millions for it. (Well, I heard the price of neggs was up, but isn't that a little high?)

And there you have it. The top 10 items that the average Neopian will probably never see in their life. If you do happen to see one of these items, cherish the moment. Take photos and then proceed to brag to your friends that you were, for one shining moment, next to one of the most expensive items ever. And if you happen to own one of these items, keep it hidden away safely in your SDB until you're ready to sell it – taunting the Pant Devil with these items is never a good idea.

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