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Gnorbu Shearing with Style

by fire_mistress_101


Get your clippers ready, everyone, as we say goodbye to the wintery wonders of the Month of Celebrating and hello to the masses of fluffy and somewhat knotted furs of our beloved Gnorbus!

Gnorbu Shearing Day is held annually on the 6th of the Month of Sleeping and is a glorious day where Gnorbus from around Neopia gather together in a great shear-a-thon and rid themselves of their matted and sometimes Blechy-infested fur. A thick fur is essential for Gnorbus during the colder months as they tend to get cold easily and due to their natural lack of agility, they can grow a long, wild mane of fur without a care in the world... until they look like a Walking Carpet. That, my friends, is what you call a grooming emergency and is why the Gnorbu Shearing Day was created.

If you have never participated in Gnorbu Shearing Day before, now is the time! I have compiled a list of essential items you will need in order to make your Gnorbu looking as beautiful as ever and to make your Gnorbu Shearing Day a success.

First off, you will need a Blue Gnorbu Comb. With its wide-toothed bristles and attractive blue colour scheme, this makes the perfect weapon against tangles and knots. Untangling the knots is an essential step and must be done first to ensure that the fur will be cut evenly, otherwise your Gnorbu will end up having unattractive bald patches where the fur has been cut too far. The smiling blue Gnorbu at the top of the comb will remind you of how perfect your Gnorbu will look once they are primped and primed to perfection. This comb costs around 1,000 NP.

Once the fur is free of knots, it is time for a shampoo. The formula in Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo is specially created to work perfectly with Gnorbu fur as it will cut through any dirt hidden deep beneath the thick layers. It will also leave a refreshing scent that will linger for a few days. Shampooing before beginning the shearing will make sure that no fur is clumped together. This will cost around 500 NP.

The next step in the process is the most important, as it involves actually cutting the masses of fur into a sleek style. For this, I recommend using Gnorbu Shears as they are designed especially for Gnorbu Shearing Day with an extra-sharp edge for cutting through the very thick Gnorbu fur. Using the shears and the comb in combination will help you cut the fur evenly and ensuring you won't miss any spots. These shears will cost around 500 NP.

Brushing the short mane is next in the shearing process as it gets rid of any loose fur and makes it shiny, smooth and soft. A Blue Gnorbu Brush is perfect for this job as ordinary brushes will be useless on Gnorbu fur. Who wouldn't love to have their mane brushed? Regular use of this brush will help and will give you less to untangle at next year's Shearing Day. This brush costs around 500 NP.

Once your Gnorbu is looking fabulous once again, you may now style the mane any way you want to with Gnorbu Gel. This step isn't essential as some Gnorbus prefer to have their fur in a natural state; however, if you are going to a special occasion such as the Chocolate Ball, this gel will help to maintain any wayward fur that sticks up. This gel will set you back around 1,800 NP.

If you want to give your Gnorbu an extra special finishing touch, one that will be sure to make heads turn, have a spray of the Eau de Gnorbu Perfume. A hint of Gnorbu pheromones will surely make others jealous and your Gnorbu will smell sweet no matter where they go, even the Meridell Rubbish Dump! Be sure to use it in small amounts as it can be very overpowering and even the most strongest of pets will faint after experiencing this heavenly aroma. Eau de Gnorbu Perfume is around 15,000 NP.

Shearing can be a laborious process, so make it fun for your Gnorbu by bringing along a picnic with snacks and something to read! Apricot Gnorbu Juice is my drink of choice, as apricots are one of a Gnorbu's favourite foods. They won't even notice you tugging and pulling on their mane when they're sipping this delicious drink. For food, a Gnorbu Burger followed by the ever-scrumptious Chocolate Gnorbu Pudding will go down a treat with your pet. For reading material, A Gnorbu Novel is an insightful look into the life of a Gnorbu. From happy beginnings, tragic events and uplifting endings, this book has it all and is a perfect gift and conversation starter for Shearing Day.

Since your Gnorbu will be looking all spiffy after the shearing is complete, why not splash out on some new clothing as well? For the ultra girly types, try on the Lovely Gnorbu Gown paired with the hat, boots and gloves. This is the ultimate prim and proper set for any Gnorbu of high taste in fashion. For those who have a more dapper taste, the Gnorbu Zoot Suit Jacket, Trousers and Hat make for one sleek and smooth gentlemanly outfit.

If you are relatively new to the whole shearing process and general grooming, there are many manuals and books explaining the entire process in detail. Gnorbu Mane Care and Gnorbu Grooming Tips are two books available from the Magical Bookshop in Neopia Central that give detailed instructions and diagrams on how to properly care for your Gnorbu's mane. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help keep your Gnorbu looking and feeling fantastic all year round.

You can buy the above grooming supplies from the friendly Usul at the Grooming Parlour located at the Neopian Bazaar, food items can be bought from Neopian Fresh Foods and clothing can be found at Unis Clothing Store. If any of the above stores have run out, fear not, for the Shop Wizard will be able to help you find whatever it is you're looking for. All items suggested are approximate prices at the time of publication.

Happy Shearing!

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