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Fast Cash Through Gaming - Month of Sleeping

by cdrex22


As a new year dawns upon Neopia, citizens across the globe are making their resolutions for the coming twelve months. Some may be deciding to exercise more, some to buy a pretty new paintbrush or outfit for their pet... and a certain Ixi thief is probably pledging to himself that this is the year he doesn't get caught even once. But one resolution that you can make that touches all aspects of your Neopian life is to pad your bank account.

Whether your hobby is customizing and painting your pets, fighting in the Battledome, or building a spectacular collection, you won't get far at all if you don't know how to line your pockets. Some Neopians earn their money through the game room; others through restocking, Key Quest, or Habitarium. Many make do with only the petty change they pinch from Neopia's many daily freebies. You might remember my previous articles in Issue 520 and 523 of the Times, where I presented a guide to making the Neopian Game Room work for you. Whether you use it for two minutes a day or an hour, everyone can take something home daily from the many games available in Neopia – it's a matter of finding the best possible set of games to make you rich quick.

Of course, the payouts of Neopia's games change every month... so often great games of the past month fall from their esteemed positions as top earners, and new games spring up to take their place. We wouldn't want things to get boring now, would we?

In the first edition of "Fast Cash Through Gaming", I divided helpful games into three groups based on how well they paid for my personal level of skill at them. Group 1 games are must-plays: the games that, either through high payouts or rapid completion, will allow you to rack up money in a hurry. Group 2 games are the backbone of a successful gamer: those that pay out at a steady rate of 15-25 NP/second and are worth playing daily, but can be skipped if you're low on time. Group 3 games are for those with a ton of spare time to devote to gaming or a burning desire for Neopoints. Perhaps you choose to play nothing from Group 3; perhaps you only play these games when you have time to kill, or maybe you pick and choose the ones you enjoy most... it's entirely up to you!

As in my previous article, I will highlight which games are moving up on the list, and which ones may no longer be worth your time. These groups will hold until the 25th of the Month of Sleeping, when game ratios change

As always, the many sponsor games available in the Games Room are often a great addition to this list. Since they come and go with much higher frequency than the rest of the games, you can decide for yourself which ones might be worth playing from the currently available sponsor games.

Extra Life – What is still a dependable game?

Includes all games that remain in the same group as they were for the Month of Storing.

Fashion Fever (100 NP/second, Group 1). This is more a side dish than a main course at the feast of fast cash. But it's sure a great side dish, offering a near instant 900 NP.

Kass Basher (60 NP/second, Group 1). Since you all unlocked the bat long ago (right? RIGHT?), there's nothing to do now but sit back and collect 1000 NP per whack of at least 782 meters. The citizens of Meridell approve this message!

Catch the Petpet (54 NP/second, Group 1). As always, this game is a part of Neopia's Petpet Park section rather than officially being in the games room, but it can still be found, played, and added to your favorites through the site search bar. You can earn 490 NP per game in no time. This game is very consistent, providing a great payout every month.

Hot Dog Hero (54 NP/second, Group 1). In fact, this game has improved dramatically in payout despite already being a top tier game last month. Now you can end your game after reaching a score of 2922 or more, and collect 1000 NP. It's always exciting when games that were already profitable become even more so!

Nova Defender (28 NP/second, Group 1). As with last month, playing on Hard difficulty and scoring 50,000 will quickly pay you the maximum of 1,000 NP. If you learn to group the attacking Novas and take them all out in a large chain, collecting all their gems together, this can be achieved in the very first level.

Wrath of the Snowager (21 NP/second, Group 2). The score of 100,000 points you need to secure 1000 NP has not changed. By now experienced gamers have played this one so much they can do it in their sleep. Play on Hard and aim for the snowballs for quicker scoring!

Darigan Dodgeball (20 NP/second, Group 2). How much you can make from this depends on how long you can last, which in turn depends on your skill level. But since time survived equals score in this game, the neopoints per second are the same whether you're great at it or terrible.

Top Chop (12 NP/second, group 3). It should be pretty simple to land a couple good shots to the board, although you won't likely achieve a maximum payout.

Ready to Roll (12 NP/second, group 3). This is the epitome of a game where speed trumps caution... you can size up the puzzle for minutes, or rush through it in seconds. If you succeed at the second, it pays well.

Wheeler's Wild Ride (9 NP/second, group 3). If you focus on doing tricks like wheelies rather than riding quickly through the level, you will approach the target of 351 points much quicker. Don't lose all your coconuts while you do it, though! This has suffered a slight decline and is now barely a viable option.

Shifting Gears – Games which have changed groups

Includes all games that are in a different group than they were in the Month of Storing.

Zurroball (19 NP/second, moves from group 1 to group 2). This game goes fastest if you use the walls to score Left and Right Zurros rather than regular Zurros while using the energy ball. Last month, you could collect a cool grand by sending a score of 40. This month, you'll need to stretch your skills and get to 131 for the same amount, but it is still a solid use of your time.

Tunnel Tumble (17 NP/second, moves from group 1 to group 3). This Darigan Dodgeball cousin has long been the more profitable of the two... that changes this month, as a decreased ratio means you will need to score a massive 4,167 to get 1,000 NP, or settle for a small, quick payout.

Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers (17 NP/second, moves from group 2 to group 3). This game has had its payout tweaked only slightly. This means that you can use the same strategy (watch the 2-D map and eliminate as many opponents as possible), but you now need to hang on for a score of 367 to achieve the maximum payout.

Player 1, Press Start – The New Guys

Includes all games that NOW score at least 9 NP/second when they didn't before.

Attack of the Marblemen (26 NP/second, group 1). Scoring the required 67 points in this game is a matter of learning the level layouts and beating them as quickly as possible. Aim for the bonus coins when possible and this is a quick earner!

Chariot Chase (24 NP/second, group 2). There are various ways to get the required score of 807. Remember that a lap counts for 100 points and each second you're on the move counts for 10, so you can get here either by going 6 laps in 21 seconds or 5 laps in 31 seconds. With so few laps required, you can throw caution to the wind if you are a good driver. You did fasten your seat belt, right?

Maths Nightmare (21 NP/second, group 2). Playing in Potato Counter difficulty and Division mode doubles your visible score, so stopping at 420 to send a score of 840 will max out your neopoint limit. This can be accomplished early in the third level and should take about 45 seconds per game.

Edna's Shadow (9 NP/second, group 3). Barely making the cut is Edna's Shadow. In this one, you may want to forego shooting for 1,000 NP because the points come slower starting with level 4. Get through a couple simple levels as fast as you can and get out.

Game Over – No longer in the rotation

Includes all games that no longer score 9 NP/second.

Extreme Potato Counter (7 NP/second, was group 3). If you're still working on the avatar, by all means keep playing. But it will be at the cost of making fast money.

Chia Bomber II (6 NP/second, was group 2). Another avatar game that you can still practice, but it takes a much higher score for 1,000 NP.

Magma Blaster (5 NP/second, was group 3). The gameplay still works the same, but it will take much longer to get there, pushing this past the border of what's a good use of your time.

Neverending Boss Battle (4 NP/second, was group 3). Saving the galaxy from Dr. Sloth may have to wait until your bank account is in better shape!

Barf Boat (4 NP/second, was group 3). There is no real way to speed the money from this up, so playing it will have to wait for better days in terms of payout.

Wow, that's a lot of movement, ushering in a fresh new slate of games that can make you quick money this month! Let's review where everything landed...

Group 1 (cornerstones of your money making strategy): Fashion Fever, Kass Basher, Catch the Petpet, Hot Dog Hero, Nova Defender, Attack of the Marblemen

Group 2 (consistent daily games that deliver the dough): Chariot Chase, Maths Nightmare, Wrath of the Snowager, Darigan Dodgeball, Zurroball

Group 3 (pick your favorites, or play when you're bored): Tunnel Tumble, Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers, Top Chop, Ready to Roll, Edna's Shadow

Of course, money isn't the only aim in the Games Room... fun is where it all starts. So make sure to try out not just these, but all of the games Neopia has to offer, and choose for yourself which games will maximize your money and your fun with every second of your time! Good luck!

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