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Farewell, Year 13: Ten Things to Remember the Year By

by lute248


Words simply can't sum up what this year has been like for both TNT staff and for all Neopians, as the final days of Year 13 fly by and soon after we make a warm-hearted welcome for the many future events and personal Neopian goals/resolutions that would be encountered in Year 14.

There is much to remember this past year, ranging from the introduction of the 3 Hidden Tower Grimoires which gives you avatars when read to your pet, the evil 100k spinning from the Wheel of Extravagance which gives you a shiny avatar (which unfortunately I am still trying to get *sigh*), the release of the new anagram swords in the Hidden Tower and last but not least the warm welcoming of new pet colors such as 8-bit, Swamp Gas, Wraith and Water.

I was recently placed second in the most recent random contest competition for my entry on "Goodbye Year 13" whereby I constructed an advent calendar that commemorates this past year.

I think it is rather fitting and complementary to write an article to takes a step back in memory lane as we explore into some of the more crucial events that made Year 13 a largely successful year and how these very 10 events in my opinion are the most memorable events of this year.

The 10 most memorable events of Year 13:

1) The Faeries' Ruin Plot Prizes:

Although the Faeries' Ruin Plot event was held back in Year 12, many patient Neopians were anxiously waiting for the Faeries' Ruin Plot prizes to be released as promised by TNT. Many Neopians were hoping that the plot prizes were going to be impressive and we were completely blown away by what prizes came out.

The prizes that were awarded ranged from cute wearables, backgrounds, battledome weapons, paint brush, petpet and even a pretty Jazan Guyliner.

2) Daily Dare:

The annual daily dare event is definitely no stranger to the average Neopian as players are require to beat either AAA or Abigail's game scores during the course of 31 days. However, there was an additional feature of the team challenge whereby players partner up with another person in order to beat the respective AAA's or Abigail's score. In the end, Players were rewarded their deserving nifty trophies and prizes.

3) Aprils Fools Infection:

Neopians were definitely caught off-guard in their anticipation in trying to figure out what prank TNT was going to pull on them this year. Unlike previous years, this year's April Fools involved the introduction of an unknown disease that proceeded to mass infection which affected all pets and people (Even poor Mr Insane himself got infected by this mysterious disease) which was followed by a mass quarantine.

Doctors were frantically searching for a cure for this new disease and thankfully a cure was eventually discovered and quickly administered as all Neopians took a moment to digest this hilarious April Fools joke.

4) Festival of Neggs event:

Kari, the negg faerie best known from the Neggery, organizes yet another fun-filled puzzles and quests for Neopians to complete for this year's Festival of Neggs. Neopians were required to visit various places in Neopia during their negg hunting and in the end; participants were awarded a variety of prizes along with the elusive Festival of Neggs Year 13 avatar plus the Festival of Neggs site theme for collecting each negg on the day of the release.

5) Trillionftw Auctions:

In celebration for reaching one trillion page views, TNT decided to auction off various expensive items and also put some items in trades.

Many of those expensive items that were auctioned off included Super Attack Pea, Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle (TCG), various colored Draik morphing potions, transmogrification potions, Meowclops, Scarabs, the very rare Hubrids Odial Sphere and many more.

This day was certainly a day to rejoice as one trillion page views is an awesome achievement and TNT deserves a pat on the back for their efforts over the years.

6) Altador Cup VI:

This year's Altador Cup may be a year of change, especially in terms of a different layout and controls for the game Yooyuball as compared to previous years.

Nevertheless, many dedicated Neopians strove to contribute points for their respective teams and in the end Virtupets came out victorious and the usual array of trophies and prizes were handed out including the exclusive Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp. Congratulations to Virtupets for winning this year's Altador Cup.

7) Krawk Disappearance:

It all started when weird tentacles started to sprout around Krawk Island, which ultimately led to the island's disappearance, leaving behind nothing but a lump of sand.

Participants for this event were required to assist Gavril Mcgill in helping him search the high seas for Krawk Island as well as retrieve the islet needed to gather bits of Krawk Island back.

Participants were awarded daily for their efforts in piecing back together Krawk Island and were even awarded bonus prizes which included a Krawken Attack avatar and the Krawk Island Site theme. The end of this exciting mini event led to the introduction of the Anchor Management and Forgotten Shore (See the 8th event).

8) Anchor Management and Forgotten Shore:

Ever since Krawk Island was restored, the now Governor Gavril Mcgill is now giving Neopians the opportunity to visit his mansion daily for the chance at snagging a rare item such as a pirate paint brush or the magical pirate krawk plushie in a daily activity called Anchor Management.

Soon after Forgotten Shore map pieces started surfacing from the Anchor Management daily activity and soon after, Neopians discovered there was a second location whereby they have another opportunity to obtain rare items such as Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion, Pirate Draik Eggs and even a Forgotten Shore avatar from a daily called Forgotten Shore.

9) Games Master Challenge:

For this year's Games Master Challenge, participants were required to choose a side, Brains (AAA) or Brawn (Abigail).

Both teams competed with each other and participants were required to complete a set of tough game challenges, players also had the option to keep repeating the same challenges called bonus plays in order to earn additional prizes.

In the end, Team Brains prevailed and won (like I always predicted since I have always been a follower of AAA's superiority over Abigail in terms of game skills. *snickers*)

10) Wishing Well Avvie Discovery:

As this was the most recent happening, I've decided to talk about this phenomenal achievement last.

The Wishing Well avatar was released two years ago in Year 11 and many Neopians were completely baffled on how to obtain this mysterious avatar. Despite TNT's assertion that the solution was simple, the solution to the Wishing Well avatar still hadn't been figured out.

While our hard-working avatar chatters were working together to find and test out different methods to obtain the avatar, TNT released wishing well clues during the course of Year 13 (some more subtle clues compared to others) and all of them were numbers. This lead to avatar chatters to start donating a specific number of neopoints to the wishing well in order to obtain the avatar.

On the 3rd day of the Month of Celebrating in Year 13, the Wishing Well avatar was finally discovered and the long drawn out avatar mystery was finally solved. Neopians threw confetti and danced with the meepits as part of the celebration.

As we conclude this article, I bid a tearful farewell to Year 13 and may we have a terrific year 14 ahead.

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