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Decorating your Neohome: Holiday Style

by abbi2hip1023


Neopians rush around in the many stores, both Neopian-owned or owned by shopkeepers. People are swarming the Shop Wizard and Auction Genie. Both the Trading Post and the Auction House are packed. It's pandemonium, even if you are just looking for one simple gift.

But you can always escape back to your Neohome to rid yourself of the stress that the day has brought upon you. Or if you are one of the lucky ones that have managed to ignore the holiday stress that many Neopians may have, you relax at home, happy to be one of the lucky ones.

You must decorate your house for your pets and yourself, as your Neohome looks desolate compared to your neighbours. The festive flair you've always loved about the holidays hasn't come to your Neohome quite yet. You're on a tight budget, as your gifts have already cost a pretty penny. Each piece of furniture must cost less than 5000 Neopoints. Your holiday party for your friends and family are coming up soon. You're under so much stress that it rivals Dr. Sloth's when a plan of his doesn't work.

What do you do? You consult this guide, of course! Five pieces of festive holiday furniture are featured in this article, although there are definitely more than five that are just as festive as the ones listed here. The ones listed here (Note: The furniture here is only compatible with Neohome v.2, or 2.0. It's the newer version, not the classic one. Prices in this guide are as of 12/15/11.)

1. Angry Meekins Holiday Wreath

Grrrr... protect your Neohome with this angry Meekins wreath. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.

This holiday wreath may look festive, but it's also a perfect security feature for your Neohome! The angry Meekins living on this wreath will protect your Neohome from such things like holiday Neohome robbers, ghastly guests, and last but not least, the fearful sock monster. Neopians without malicious intent will happily admire your piece of stylish decoration and wish they had one for themselves. What a versatile and enjoyable piece! On average (that's the average price taken from one Shop Wizard search), one of these wreaths will cost 990 Neopoints.

2. Stained Glass Story Picture with Holly Trim

What a pretty picture made of stained glass. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y11.

This stained glass piece is absolutely beautiful. Each story picture was handmade by experts; each is personally signed by the artist that made them. No two story pictures are exactly alike, but each one is just as entrancing. They tell an incredible story that everyone, even Dr. Sloth, will enjoy. This piece will add a classic charm to your Neohome that can't be rivalled, and it will be admired in your Neohome year round. On average, this story picture will cost 2178 Neopoints. For such a versatile and classic piece, your Neopoints are definitely being well spent!

3. Snowball Bean Bag

This soft and cool to the touch bean bag was given out by the advent calendar in Year 6. You had better write your name in it before someone steals it!

If you're looking for some comfortable seating for your Neohome that's festive yet versatile, look no further than this Snowball Bean Bag! In the Winter, it can be used as a festive Snowball bean bag, and in the other 3 seasons, it can be used as a Simple White Beanbag. The best part about this beanbag is the spill guard on it; if one of your guests accidentally (or on purpose) spills something on this beanbag, the stain will come out with just one wipe of a wet towel (towel not included). On average, this beanbag will cost 3557 Neopoints. Not bad!

4. Metallic Holiday Tree

This metallic tree will last, and last, and last... This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.

This tree is the epitome of modern holiday furniture. Made to last, this holiday tree will be around for many, many, many holidays. It comes with various ornaments, candy canes on the branches, and holiday lights pre-strung for you. Also, it comes with a sturdy base and will never rust and you won't have to water it! You can decorate with this tree in many ways. You can use it as your holiday tree or for a decoration for all to enjoy. On average, this tree will cost 4359 Neopoints. A bit on the higher end of the scale of 0 Neopoints to 5000 Neopoints, but the Neopoints are well worth it, as this tree will last.

5. Seasonal Candelabra

Light your evening or day with this beautiful candelabra! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y10.

This candelabra is absolutely beautiful as well as versatile. It can be used as a great decoration on your dinner table, a lamp or light, and so much more! Although some may say it's a fire hazard and shouldn't be around clumsy and/or young Neopians, the lights have a bit of Kauvara's magic in them. The candles will never catch fire and they will always flicker without you having to replace the candles, as the candles are ever-lasting! Turn them off and on with a wave of your paw for easiness. On average, this candelabra will cost 950 Neopoints.

Decorating for the holidays can sometimes be a hassle. But with this guide, it becomes less of a hassle and more enjoyable. These bargain items are way better than what that neighbour of yours has bought for the holidays. You know, that one who spends forever gaming and restocking. It's the one who buys decorations just because they're expensive. I'm not saying that expensive decorations are bad; if they are tasteful, versatile, beautiful, and everything you're looking for, I say go for it. Just make sure they are within your budget.

It doesn't take an outrageous amount of Neopoints to make your Neohome beautiful. It also doesn't take an outrageous amount of Neopoints to make a fabulous holiday feast, either. (I'm keeping these items secret; why else would my party guests want to come back every year? *wink wink*)

To make sure you make the best out of your decorations, make sure to keep them safe in your Safety Deposit Box until this time of year comes around again. I know it's hard to resist taking these lovely treasures out, but it's for the best.

Make sure to purchase some extra cleaning material just in case something happens to your decorations. (The horror!) I recommend Uni's Cleaning Material, the very best. Even Dr. Sloth uses it! But don't tell him I said that.

As this guide comes to a conclusion, I wish you a very happy holiday and hope this guide has helped you decorate your Neohome for the holidays.

Thank to to Madame (redmadame) of Neostars Magazine for letting me submit my article to the Neopian Times. I write articles for Neostars Magazine and this article just happens to be in Issue 6; just a bit shorter.

Thank you TNT, for all those good times on Neopets, the Neohome furniture you created that's so lovely. And for choosing my article and letting me submit it!

Thanks to purple socks too. They are yummy.

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