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One Simple Wish

by _sap2_6


Snowflakes fell silently in the blue, cold night, coating the jackets and scarves of all the Happy Valley residents outside. Each bent their heads down as they all scurried into their nice warm cottages. The dark and snow covered streets fell silent as the last door closed. But if some were to listen very carefully, their could be heard the soft tingle of laughter and the merrimental hum of conversation from a brightly lit cabin, a little off a ways to the north side.

      Green Christmas wreaths were wrapped around the outer-edges and beams, giving off even more of a holiday glow from the laughter and chatter of eighteen pets inside. A fire crackled softly as two figures lay curled by the fireplace, watching the flames crackle and curl. The shadow Ogrin and Acara made no mind to the noise in the room. They were content where they were.

      The five year old Acara sighed as she cuddled up closer to her brother, Lucas.

     "Lukie, this is one of my favoritest things about winter. I love being around a warm fire when it's freezing cold outside and everyone's all nice and snug in the house. I'm really glad we could make it to Terror Mountain this year."

      The family had been renting the cabin for one week in the winter the past few years. Happy Valley's bright, Christmas atmosphere and the cabin's decorative design made it the perfect place for Christmas. Decorations were everywhere in the home along with a medium sized Christmas tree covered with ornaments and popcorn strings. It went well with all the red, green, and gold.

      Lucas smiled warmly as he stroked his little sister's head. "I'm glad we could be here too, Flekno. It's one of the best places to be. Maybe later we could have some hot cocoa and make some Christmas cookies for Santa. He's coming pretty soon, you know."

      Flekno let off a yawn as she settled her head into her brother's lap. She shook her head. "Naw, I'm fine here with you, Lukie. I don't want to get up anyways. It's really nice where we are." A smile crossed her face as she closed her eyes.

      Lucas gazed down at her lovingly as he pulled the blankets tighter around her shoulder. He loved little moments like these, when Flekno was just being a sweet and innocent girl, not trying to prove to the world how tough she was. The twelve-year old Ogrin smiled as he watched the dancing flames.

     Flekno raised one eye open groggily as she clutched her bear tight. "Lukie, do you-do you think Santa grants wishes? I've always wondered if he could."

     Lucas softly stroked her head as he peered down at her, smiling. "Was there anything you had in mind?"

      Her eyelids fluttered shut as she managed to give him one whispery reply. "I wish I could find the color that was perfect for me." Her face was illuminated by the flames as she drifted off to sleep. Lucas continued to stroke her head as he stared off into the distance. How could he make his sister's Christmas wish come true?

     ~ ~ ~ ***** ~ ~ ~

      Snow crunched loudly under the boots of young pets playing on its white, powdery surface. Flekno, her brother Chriscoppe, and three of her quadruplet Xweetok sisters proudly finished building a snowman. The six year-old green Acara and three girls stood back to admire their work. Uchiha and Traixxes, the other Xweetok quadruplet, ran circles around the yard, throwing snowballs at one another and hurling out playful chants at their siblings. The Biscuit Kougra and Faerie Xweetok nodded their approval of the snowmen.

      The children's happiness and mirth could be heard and seen from the kitchen window where Lucas, Heather, and Esther, an eleven-year old Biscuit Usul watched the children from the kitchen table, sipping hot drinks.

      Heather, the mother of the large brood, smiled and shook her head as she sipped her hot apple cider. "I'm glad they are having such a nice time out in the snow today. I'll bet they'll have even more fun when we go sledding later."

      Esther let out a groan as she took a sip of her de-cafe. "Ugh, I hope the snow doesn't get my pant legs like last time. I was freezing cold for an hour!"

      Lucas said nothing as he silently drank his Icy Cold Borovan. He had been thinking about his little sister's Christmas present all morning, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think up a solution. It had been driving him crazy all day.

     Heather gave her son a little nudge, a concerned look on her face. He had seemed pretty distracted all morning. "Lucas, is something wrong? Why are you so quiet? You've hardly spoken a word since breakfast. Is there something we could help you with?"

     Lucas wrapped his hands around the steaming mug and sighed. "I don't know if you can. Flekno told me last night that she wants Santa to bring her the "perfect color" this Christmas, but I can't figure out what it is. I don't think she knows either, but it's the only thing she wants, and I don't want to see her disappointed face on Christmas. What do you guys think I should do?"

     Heather nodded and bit her lip, staring down at the green- and red checkered table as she thought. "I'll have to see what I can come up with. I didn't know she wanted to be painted. We'll find her a color, though, so don't worry. But what could it be?"

     Esther gazed out the window as she stirred her decafe, a thoughtful expression on her face. "I think Flekno would look good with something bright and colorful, something to match her personality. She's such a sweet little girl."

      All stared at the window, watching the young little Acara play and frolic in the snow. Her blue and white winter hat swirled with the tiny being as she twirled and twirled around, the wind and gently falling snowflakes intermingling with her laughter. The whole world seemed to come alive as at her jubilant presence. Lucas smiled as he watched her, an idea flittering on the edge of his mind. The Christmas present may not be impossible to find.

     ~ ~ ~ ***** ~ ~ ~

      Jingle bell rang through the air, as a whole massive group of carolers appeared. Lucas and all of his family sang out Christmas carols in the air, laughing, shouting and jostling on another as they made their merry way down the path.

      Uchiha clutched the purple mitten hand of one of his youngest sisters, a little baby Cybunny named Indigo. He tugged her arm and pointed at the scenery, chuckling as she her wide-eyes and excited squeals. Flekno and Chriscoppe popped up by their side.

     Flekno ruffled Indigo's hair tuft as she kicked up little tufts of snow with her boots.

     "Isn't it beautiful, Indie? It was almost as fun as going sledding. Hey, do you guys wanna make snow angels? I'm going to go ask Mama if we can."

      Heather agreed it would be nice to stop for a bit, and they all needed a nice little break. The younger immediately split off in sections, running in different directions across the snowy white landscape.

      Lucas, Esther, and all the older kids let out grateful sighs as they sank onto benches, exhausting from all the "winter family fun" they had been having. Lucas pulled his black-blue tighter against the cold, taking the thermos of hot chocolate his white Xweetok sister, Fuchie, packed. They both sat silently as they watched the kids play.

     "So have you finished gift shopping for the family yet? I heard you were having some trouble finding Flekno a present. Have you thought of anything yet?" she finished asking in her clear, smooth English accent, wrapping her arms around her knees as she pulled them to her chest . She had been adopted from the pound a few years back.

     Lucas shook his head as he took a sip of his hot chocolate. "I kind of have an idea, but I'm not sure if it's any good. I want to get Flekno something that fits her, something she would love every day. I think a pretty, bright color would be good on her, but I'm not sure. What do you think?"

     Fuchie flipped her white hair behind her shoulder, resting her head on her knees as she turned to face her brother. She shrugged. "Maybe disco or electric, though I don't think she really likes those. Why not just ask her?"

     "Because I don't think she knows either, and I really want her to have her wish. She deserves a nice Christmas. I just wish I knew what it was."

     She punched her brother affectionately on the shoulder as she tugged at his coat, pointing in the direction of their younger siblings. Her icy blue eyes sparkled as Lucas glanced across the snow. "I think I may know just what she wants. Look."

      A beautiful blend of colors and sounds surrounded Flekno and Chriscoppe, seeming to swirl around them as the two laughing Acara spun and twirled. Snow fell gently from the sky, mixing in with the jubilant buzz and excitement from the children. Flekno and Chriscoppe laughed again as they caught snowflakes on their tongues, their sibling's coats and colors forming a elegant rainbow of color around them.

     Lucas and Fuchie both nodded and smiled knowingly at on anther as they watched the beautiful display. They knew what the perfect gift would be.

      ~ ~ ~ ***** ~ ~ ~

     Early light shone softly through the cabin's windows, the sun just peeping over the horizon of the Christmas morning. Sounds of stampeding and yelling children could be heard outside the cabins walls, accompanied with the ringing of excited calls and ripping wrapping paper. But only one thing seemed to matter.

     A small package lay hidden under the tree, obscured from view of present grabbing children. All except from the a little green Acara clad in blue snowman pajamas and clutching a brown teddy bear. She yawned and picked up the package, curious, wondering what it could be. She saw the tag with the name "Flekno" on it. She slowly peeled off the blue wrapping paper.

     Her voice came up in choked spurts, her eyes barely daring to believe what she held in her hands. A Rainbow paintbrush. The color she had been searching for, the color she had wanted all this time. She bent her head down as tear bubbled to her eyes.

     Lucas appeared in the doorway, smiling warmly as he saw his little sister. He let off a small chuckle as she charged straight into his arms, laughing and crying with joy as they hugged one another tightly. Heather, Esther, and Fuchie watched happily from the hall as Lucas stroked her head and whispered into her ear.

     "Merry Christmas, Flek."

The End

Merry Christmas to everyone. :)

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