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Colors and Fitting Decorations for Wockies

by gemini3862


Wockies are for sure my favorite species, and I'm getting anxious for Wocky Day, which is located in a good time of the year, the cold month of Celebrating (free Advent Calendar prizes, hot borovan, you know). This is the favorite weather for a pet with much fur like the Wocky, since they can get very warm and comfy with it.

I'm pretty sure all other Wocky fans are also looking forward to this day, so here's a compilation of seven colors to make your Wocky look attractive, as well as plenty of backgrounds, foregrounds and garlands that highlight each color's main features!

1. Transparent

Possibly the best color for the Wocky, Transparent has always been really interesting. Showing the pets' skeletons was a nice and creepy idea. But for some reason the Wocky looks cuter than the others. It could be the curved bones that form the tail, the gray-colored mane, the eyes, or maybe the heart, which is the most visible from all transparent pets, along with the Grarrl and the Poogle.

Halloween may have already passed, but the spirit hasn't yet! Mysterious items go well with this color, such as Malicious Dark Faeries Background and Holiday Ghost Marshmallow Garland.

2. Camouflage

This foresty color is a cheap and good-looking alternative to 100k+ paint brushes. Green is easily the predominant basic color here, although there are some small traces of a very light green looking like yellow on the tail and the ears, not counting the cyan eyes. The variation of green shades is basically what makes this color almost as psychedelic as Disco. Also, this is one of the very few Wocky colors that don't have a single color for the mane.

To make a walk into the jungle, why not have some tropical decorations? Forest Glade Background and Bamboo Forest Foreground are good choices.

3. Electric

Next up, we have Electric. In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated colors of all. But the pattern that was used for this short-circuited Wocky is impeccable! The legs, the back, the face and the divided lightning from the tail are the examples of this. All that, plus a bright-blue mane, may explain the flawless pattern that few other pets of this color notably have.

Not many items exist that look nice to Electric, and that's probably where the "underrated" comes. Being over the clouds fits the lightning theme. What about the indispensable Cloudy Sky Background together with a Cover of Darkness Foreground?

4. Royalboy

I'm not too fond of colors like Royal and Baby because they are kind of overrated. However, I have to open up an exception to the Royalboy Wocky. First, the dark blue color combines perfectly with the brown-yellow clothing. Speaking of which, the cap is truly the most stylish part of it. The rest is wondrous too! Take a look at the belt, the little moustache and beard and the patterned drawings at the chest and front legs... The details are the main reason why this color got my liking.

There are a lot of items that can make your pets even more elegant. Nighttime in Brightvale Background and Nova Gems Garland will add a nocturnal touch to them.

5. Striped

In the same pattern category as Electric and same price category as Camouflage, Striped is a good option to those who want a simpler color. The Wocky has a darker pink when compared to other species, which is great because it causes less resemblance to White. The four stripes on the tail are really fancy. I liked how the mane has the same color as the basic color Wocky mane. That's all I can say to summarize this incredibly creative color.

Again, there may be very few decoratives, but clouds are another time a superb option! Dreamy Pink Hearts Background and Cloud Garland look good with Striped's pink.

6. Ice

*ZAP* Suddenly your Wocky feels colder... It seems that he has changed into one of the neatest colors around, Ice! Most species available for this color are very plain, but the Wocky stands out due to the cool shading the ice has. I have few other words to describe this other than "cool". Not only the beautifully shiny blue, but like Royalboy, the attention that was given to all details is another fact that makes this color so awesome.

If you're lucky enough to get this color during the winter, I'd suggest Scenic Mountain Top Background and the all-new Snow Laden Foreground.

7. Fire

Speaking of the opposite side of ice, don't get burned while hugging this Fire Wocky! This pet has many glaring colors and the quantity of black is just about enough (some species have more black than fire, which makes it way too similar to Shadow). It is noticeable that the paws and the tip of the tail contain some flaming red, and it starts ascending until it reaches the scorching yellow. That looks so nice. A bit of purple for the ears and eyes complete this terrific color.

Quite a few items are gorgeous adorning your fire pet. Magma Pool Background plus Strange Red Mist Foreground produce a hotly nice effect.

About the items, there are infinite ways of acquiring the perfect decoration. Searching at the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, Auctions or even winning from a contest! The NC Mall has a gorgeous collection of items as well, which were not mentioned in this article, but they have an incredible potential of looking beautiful to any pet. From NC games or pure NC, you're free to choose what you want. Just remember: both NP and NC are excellent choices as long as you choose the correct wearables.

The colors have the same process. A lot of possibilities are at your disposal to obtain your wanted color! If you feel that luck is on your side or the color you wish is only possible to gain from there, stick with the Lab Ray (though you're aware that bad things can happen... ). If you want a faster method, buy paint brushes or morphing potions. Save up to buy them, in case it's not that cheap. If it is, head to the Shop Wiz, then the Rainbow Pool and you're fine!

Wockies may not be a species that is everywhere these days, though they're ranked 15th in popularity, which is actually pretty good, knowing that there are 43 species available for creating at any time.

It's not difficult to customize your Wocky with any of these colors. You just need to find items that combine with each other and, of course, the color. So, go ahead and use whatever fitting ornaments you'd like to. Happy Wocky Day to everyone!

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