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The Day of Giving

by pinkpaint


The Holiday season is here and many of you newbies out there or those of you who have just never been able to appreciate the spirit of the Day of Giving are probably wondering what this particular Neopian Holiday is all about. Well, not to worry, I am here to not only explain this to you but give you a list of my seven Day of Giving Traditions. Hopefully this will help you decide how to spend the Day of Giving this year. As a result of this, I also hope you become well and truly absorbed in this much loved holiday season and feel the jolly-ness, merry-ness and happiness that it encompasses through to the very core of your very soul!

So, the Day of Giving, eh? Why is everyone so excited about this holiday, you ask? Well, simply put -the Day of Giving is one of joy for everyone; it does not discriminate! So whether you've been naughty or nice this year, it really does not matter. You see, all around Neopia, from around December 1st of every year until about the end of December, a wonderfully jolly, merry and happy smell is in the air and Neopians all across the globe are transformed into caring, sharing, friendly, cheerful people. Even the ones who aren't usually so!

So you see, with all of these crazy cheerful people wandering about, there is a much higher chance of nice-doings and happy days. In the spirit of this strange phenomenon, TNT dedicated the 25th of December as the official Day of Giving. Why did they choose the 25th? Nobody really knows.

Anywho, the Day of Giving is basically a designated be-nice-to-your-friends-and-pets day! You may spend it however you like, but I personally have a few traditions that I'd like to share with you and you never know, perhaps they may help you start your own.

Tradition #1 – Customisation

Every year, at about 7:00am I awaken from a restless night's sleep (because I can never sleep on the Day of Giving's Eve; counting Babaas doesn't even help!) and I put on my favourite Holiday T-shirt. I then go into my closet and choose Holiday outfits for each of my pets. I have hundreds of items in my closet, but I always try and go with a nice colour scheme for the Day of Giving- for some reason, I always dress them in red, white and green... Your pets are a huge part of the Day of Giving as they represent you and the joy you feel on this day, so I always dress 'em up for the occasion!

Tradition #2 – The Borovan

Once we're all dressed and ready for the Day of Giving, we like to sit in the dining room of our Neohome. We squish in around the table and share in a freshly brewed pot of Borovan. Borovan is my all-time favourite Neopian beverage. I only drink it in December, though, as I'm afraid it would not taste the same at any other time of year. Borovan, for those of you who don't already know, is a delicious Neopian concoction, made from Hot Chocolate and Asparagus. It's awesome!

Tradition #3 – The Presents

After the Borovan is all gone, we move from the dining room and into the lounge room. This room is my favourite place to be in December, as on the first day of the month we put up our Holiday tree and decorate it with baubles, twinkling lights, tinsel and other random shiny bits and pieces and then (wait for it, this is the best part!) we place a Nova right on the very top of the tree.

So on the Day of Giving we all huddle into the lounge room (I say squish and huddle because I have a very big Neo-family!). We each take a place in the room; some of us sit on the floor and some of us take place on the sofas. After everyone is seated, I begin the next tradition. I hand out the presents!

For the next hour or so, there are shreds of wrapping paper and ribbons flying about the room as my pets and I attack our gifts with excited and impatient unwrapping skills.

We laugh and we give thanks for the gifts we receive from each other and we play with our new toys and display our new trinkets until we're completely and utterly tired (remember, none of us got any sleep the night before!).

Tradition #4 – The Much Needed Nap

We all take a nap. What more can I say?

Tradition #5 – The Holiday Lunch

Holiday lunch is prepared (usually after hours of slaving away in the kitchen) and I at last call my pets to the dining table once more. There is turkey, roast potatoes and tchea fruit, peas and asparagus and freshly cut bread, Holiday crackers to pop with funny jokes to tell, but of the most important at the table are the pets that sit beside and across from me. Holiday lunch is the best meal of the year, and whether I burn the turkey or overcook the asparagus, it matters not as I am with family and friends on this day and that is the most important thing about the Day of Giving (but I'm not complaining about the gifts, either!).

Tradition #6 – Story Time

After lunch, we retire to play with our toys and trinkets some more and then we all settle down in the lounge room again to listen to a Holiday story together. Some of our favourites include The Night Before the Day of Giving, The Polarchuck Expression and Rudolph the Red Nosed Moehog.

Tradition #7 – The Advent Calendar

After the story it is almost dark outside so we race over to Terror Mountain's Happy Valley and we visit the Advent Calendar. This tradition is almost as much fun as Tradition #3 on the list as we get to take home a special gift from TNT themselves!

You see, there is a lot of time in the Day of Giving and you can fit as much or as little into the day as you'd like. Above are seven of my traditions for the holiday. You can borrow some of these, or perhaps use them to inspire your own. Whatever the case, I hope you and your Neo-family have a very jolly, merry, happy Holiday season (and get lots of presents too!).

P.S. Happy Holidays, TNT! Keep up the good work :)

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