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When Neopia Turns Evil: Part Three

by hannahcreep


Kroost and Spike woke up to a bright and sunny morning. It was nice out for what was going to be a crazy day. Kroost and Spike packed up their petpets and any leftover food and headed out. By the sun and their shadows, it seemed noon. The air was crisp and everything seemed quiet. They stopped at the bank and picked up ten thousand neopoints from Spike's account.

      "Why do we need neopoints?" asked Kroost.

      "Trust me, they can come in handy," Spike reassured.

      They walked through Neopia Central until they heard three voices arguing. Well, two voices and a lot of jiggling. Spike and Kroost flew up into two separate trees.

      "Why are we here again?" asked one voice.

      "Because I'm hungry and I only eat at Pizzaroo!" said another.

      Then they started fighting again. Spike saw the faces come over and saw the Spider Grundo, Jelly Chia, and Meuka! Spike flew over to Kroost's tree and started whispering plans. Once he was done, Spike and Kroost jumped in front of the trio of villains.

      "If you guys are such great villains, why haven't you caught us yet?" asked Kroost.

      They stared in amazement for what felt like ages until Meuka yelled, "Get them!"

      Kroost and Spike zoomed away into the NC Mall. The lights were all on and so was the background music. Spike and Kroost went up to the third floor into the Superpack store. They lifted a giant box of Superpacks over the small barrier and waited. The trio entered the store.

      "Where did they go?!" yelled Meuka.

      "I don't know, maybe over here?" asked Spider Grundo.

      They walked a little bit forward until Spike screamed, "Now!"

      Spike and Kroost pushed the giant box of Superpacks off the barrier. Meuka and the Spider Grundo reacted just in time but Jelly Chia was too late. Splat! Jelly Chia was just splattered blue jelly that was all over the floor. The Spider Grundo and Meuka ignored the fact that one of their buddies just got flattened.

      "Up there!" yelled Meuka.

      Spike and Kroost raced to the second floor Mystery Capsule store. Kroost and Spike raced through shelves to find a Bubbling Mystery Capsule.

      "Keep looking! They'll be here any minute!" shouted Kroost.

      "Got it!" said Spike, holding up the capsule.

      Spike and Kroost ran towards the entrance of the store and hid away, waiting for Meuka and the Spider Grundo.

      "Where are they?!" yelled the Spider Grundo.

      "Right here!" yelled Spike.

      Spike dove down and caught Meuka in the Bubbling Mystery Capsule. Spike shook the capsule a couple of times and released Meuka. Meuka wasn't covered in mucus anymore; now he was just a white Meerca.

      "Noooo! My beautiful slime and mucus! Gone and washed away! I'm powerless..." Meuka passed out on the floor.

      "Now for you!" shouted Kroost.

      The Spider Grundo looked very angry at the two heroes. Spike and Kroost ran off with the Spider Grundo behind. Spike and Kroost flew up the down escalator and saw the Spider Grundo having problems getting up. Spike and Kroost laughed at his failure. The Spider Grundo was starting to get frustrated. The Spider Grundo quickly grabbed the wall and climbed up. Spike and Kroost had only realized their mistake of laughing.

      They tried to run but the Spider Grundo shot a giant web at Kroost. He grabbed Kroost and hit Spike across the whole mall. He slammed into a wall and fell into a dress box.

      "Kroost!" yelled Spike.

      The Spider Grundo came into view and said, "I don't care what Xandra said! I'm eating him myself!"

      The Spider Grundo then disappeared into the store.


      Spike looked around the whole store to try and find Kroost. He had already had a plan to defeat the Spider Grundo but needed to find him first. After one hour of searching, he went into the Backgrounds store. There were giant cobwebs everywhere. Spike knew he was getting close. The lights were off so Spike lit up the room. The backgrounds weren't moving at all.

      He saw the biggest cobweb of all had Kroost in it. "Kroost!"

      Kroost was fast asleep. Maybe some sort of poison to put him under? Spike tiptoed over until he heard someone coming over. Spike hid in the closest background so the Spider Grundo didn't notice.

      "Wakey-wakey Kroost. Time for dinner. At least for me," said the Spider Grundo.

      Kroost woke up and asked, "Where am I?"

      "Soon, my stomach," responded the Spider Grundo.

      Kroost went from a state of confusion to a state of fright. He knew if Spike didn't rescue him soon, he would be a goner.

      Spike took out his sharp staff in the background and decided to attack. He jumped out of the background and attacked the Spider Grundo. He sliced Kroost out of the web and helped attack.

      The Spider Grundo put up a fight but soon they started to run. Snowballs were thrown, webs were shot. When Kroost and Spike weren't paying attention to where they were running, Kroost and Spike fell over a barrier. Spike started to fly before he crashed but Kroost wasn't so lucky. He landed in the food box.

      The Spider Grundo got a hold of them and started to squeeze them. "I've had enough of you! I'm just going to eat you raw! There's no better protein than raw neopets!"

      Before Spike was eaten, he took out his Downsize, took out a pill, and shoved it down Spider Grundo's mouth. He soon shrank until he looked as big as a Mootix. Spike grabbed a background and threw the Spider Grundo in it. He lit up his Magic Torch and lit the background until it was smoldering ash.

      "Three down, five to go. Who should we hunt after next?" asked Kroost.

      "Well, we are in Neopia Central, so why not just go to the Haunted Woods and try and find Count Von Roo? I think we should use some garlic or something like that," Spike suggested.

      "Well, let's make sure the Spider Grundo can never come back," said Kroost. He grabbed the ashes and threw them out the window and into the wind.

      "Okay. Do you think they'll be looking for them?" asked Spike.

      "Doubt it. They didn't seem to be liked. The other guys have probably forgotten about them by now. Okay, what's our plan to stopping Count Von Roo?" asked Kroost.

      "We can't Downsize him or he'll bite us. Maybe I can throw some Poison Snowballs and see if he gets too sick to battle us. But the problem with that is if he gets a cure. Maybe we put some garlic in his mouth, then he'll turn into a regular Blumaroo. Maybe even forget everything! It's worth a shot. We just need some garlic," said Spike.

      They walked out of the NC Mall and into the Food Shop to look for any garlic items. They threw items off shelves, opened new boxes, and did everything just to find something with garlic.

      "Find anything?" asked Spike.

      "No! Why are we even looking here?!" asked Kroost.

      "Have a better idea?"

      "Yes! The Neopian Health Foods Shop always has some Garlic Juice for me on hold. It's in case I try to get eaten by vampires," said Kroost.

      Spike stared at Kroost like he was insane. Spike grabbed Kroost and dragged him all the way over to the Neopian Health Foods Shop.

      "Where is it?!" yelled Spike.

      Kroost went behind the counter, digging through supplies until he found a glass of Garlic Juice. He handed it to Spike and Spike took out an empty bottle. He poured the Garlic Juice into the bottle and put it back into his pack.

      "What was that for?" asked Kroost.

      "When we fight the Count, I'm going to act like I'm weak and then take small sips of the juice. Count Von Roo will notice and when I drop it, he will drink from it and maybe turn to normal or shrivel up," Spike explained.

      "What about the smell?" asked Kroost.

      Spike took out the bottle again and grabbed the nearest fruit. He squeezed the fruit and the fruit juice came out into the bottle. He then put the bottle back.

      "The fruit juice will overpower the garlic smell but not the whole garlic. Now he will be totally fooled. Should we set up for the night?" asked Spike.


      They set up in the shop but didn't eat anything from the shop. They ate all the leftovers in their packs as they lied down on the cold shop floor. They fed their petpets and finished up all the leftovers.

      "I don't like this," said Kroost.

      "What?" asked Spike.

      "I don't like trying to be heroes when we have no experience. You've lost a quarter of your battles. What does that say? We're on the run from villains who have been alive longer than us and have fought better battles than us! Besides, we have the lamest weapons ever! What if we get sick?! We only have two cures and both can only be gained if you're allergic to stuff. That's what I don't like!" yelled Kroost.

      "Don't be so loud! The Count could be in the Bazaar!" Spike yelled.

      They both stared at each other and turned around, not looking at each other for the whole night. After that, they fell asleep on the floor.


      "Good morning, Spike. I'm sorry about last night," said Kroost as he woke up. He turned around to see no one.

      "Spike? Where did you go?" asked Kroost.

      Kroost walked outside and all he saw was Spike, on the ground, knocked out, and with a bite on his neck.

To be continued...

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