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The Healing Springs Faerie: What the Neopians Say

by eclipsedrose


"She's so mean when you try to talk to her while still in a fight in the battledome :'C"


"She always does exactly the wrong thing."

"She needs to stop giving out potions and snowballs."

These are just a few of the complaints that the NC (Newbie Chat, if you didn't know) and the HC (Help Chat) regulars have for the Healing Springs Faerie. Of course, there are praises as well - albeit considerably fewer.

"She's awesome- so that we don't have to pay anything."

"Even if it takes a while, she will heal your pets for FREE. Not going to complain about that."

"She's great. XD"

But of course, before we actually get to the Neopians' opinions, we have to actually explain who the Healing Springs Faerie is, and exactly what she does to inspire so much love (and hate).

The Healing Springs is a world-famous, beautiful springs with gorgeous views, majestic waterfalls and crystal clear water that positively sparkles with healing energy. It is very popular among Neopians due to the beauty of the site and the help that it brings to many. It is most frequented after a great Battledome battle – or when an unfortunate Neopet gets blasted by the vicious Snowager. The Healing Springs also sell a large range of potions and remedies and snowballs. But enough about the Springs. Let's talk about its keeper.

The Healing Springs Faerie is a lovely Water Faerie who is always at the Springs. And apparently she is a generous and helpful as she is beautiful, for she is happy to help heal injured Neopets every half hour – free! In addition to her healing powers, she also occasionally gives out free potions and snowballs, cure pets of their diseases, and also is known to not only heal, but also feed hungry Neopets! And you don't have to be poor, which is why many Neopians prefer the Healing Springs Faerie to the Soup Faerie, although she is also very kind. ;D

Why, then, I hear you asking, are the people of Neopia so unhappy with this unfortunate Faerie? Well, although she has her fair share of fans, who are grateful for her services, she also has a couple of -um – non-fans. Whether it is because they'd confused her with the Fountain Faerie, who is a great friend of the Healing Springs Faerie and in charge of the legendary and mystical Rainbow Fountain, on more than one occasion and is tired of the false hope they get as they approach the Faerie, only to notice the lack of blue streaks in her hair, or whether they'd simply got their health points lowered back to full health, there are plenty of reasons to get annoyed by this generous Faerie. However, there are also plenty of reasons to love her, and that is what I'm focusing on today. ^^



1. This one is obvious – she heals your pets. And who wouldn't want free healing, huh? Plus, this is done in a most delightful way, as relaxing in the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Springs and basking in her healing magic is a most wonderful experience. All those who have never done it, I highly recommend you to do so. Even if you're at full health and sickness-free.

Anyway, back to the point. Health points are pretty easy to remedy by buying one of her inexpensive potions (or purchasing from the Shops), but medicine for sicknesses such as NeoMonia is considerably more expensive. Even though it isn't guaranteed, with a little patience and dedicated visiting, the Healing Springs Faerie is sure to eventually cure your poor Neopet of its illness. And it's not as if visiting is a bad experience. The Healing Springs Faerie is an excellent conversationist, and she has a heart of gold – in addition, of course, to the delightful experience of using the Springs itself. (: That's definitely one reason to love her – she helps you save those hard-earned Neopoints, plus she makes your visits one hundred percent worthwhile.

2. She gives out free stuff. And I'm pretty sure everyone loves free stuff, right? Granted, it's not exactly the most valuable of items, but they are by no means useless. Her Potions will restore your beloved Neopets' health – although to what extent depends on your luck, for she will only give you potions she has at the moment – her Elixirs are great for in-Battledome healing, her snowballs are excellent for a cheap, one-use attack item, and if you're lucky, you might get a Dewberry Reviver, Essence of Everlasting Apple, Bubbling Healing Goo or a Super Strength Healing Potion, her premium products which either restore to full health or simply restore a lot of health. ^^

3. She's a Water Faerie. Which basically means she is one of the smartest Neopians you will ever meet. Water Faeries are the most intelligent of faeries, and not to mention this Water Faerie in particular is gentle, kind, helpful and unswervingly loyal. Talk to her a little and you'll know what I mean. c:

Plus, she's good friends with the Fountain Faerie, who knows everything about paint brush colours and would be happy to answer any of your PB-related questions. And, let's be honest, knowing what the Fountain Faerie can do – who wouldn't want to be BFFs with her? :3 Of course, the Healing Springs Faerie herself is very powerful – which should be obvious given the amount of pets she heals each day – which means that if you're interested in magic items or Battledoming with magic, she's your faerie. ^^ What better friend could you find?

4. She delivers quickly, well and regularly. Even if your first trip doesn't serve its purpose, in a short half-hour you can try again – and again – and again until your pet is at full health. If you're too impatient, keep in mind that she sells cheap stuff. Her products are inexpensive, many of them below 1,000 NP, and are greatly effective. There's one downside, though – you can only buy one of her quality products every half-hour.

5. Did I mention it's free?



1. You know, certain events can cause your pet's health to pass his maximum health? Yeah, well, on some occasions the Healing Springs Faerie's spell restores health to the maximum points, which is very useful, if you've just been blasted by the Snowager or trapped in the search for the Great Geraptiku Treasure, but not so useful if your maximum health points has been surpassed by twenty. Yeah, that wouldn't be very nice.

2. The wait might be infuriating. Many Neopians, especially those whose Neopets have fallen ill, turn to the Healing Springs Faerie for a quick, free fix. Unfortunately her spells are random, and it might take a few tries before she actually cures the disease. However, those who are impatient might just give up, buy the medicine themselves, and then complain and sulk on the Boards. Not to be offensive, people, but it was entirely your decision. But we've all been there, so I can empathise. :3

3. Let's say your pet's health has fallen dangerously low. The Faerie doesn't give you a potion, doesn't heal you; instead she gives you an Elixir, which you can't use unless you're in the Battledome; but of course, you can't bring your poor pet in the Battledome in this condition! So you wait, and try again. But then she gives you a Snowball, and after that, another Elixir.

So you get fed up, buy the potion yourself and then sulk. Just like above. And again, I will say it's not her fault, but we've all been in the position of insanity-by-impatience, so I understand. ^^


In conclusion, it is just a fact we have to accept: The Healing Springs Faerie is wonderful, and our unhappiness with this lovely Faerie is not at all justified. In fact I believe on the inside we all love her; but it would do us good to show our appreciation a little more. *hinthintnudgenudge*

Also, I was in no way instructed to do so by the very beautiful and wise Healing Springs Faerie. Why would you even think that? 0:-)

Of course, to be completely fair, we can't come to a conclusion without hearing both sides of the story, right? *hint at sequel*

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed this article, and feel free to drop me a friendly NM telling me how awesome (or... not) my article was. I don't bite, contrary to popular belief. ^^

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