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Fast Cash through Gaming - Month of Celebrating

by cdrex22


Life on Neopets begins with earning Neopoints. Whether your hobby is customizing and painting your pets, fighting in the Battledome, or building a spectacular collection, you won't get far at all if you don't know how to line your pockets. Some Neopians earn their money through the game room; others through restocking, Key Quest, or Habitarium. Many make do with only the petty change they pinch from Neopia's many daily freebies. You might remember my previous article in Issue 520 of the Times, I presented a guide to making the Neopian Game Room work for you. Whether you use it for two minutes a day or an hour, everyone can take something home daily from the many games available in Neopia – it's a matter of finding the best possible set of games to make you rich quick.

Of course, the payouts of Neopia's games change every month... so often great games of the past month fall from their esteemed positions as top earners, and new games spring up to take their place. We wouldn't want things to get boring now, would we?

In the previous edition, I divided helpful games into three groups based on how well they paid for my personal level of skill at them. Group 1 games are must-plays: the games that, either through high payouts or rapid completion, will allow you to rack up money in a hurry. Group 2 games are the backbone of a successful gamer: those that pay out at a steady rate of 15-25 NP/second and are worth playing daily, but can be skipped if you're low on time. Group 3 games are for those with a ton of spare time to devote to gaming or a burning desire for Neopoints. Perhaps you choose to play nothing from Group 3; perhaps you only play these games when you have time to kill, or maybe you pick and choose the ones you enjoy most... it's entirely up to you!

While it would be possible to once again present all of Neopia's games in these groups, I am choosing instead to summarize what has changed in the games room with the ratio change on the 25th of the Month of Storing. Which new games have emerged as big time money? Which games have fallen out of favor through a lower payout? And which ones have stayed steady? The answers will be revealed in this guide!

As always, the many sponsor games available in the Games Room are often a great addition to this list. Since they come and go with much higher frequency than the rest of the games, you can decide for yourself which ones might be worth playing from the currently available sponsor games.

Rock Steady – What is still a dependable game?

Includes all games that remain in the same group as they were for the Month of Storing.

Fashion Fever (100 NP/second, Group 1). Some may think that this game does little to contribute to your bank account... and it's true that it is only good for 900 neopoints a day. But when coupled with the rest of the items on this list, it presents a way to toss in those 900 NP in a matter of seconds. Because of that, this customization caper is still the best out there!

Kass Basher (60 NP/second, Group 1). Since you all unlocked the bat last month (right? RIGHT?), there's nothing to do now but sit back and collect 1000 NP per whack of at least 782 meters. It may seem violent, but better to abuse a ragged plushie than your bank account...

Catch the Petpet (54 NP/second, Group 1). As before, this game is a part of Neopia's Petpet Park section rather than officially being in the games room, but it can still be found, played, and added to your favorites through the site search bar. A simple game of observation, you can earn 490 NP per game in no time.

Tunnel Tumble (23 NP/second, Group 1). How close you can get to earning 1000 NP by dodging projectiles for 32 seconds may vary based on your skill, but you can still earn quick money even if your game ends prematurely.

Wrath of the Snowager (21 NP/second, Group 2). The score of 100,000 points you need to secure 1000 NP has not changed. Continue to wreak havoc on the Chia Thief with your icy breath and fearsome speed, and you'll indeed end up with a big pile of treasure.

Top Chop (12 NP/second, Group 3). How much total money you can reel in with this game may improve with practice. If you're extra accurate and hit the center of the board three times, you can earn bonuses that may help to extend your game!

Money on the Run – Games which have changed groups

Includes all games that are in a different group than they were in the Month of Storing.

Zurroball (63 NP/second, moves from group 3 to group 1). The payout for this space station pastime is too good to ignore this month. This game goes fastest if you use the walls to score Left and Right Zurros rather than regular Zurros. Use the energy ball and send a score of 40 points to collect 1000 NP in short order!

Nova Defender (28 NP/second, moves from group 3 to group 1). The game most associated with Daily Dare horror in 2011 is making an effort to change its association to that of raking in huge piles of money. A score of 50,000 (usually achievable in the first level on Hard difficulty) will net you a cool thousand.

Hot Dog Hero (22 NP/second, moves from group 2 to group 1). An already profitable game ups the ante by moving the required score for 1000 NP. Instead of pressing on to 12500, you can now cut the game short at 9100. As always, learn the level layouts and use the bouncy mustard to travel through them at breakneck speed.

Darigan Dodgeball (20 NP/second, moves from group 3 to group 2). A slight increase in the payout of this cousin of Tunnel Tumble means that you should consider including it in your routine even if you are short on time for the day.

Welcome to the Family – The New Guys

Includes all games that NOW score at least 10 NP/second when they didn't before.

Chia Bomber 2 (20 NP/second, group 2). There are several ways to score points here, but the fastest for the money-seeking gamer is to hold the right arrow key at the start and before starting each level to start in the top left corner. Quickly charge right while firing to clear out most enemies. Score 435, including the hidden bonuses that only appear after ending your game, and you'll get max money.

Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers (17 NP/second, group 2). This one may take some time to master the 3-D view and the rules, but use the 2-D map at the bottom as a guide and you'll quickly reach 320 points for a max payout. Eliminate multiple opponents in a round to score even faster!

Barf Boat (17 NP/second, group 2). Whether you can hang onto score 203 or have your game ended prematurely by the raging seas, the money to time ratio stacks up just right to be an important game for this month.

Neverending Boss Battle (13 NP/second, group 3). Your mileage may vary greatly on this one, depending on how skilled you are at keeping up a constant assault in the face of missile and laser barrages. Send a score of 699 for 1000 NP.

Magma Blaster (13 NP/second, group 3). Once you learn to target accurately enough to score 4 points for a direct hit instead of 2 points for an indirect hit, reaching the target score of 133 will be easy!

Ready to Roll (12 NP/second, group 3). Unless you are very good at this game, you probably won't get 1000 NP from it, but it will pay out very quickly if you just focus on quick scoring rather than overthinking it.

Extreme Potato Counter (11 NP/second, group 3). Reaching a target score of 117 will make great practice for the avatar that goes with this game, which can be obtained by scoring 200 points.

Wheeler's Wild Ride (10 NP/second, group 3). If you focus on doing tricks like wheelies rather than riding quickly through the level, you will approach the target of 266 points much quicker. Don't lose all your coconuts while you do it, though!

Game Over – No longer in the rotation

Includes all games that no longer score 10 NP/second.

Attack of the Marblemen (8 NP/second, was group 2). A game that once made its mark by paying out 1000 NP in a hurry is no longer nearly as effective. Now if you send the same score, it will yield a mere 340 NP, meaning that its time in the spotlight is up for now.

Maths Nightmare (8 NP/second, was group 2). This game still goes by pretty fast if you play on Potato Counter difficulty and division mode, but it's not the same as it was in the month of Storing, where 1000 NP could be had in well under a minute.

Chariot Chase (8 NP/second, was group 2). Not only will getting the new score for 1000 NP take much more time, but with your limited number of lives on the chaotic track you may never get there!

Crisis Courier (9 NP/second, was group 3). If you found this game fun before, it can't hurt to keep playing. But an increase in the required 1000 NP score to 2565 adds a little time to the clock that reduces the effectiveness of this courier mission.

Snow Wars II (8 NP/second, was group 3). The gameplay still works the same, but it will take a little longer to get there, pushing this past the border of what's a good use of your time.

Tubular Kiko Racing (5 NP/second, was group 3). Unless you are an expert speed racer, it's probably best that you put this river rapids game on ice for another month.

Wow, that's a lot of movement, ushering in a fresh new slate of games that can make you quick money this month! Let's review where everything landed...

Group 1 (cornerstones of your money making strategy): Fashion Fever, Zurroball, Kass Basher, Catch the Petpet, Nova Defender, Tunnel Tumble, Hot Dog Hero

Group 2 (consistent daily games that deliver the dough): Wrath of the Snowager, Darigan Dodgeball, Chia Bomber 2, Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers, Barf Boat

Group 3 (pick your favorites, or play when you're bored): Neverending Boss Battle, Magma Blaster, Top Chop, Ready to Roll, Extreme Potato Counter, Wheeler's Wild Ride

Of course, money isn't the only aim in the Games Room... fun is where it all starts. So make sure to try out not just these, but all of the games Neopia has to offer, and choose for yourself which games will maximize your money and your fun with every second of your time! Good luck!

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