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Ten Awesome Christmas Paint Jobs

by epiic_spork


Well, the month of Celebrating has come to the world of Neopia. Neopians everywhere are visiting the Advent Calendar and buying presents for those close to them, and borovan is being consumed. But is that enough? Are you feeling like you need something extra to get a little more excitement to make the Day of Giving awesome?

Perhaps what's missing is a lovely petpet that is perfect for the holiday. So, now in response you're looking at the petpet currently in your possession and you realize something. You failed to buy it in Happy Valley. You could always get another one—but you could never find it in your heart to do such a thing. Memories flood your mind of all the great times you have spent together. To throw that all away for a Wreathy? It seems just downright wrong. Wrong! Not to worry, though. Past knowledge informs you there is a petpet paint brush which would provide the right amount of holiday spirit for petpet owners. You know, for those that are not ready to depart with their Mortog.

Now if you are still undecided about painting your petpet, have no fear! I have selected ten Christmas petpets, in no particular order, that I think look particularly awesome to sway you into the right direction of decision making.

1. Christmas Cirrus

There are some places in Neopia where snow falls all the time. And then there are others that play a game of chance. If you are in the group that can't always guarantee a good snow fall for building snow Bruces in, this petpet could help you cut some corners. A Christmas Cirrus looks just like a snow cloud equipped with snowflakes falling from it. Invest in an indoor pool—since the temperature outside might melt it—or a bath tub to place all the snow falling from this Cirrus in. Your neopet will play for hours in this faux winter wonderland. Think of how much fun they will have playing with their petpet in a way that wouldn't be possible because of the location you placed your neohome in. All their friends will want to come over to your home to play. They'll become quite popular thanks to that smiling cloud. Ten points for Christmas Cirrus!

2. Christmas Warf

Tired of building snow Bruces? Sad when they melt? Then why not get a petpet that looks as if it's made out of snow but won't melt if the temperature rises a little. Let me present to you the Christmas Warf. Its white fur and carrot nose are perfect. Put it in the snow, and see if Neopians notice as they walk by. Perfect for the prankster in your family that wants to surprise those unsuspecting wanderers. Just be aware of that little window of opportunity for the petpet to use the prank. You could be walking to the Slushie Shop and as you pass a snow bank... Pop goes the Warf. At least this petpet has the potential to add a little spice to your life.

3. Christmas Ghostkerchief

Spooky Petpet or fashionable hat? With this paint job, it is certainly the latter. Nothing spooky about this cute little guy. The Christmas Ghostkerchief is definitely something to make a fashion statement with. Send your neopet to the nearest clothing store to pick up a matching outfit and then simply place the petpet on their head. Not only do they match, but everyone will love the creativity presented in that ensemble. And your neopet will love that they can be closer to the petpet now more than ever before! They'll have some quality bonding time and you will look awesome for making it happen. Come on! Be a hero.

4. Christmas Meowclops

So, everything seems to be in order for the decorations. The garlands are up, same with the wreaths and lights. But what's this? You forgot a tree? Well, who wants to get that now? All that's left is probably the ones no one wanted. But what's this? Here comes what looks like a Meowclops dressed as a tree. Oh, it's been painted Christmas! It even has lights and a star on its head. Now you can break free from the pattern of using a just plain tree. Meowclops look cool on their own, but as a tree they are now super functional in a way that no other Christmas petpet can be. Just keep an eye on them. A walking tree can accidentally drag your presents with them.

5. Christmas Rock

There is one petpet that is simply always rocking it in the creativity section. If you didn't catch that pun, I'm talking about the Rock petpet. Looks simple unpainted, but with one swipe of a paintbrush it transforms into—wait for it—a piece of coal! How clever! How exceptionally seasonal! Most neopets will moan and cry when they receive coal for the Day of Giving. However, they will quickly take all that back when they realize they have the exclusive Rock petpet. Look at that dark and dramatic coloring. That perfectly tied red bow! It looks like a masterpiece. A nice addition for your next family portrait, eh? Yes, stick this petpet in your neopet's stocking and watch as their eyes first dim and then light up as the awareness hits. Oh, Rock, you are such a showstopper.

6. Christmas Pile of Soot

One minute your petpet was a beautiful Faerie Gallion; the next, it's turned into a Pile of Soot. When you look at the before and after, it is quite an extreme, isn't it? Everyone used to be jealous of your wonderful petpet. Now what will happen? All your neofriends will laugh at your demise. But don't get too discouraged—there is hope! Turn this little petpet into something festive and adorable! Behold the Christmas Pile of Soot! What makes this one different from the unpainted version? The smoke coming off from it turns into a little hat. Small change, big improvement. Accessories can make or break an outfit, the same goes here. Your petpet looks like it's ready to hand out presents, you know if it had hands. This Pile of Soot is now a crowd pleaser. Bet you don't miss the Faerie Gallion now, do you?

7. Christmas Kookith

Trying to figure out the perfect present for your neopet? What's a better present than a petpet? Well, one that already looks like a present. Can't you just picture it? It's the morning of the Day of Giving and your neopet is on the hunt for presents. Then they come across a red and green present. It's facing the wall and when they turn it around... bam! Surprise! It's a Kookith! A walking present is more amazing than some plushie you got from the Money Tree. And it saves you the neopoints of having to go and get wrapping paper and ribbon. Plus, since the Kookith is box-shaped, you don't have to search for a box that is approved by the Petpet Protection League. Do you know how hard that is to find? Practically impossible.

8. Christmas Nuk

What I like best about the Christmas Nuk is how it transforms the look of the petpet. At first glance it doesn't even look like a Nuk. It's not even in the same basic pose. So, this is a good look if you wanted your petpet to look completely transformed. With its bright colors and fresh look it is certainly eye catching. It kind of looks like a twist on the puppyblew and snorkle look, but at the same time is unique all to its own. Definitely impressive. For the neopet that likes to try new and fresh looks. And if you ever run out of light, this Nuk can light your way on a foggy night.

9. Christmas Mazzew

Most of these petpets are in a red, white, and green outfit. However, this Mazzew breaks the pattern. They sport a completely different look with their one of a kind costume. Resembling an elf, it helps them stick out from the crowd. And that's what makes them awesome. If you are tired of the same look over and over again, you can mix it up with a lovely Christmas Mazzew. Their adorable little hats and limited edition shoes will touch your heart. And if you need a little help spreading the holiday cheer, you can recruit them to be your unofficial helper. All the other Christmas painted petpets will be jealous.

10. Christmas Meepit

Look at this Meepit, now back to me, now back to the Meepit. When it's painted normally, it's a little creepy. Okay, a lot creepy. But when it's painted Christmas... well, that's where things get difficult. This Meepit is painted simply. A red and white suit. However, there's something about it, something that seems different. Somehow this plain color scheme mellows down the penetrating stare of their eyes. It kind of makes it seem happy. Cheerful. Can a paint brush really do that? Can it make something less threatening? Sure there is still that feeling that something terrible is about to happen, but for a second it looks like it could be gone. Could it? Maybe. Maybe not. But that fact that it makes you question it shows that this paint job is totally something worth considering if you have a Meepit.

Those were just a few of the awesome looking petpets you can have with a simple Christmas paint brush. There are many more, like the Gruslen and Orbulon, but by the time I would get through them all, you would be thoroughly and utterly bored. So, I leave it to you to go and discover the seasonal petpets for yourself and think of nice little things to say about them. Because that can always be entertaining, and something to do while you wait for the next day to come for the Advent Calendar.

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