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Clues in the Hidden Tower: Sparkles's Mystery - Part One

by downrightdude


"I can't believe we're actually in Faerieland!" Sparkles gasped. The pink Bruce looked around at the landscape around her, which was the brand new Faerieland.

     Because of a terrible battle that happened in the old Faerieland (that was once in the sky), a few brave Neopians risked themselves to save the faeries and Neopia! But of course Sparkles and Scary didn't care. They found themselves getting even less interested in the plot as it was stretched from a few weeks to a couple months. The Bruces, who were big fans of the faeries, waited patiently for Faerieland to be revived. When it was finally revived, they decided to head to the new Faerieland for a family vacation. But due to certain delays, it took them one full year later for them to fulfill their promise.

     "Faerieland is the perfect place to celebrate my birthday!" Sparkles declared. The other main reason she had wanted to visit Faerieland was so she could celebrate her birthday there. She had planned out her party for weeks: the party would begin with an afternoon tea, and then there would be cake, presents and a dance. The young Bruce was confident her big day would be a great one.

     "I can't believe we actually traveled to Faerieland, just so we can celebrate a birthday," Scary groaned as she trudged towards Sparkles. The purple Bruce had thought that the whole trip would be nothing but a giant rip-off. But after learning that Lola couldn't attend Sparkles' party, she began to think otherwise. "Let's go see the faeries! Then we can explore these faerie shops. You can start decorating tomorrow."

     "But my party's only four days away," Sparkles protested, but even she was excited about visiting the new Faerie City. After quick thinking, Sparkles decided to go to Faerie City with Scary.

     They walked past many slanted towers and many different types of faeries. Many faeries were resting, since they have been freed from their terrible curse. For many months, the faeries of Faerieland had been turned into stone right before their official Faerie Festival could begin in Year 11. Neopia watched as a brave Neopian, and his group of friends, tracked down the cause of the curse and freed the faeries and Faerieland. Many of the faeries were still very weak, but Sparkles was glad to see them as they walked by.

     "I love Water faeries! They're so nice and gentle. Light faeries are also nice too," said Sparkles.

     Scary gasped. "Light faeries are the evilest faeries ever!" she exclaimed. "Sure they're all prissy and girly on the outside, but inside they're evil! They can actually destroy Dark faeries with their natural 'sun power.'"

     "But I thought you like evil faeries," Sparkles giggled. Scary shook her head and Sparkles said, "But there's nothing wrong with Air faeries, though. They're nice, pretty and they help clean our air!"

     At the mention of Air faeries, a young Air faerie flew towards Sparkles and tapped her shoulder. Sparkles was shocked, and surprised, by the faerie's appearance.

     "My name is Saphrine," the faerie said happily. "Are you here to help rebuild Faerieland too?"

     "Why would we?" Scary asked. "We're on vacation, missy. We don't want, or need, to help you dumb, lazy, prim balls of fluff repair something that you can do by yourselves. Besides, I'm trying to find an Earth faerie, thank you."

     "I'm an Earth faerie," a young faerie whispered as she stood beside Saphrine. "I'm Illene. Saphrine and I are junior faeries, but we are close to becoming real faeries very soon."

     "We were close," Saphrine sighed, "until Xandra came and ruined everything. Can you believe she turned us into stone? Now we have to start all over again because we were stone statues for who-knows-how-long!"

     "But at least Faerieland is better," Sparkles said hopefully.

     Illene just shook her head. "I'm afraid we're still recovering. Now that Faerieland has been grounded, the faeries must adjust their powers to the land of Neopia. Many of us are still weak, and Fyora is hoping that we will regain our strengths again in order to help rebuild our city."

     "Or you can get that Lenny guy to come and 'save Faerieland'," Scary suggested. "All he needs are funds, overalls, and a bunch of clueless Neopians with a lot of neopoints."

     "Well, there are a few faeries that are helping out," Saphrine added. "Not everyone is resting. Illene and I are the only junior faeries that have their full powers back. And because all of the other junior faeries are still very weak, we can't pool in our junior powers to help the effort. It's quite sad that everyone left us like this, but what can you do? Anyways, we're sorry for interrupting your way. Where are you two going?"

     "Faerie City," said Sparkles excitedly. Illene and Saphrine nodded and waved goodbye to the two Bruces. Sparkles waved back and walked towards Faerie City.

     "I hope all of the faeries get their powers back," Sparkles sighed. She hoped that Faerieland will recover in time for her birthday, but she knew that it wouldn't be possible. And if Faerieland could recover, would it stay on the ground? Or would they move themselves back to the sky? Sparkles didn't care about where Faerieland would end up. As long as the faeries were happy, she'll be happy as well.

     Faerie City, according to Sparkles and Scary, looked a bit run down. Although the stores were open for business, there were still many stores with bolted doors and broken windows. And where was the Hidden Tower? Thanks to a brochure she got from the Faerie Bookshop, Sparkles could pinpoint the location of the most mystical tower in Neopia.

     "It should be right around here," Sparkles said as she walked around a certain area by the Faerie Bubbles ring. She kept her gaze at her brochure, which also had a map of Faerie City in it, as she walked around in endless circles. Scary just walked in front of her and held her paws in front of her, hoping to feel the Hidden Tower. After what felt like hours, the two Bruces decided to give up and rest by a shady tree.

     "But it should be right there," Sparkles huffed as she pointed to a patch of grass in front of her.

     Scary shook her head. "I bet that dumb tower was moved because of that dumb plot," she suggested. "And besides, do you think we can really afford anything in there? Now let's leave this junk yard. We'll just let that Lenny do all of the work while we see him getting arrested."

     Sparkles sighed. She had failed her mission, and must now suffer the agonizing feeling of defeat. But where was that tower? Was Sparkles wrong, or was it her brochure? But just as she was getting up, Sparkles saw something sweet coming right out of the sky. It made her feel happy, because what was falling out of the sky was a shower of purple sparkles.

     "Even the rain here in Faerieland is magical," Sparkles gasped as she followed Scary, her gaze still fixed on the mysterious sprinkle of glittery dust. The dust fell slowly towards the ground, and just like that, it magically stopped.

     Sparkles was pleased when a few sprinkles of the glittery dust landed on her shoulders. But suddenly she felt funny. She found herself yawning very hard, and her eyes were getting very droopy. Scary just rolled her eyes.

     "I... feel... funny," Sparkles said as she slowly collapsed to her knees and fell over. She felt very tired now, but why?

     "Hold on!" a green Kacheek cried as he ran towards the sleepy Bruce. As if he knew exactly what to do, he pulled out an umbrella from his pocket and held it over Sparkles. When Sparkles woke up, he sighed with relief. "I'm glad she wasn't affected too much. A few more sprinkles and-"

     "Who and what are you?" Scary interrupted as she inspected the Kacheek very closely. The Kacheek was covered in a weird, purple slime that had seemed to be wrapped around his body a hundred times. He looked very tired, but he was also a bit timid when Scary inspected him.

     "Mike," the Kacheek squeaked. Without saying goodbye, or 'welcome to Faerieland', Mike ran away towards the nearby woods. Sparkles was half asleep when she saw Mike run away. Who was he? And why did he 'conveniently' have an umbrella with him?

     Scary shook her head. "What a weirdo; wearing his purple slime, thinking he's some Neopian fashion model."

     "But didn't he say he was Mike?" Sparkles asked as she got up. Scary shrugged her shoulders.

     "All I know is that he was pleased that you were not 'affected too much'," said Scary. "Whatever that means."

     As she and Scary walked away, Sparkles couldn't help but take Mike's warning seriously. What would have happened if more dust was sprinkled on her? And what did the umbrella do to her? There were still some things in new Faerieland that even Sparkles couldn't understand.

To be continued...

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