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Beyond the App – What Fosters are Looking For

by 5966001


When many people apply for their dream pet, they seldom think about another factor that plays a key role into the decision of the foster: their own account. That's where we see people with brilliant applications get turned down. Why? Because they put all of their creative energy into their application and leave their user lookup and pet lookups empty and bare. Your accounts are incredibly important to consider when you apply for a pet. For this article, I'll divide the fosters into different levels based on how much they expect in your account and what to expect and achieve when applying for their pets. If you apply for a pet at a higher level, make sure that you meet the suggested requirements of the levels below it.

Level 1: people who zap pets rescued out of the pound and then adopt out when a nice color is reached.

These people often aren't very attached to the pet, as they know that the pet will no longer be theirs. This won't stop them from picking the best owner! If the pet is not very well named, is an unpopular species or color, or if you don't have a lot of competition, then you're in luck! However, if the foster receives many apps and has a hard time choosing which applier to accept, they will almost always lean toward the applier with the more impressive account and cared for pets. What is recommended is to personalize your account with coding rather than have that old, boring default account and customize your pets. If you are not good at coding, then don't worry! There are a lot of helpful user-made sites scattered around her that have premade lookups for you to use! Most importantly of all, keep your pets happy, even the ones on your side accounts! Not being able to visit your side accounts often is not a good excuse. Just stick your pets in the Neolodge located in Neopia Central and they'll be full and happy for another 28 days!

Level 2: people who are downsizing

These people usually have some degree of attachments to the pets they are adopting out, and if they do not find a suitable owner, there is a chance that they will decide to keep the pet. Your account is more important in this level. These fosters are also very picky on how well you treat your current pets. I had experience with this deal before. When I was chosen to adopt my Halloween Xweetok Cieruu, along with my letter of acceptance, I received a message from the foster that when like this: "There was another person who made a more flashy app than yours, but her accounts seemed pretty empty." Some recommendations I have are to give your pets' lookups with descriptions with art if possible, and maybe even their own personal petpages which include more information about them.

Level 3: people who are quitting or people adopting out royal, plushie, or pirate pets

Usually, these people are the extremely picky about their pets. These people are very attached with their pets, or they spent a lot of neopoints to create them. These are the people who fear applicants who apply just to retrade. They usually look at your current pets because they'll know that you'll treat your pets the same way you treat theirs. Characters, as well as stories, for all of your pets are a good thing to have at this level. Try to get petpets to your pets, and they could play a huge role in your pets' characters as well. Nicely dressed pets are that the owners like, so stay away from cheap clothes or a customization that clashes. Customizing is also a great way to show your pets character, especially if you are not good at art. It's not necessary, but it's a good idea to adopt these pets onto your main account because these owners may also fear that you'll let these pets rot on a side.

Level 4: people who are adopting our Draiks, Krawks, and UCs (unconverteds)

This is the hardest level to apply in, and this is where the owners are the most fearful of retraders. They will be cautious to find someone they are absolutely sure will take the utmost care of their pets. If they don't find an applier who catches their attention, they'll definitely keep the pet. You have to put the most attention into your account. Try to gain more stamps, avatars, collectable cards, and trophies to show that you are an active member of this site, and make sure all of your pets have a character and maybe some art. Being in a nice guide shows that there are people who trust you. Personal petpages for all of your pets is a huge bonus. Semi-expensive petpets and customizations are highly recommended because these owners love to see their ex-pets loved and pampered!

Other bonuses to consider:

Owning your own sites is also helpful. It tells the owner that you are very into this site and that you are a kind-hearted person who would take the time to help others. Sites to consider making include pet or color directories or helpful guides. Large galleries of a specific type of item, preferably a bit expensive, are visually pleasing because they show that you are a person who reaches for goals and you won't stop at anything to achieve them. Hoarders of a single color or pet species can be more appealing because it proves to the foster that you have a specific reason why you applied for their pet, since there are people out there who would apply for any pet that catches their eyes.

Remember that not all people who adopt out their pets have these views, as there will be people who will be more strict or lenient, but these views commonly exist in their designated levels. Now that you know about one of the biggest factors in applying for a pet apart from your application, I bid you good luck with all your future attempts!

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