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An Interview With Marina, The Healing Springs Faerie

by cookiez101


The faeries of Neopia have always been topics of great interest. Dolls, plushies, kites, and snowglobes have been created as replicas of many of Neopia's famously known faeries in their honor. It seems that these faeries are always appearing somewhere in Neopia- giving out quests, appearing in the media for countless adventure-filled plots; some famous faeries even have their own Neopedia articles written about them!

However, one of the lesser-known faeries of Neopia is one that doesn't usually venture out of Faerieland much (maybe it's because of her scale tail!): Marina, the Healing Springs faerie! Since she mostly stays at her post in Faerieland, not many Neopets are that familiar with her. Let's take a closer look at one of Neopia's faeries well-worthy of attention!

Cookiez101: Now, you operate and run all of the happenings at the Healing Springs, correct? Can you tell me what it's like to have such a job?

Marina: Yes, I do! Fyora actually assigned it to me years ago, and I gratefully accepted. Working for Fyora is wonderful. She's a fair queen, although if you don't do your job- look out! She's not one to give leeway to slackers. All in all, though, it's a fairly nice job. It's very comfortable on my cloud, and I keep the water extra fresh and potent, for the healing, that is. I get to see a whole range of Neopets daily, so it's actually quite fun and interesting. It's tiring work, though, to heal so many Neopets in one day- it can get pretty overwhelming!

C: I can imagine that it gets excruciating! About how many Neopets do you have to heal daily? Is it true that you state, immediately when Neopets come to visit, that your healing powers are somewhat limited?

M: Oh, I heal plenty of Neopets daily- the numbers can go into the thousands, even millions some days! My powers are mostly limited just because of the massive amount of Neopets that visit the Healing Springs- that's also why I have to limit how many healing potions each customer can buy. That way, I can save some potions for other Neopets who are in dire need of them. As for my powers, I'm working on my endurance and strengthening my powers so I can do more healing; bear with me, though! I'm trying! But, through all the exhaustion, it's all worth it in the end. I love my job.

C: What's your favorite part of your job? What makes you enjoy it so much?

M: I mostly enjoy just seeing so many different Neopets. I love to see the transformation before my eyes of how they can go from practically falling over to happy and energetic once again. It makes me feel good inside, like maybe even though I don't get a lot of attention or recognition, at least I can help out in some way.

C: You mentioned you don't get a lot of attention- does that ever bother you sometimes? Rumor was you and Naia, The Rainbow Fountain faerie, who also lives in Faerieland, have a rivalry going on... is that true?

M: (chuckles) No, no, not at all. Naia and I are very different, so to try and compare myself with her would be meaningless. Neopets often give her more attention because her quests give a larger reward; after all, which Neopet wouldn't want to be painted the color of their dreams? So, no. I don't know her very well, honestly- even though we both have our own nooks of Faerieland that may seem similar, we never cross paths much. I can't say much about her, otherwise; I don't know her well enough. However, sometimes I do feel a little left out when all of the other faeries get so much attention from the media, even though I work very hard. But that's life.

C: Really, the only media attention that seems to have featured you is in the Atlas of the Ancients plot. Did you not like the attention? Do you think that the plot portrayed you in a negative light?

M: Ah, yes, that... well, I think it was sort of rude of the media to ignore all of the other things I've accomplished and only focus on my bout of anger. I probably could have done without that attention, I suppose... but what's done is done. I just hope that Neopia doesn't see me as a crabby, unwelcoming faerie. Sometimes I get pretty tired when I'm working, after all.

C: So, is there any tension between you and Roxton Colchester still? Are you still angry for what he did?

M: The only reason that I reacted the way I did when Roxton came to the Healing Springs was because I was trying to protect the Healing Springs- honestly, I probably could have reacted a little differently... maybe a little calmer, I suppose... but I'm not angry with Roxton, really. If him and any of his accomplices or friends were to visit the Healing Springs again, I would still heal them. I've sort of learned that grudges don't work very well... unless you want a slushie thrown into your face! (laughs)

C: So, you're sort of taking the high road with the situation, then? It's good that you can laugh about the situation! Are there no harsh feelings between you and Clara Chatham any longer?

M: Yes; I think that's really the best way to deal with the situation. The situation was, well, honestly- humiliating! No one likes to be disrespected like that, especially publicly, but I'm over the whole ordeal now. I doubt Clara will ever visit my Springs again, anyhow! (chuckles)

C: When Roxton, Clara, and Jordie were leaving, Clara mentioned visiting the healer Anshu. Is there any competition between you and Anshu in regards to healing?

M: No, none whatsoever! We both work in different regions of Neopia, and we both work a little differently- I don't really prefer to charge for every healing I do, but that doesn't mean that what he does is bad; honestly, I don't really the need the Neopoints as much! Anshu is a very wise Ruki, though, and extremely well respected.

C: Thank you so much for your time, Marina! Any last statements that you'd like Neopia to hear from you?

M: I just hope that Neopia hasn't been scared off by my harsh appearance in the Atlas of the Ancients! All Neopets and Neopians should feel free to visit the Healing Springs anytime! I'll be there, as always!

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