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An Ugly Tale: The Twisted Soul of Vira

by sushicat1__20


Everybody knows about Vira, her motives, and most of all, her ugly appearances. But there is one thing nobody knows - her past. Here is the tale of how she became an ugly, twisted Acara, you may sit and listen or flee... from harm.


     "I finally have enough! I'm so happy!" exclaimed Vira, a Green Acara with beautiful long locks of golden hair. "I can buy a Faerie Paint Brush!! Yippee!!!!"

     "Oh yeah, I don't care. Well, I'm a Disco Bruce. You're just an ugly snot-colored Acara, with a floppy wig on," said her brother, Elvis.

     "Shut up, why do you always have to talk to me like that? I have feelings too! Get away from me, you colorful brat!" Vira said, steaming with fury.

     "Elvis, do not talk that way. As for you Vira, go to your room!" commanded her mother.

     Vira marched up the stairs to the door as Elvis snickered. She opened the door and slammed it. She jumped on her bed and threw her pillow at the wall. Her Petpet, a Blue Wreathy named Leo, woke up. He went into his Hot Dog Petpet House. The sky was bright blue, with the sun shining down on the perfectly soft grass, a perfect day to buy a pretty Faerie Paint Brush. But Vira couldn't; she was grounded. She looked at the window. She longed to flutter with the clouds, and with the other Faerie Neopets. She sighed. She was hopeless.

     "Maybe I should jump out the window... " Vira said to herself. "I know I'm grounded, but who cares? My mother? Elvis? Leo doesn't care. He loves me. But me? I don't like my mother anymore, so I'll fly out the window."

     Whenever Vira was done talking to herself, she pulled the latch on the window and a strong breeze came in, making her Visit Krawk Island Poster fly around the room. The wind quieted, with Vira ready to leap.

     "What if I get hurt? Nah. I'll leap off anyway. It's totally worth a Paint Brush like a Faerie one."

     So Vira stood on the ledge of her two-story house, and jumped. The wind started again.


     "Ugh, it's so cold! Sun, where are you?" Vira said to herself, walking down the windy street to the Trading Post.

     "May I help you?" asked a villager.

     "No thank you, I just don't know how it can be so cold on Mystery Island!" Vira replied with a shudder.

     "Well, it's pretty cold this time of year, so it's a great idea to put on a scarf with a cup of Cocoa Juppie Mocha in your hands!" replied the villager, as he made his way home.

     Finally, Vira found the Trading Post.

     "Ah, a Faerie Paint Brush search, please!" she told the manager.

     The manager searched for Faerie Paint Brushes, and when he found them he showed Vira the lots. Vira was shocked. She was so surprised to see so many people selling their valuable Faerie Paint Brushes. Vira opened her mouth to thank the manager, but he was already gone finding lots for other people. She didn't know where to begin. All she knew was she had to get one.


     "Here you go, my month's worth of NP!" exclaimed Vira to the person who was hosting her lot. She had accepted Vira's offer of her Air Faerie Canopy Bed and 900,000 NP. She was really excited to see Vira so happy, and gradually handed her the Paint Brush. Vira hastily took it and mouthed a thank you. Then, by 6:00 PM NST, she reached the Rainbow Pool. She looked to see if anyone was there, and then threw in her Paint Brush into the waters. Then she jumped into the crystal water-colored pool, splashing pink water everywhere. Pink water? Vira realized the Faerie Paint Brush was dissolving, turning the water pink. Suddenly, Vira felt a tingle. She turned Faerie, the day she was waiting for.


     "I'm sooooooo happy!!!! I'm gonna visit Faerieland now!" Vira exclaimed. She finally reached her destination, but something was wrong. Something, or someone, was blocking her path. A Dark Faerie? She didn't hesitate to talk to her.

     "Well, well, well, what do we have here? A vain Faerie Acara, I believe?" the Dark Faerie cackled.

     "NO!" screamed Vira. "I'm not vain! I'm a good Acara because... well... because... I don't know! All I know is that I'm not vain at all!"

     "Well, let's see then!" the Dark Faerie said with a sneer. "Would you like me to make you a much more beautiful hairstyle, oh, like purple colored hair! That gold looks just plain ugly on you. Those paws! I know what color will make those filthy paws look spic-and-span! That face... oh my. You are the worst. Honey, who uses Dark Red Lipstick anymore? My, you need a serious makeup! What do you say?"

     Vira highly disliked the thought of ruining her gold locks, but then she thought that they did look ugly on her. She looked at her paws. Dirty, messy, fur with no polish! She thought her face was just like any Acara's, but then she thought again. Dark Red Lipstick? She never noticed she'd been using old lady makeup! Finally, Vira made up her mind. She was a good, good, vain person. She snickered at the thought of this. She finally made up her mind.

     "Oh, that's just wonderful! What's your name? Mine's Vira!" she said, prepared for her new looks.

     "My, my, good choice, Vira. My name is Dellna, and let's quit rambling about and start the styling!"

     With that, they shook on it.


     Dellna used her magic, and Vira was quickly transformed. She gave Vira her mirror.

     "So, what do you think?" asked Dellna.

     Vira gasped. She looked ugly, twisted, and most of all... horrible! Dark red eyes were staring back at her, an ugly pointed tail, and she had long, sharp nails. She had crooked horns and black clothes, but what she noticed most was her wings. Her beautiful, shimmery Faerie wings were replaced by horrid ones, uglier than a Korbat's.

     "What did you DO TO ME?" Vira demanded.

     "Why, I made you beautiful, Vira! You look fantastic to me! That's what I call fashion," Dellna said. "Here, have these mirrors and spread the charming fashion to other citizens!"

     Dellna dropped the mirrors in front of Vira and disappeared, with purple smoke all around Vira. Vira was so sad. She wasted her NP and now what did she get? An ugly self. She didn't like her, not even her wings. She wanted to smash those mirrors, but something caught her eye. A beautiful black rose was lain on top of a mirror. It was simply too beautiful, and Vira got taken in. She picked up all the mirrors and stored them in her pocket. With that, she simply flew away, leaving a single black tear down on the clouds.



     Elvis was searching day and night for her sister, but couldn't find her. His mother was a ghost now, haunting the Haunted Woods searching for her beloved daughter. Neither of them ever saw Vira again. They both gave up hope, and Elvis now happily lives with his best friend along with his nice little Petpet. After their mother gave up hope, she was never seen again. Dellna had been found by Fyora, and she turned her to stone. Her statue now lies in the Queen's garden. As for Vira, her legend lived on, passed to many generations. Her twisted soul got stronger each day, sucking her in like a void. She goes around showing innocent children her mirror, and they too, get twisted and ugly like her. That is the tale of Vira, the ugliest Acara in the world. Beware, or you, too, will have a story like hers.

The End

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