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6 Ways to Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy

by eclipsedrose


Okay, so you're deathly tired of eating all that Halloween Candy. Candy for breakfast. Candy for lunch. Candy for dinner. It's enough to make a pet sick.

But wait! Don't throw away those delicious Almost Gummy Rats and Pumpkin Cookies just yet. 'Cause I'm gonna show you 10 Ways to Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy. It's so simple, you won't believe you never thought of it!

Get Down to Business

Okay, let's say you're dying for that elusive Meridell Castle Silhouette Background or that expensive Lost Desert Paintbrush, but simply can't afford it with your meager amount of neopoints. Well, then it's time to utilise the holidays and that still-wrapped candy by getting to work at your shop to give you those extra neopoints. So gather up all your candy and get ready to get down to business. Turn that 'CLOSED' sign around, sweep up the dust that is gathering on every available surface and start restocking the shelves with Halloween Candy. Pretty soon the neopoints will be rolling in – AND you'll be rid of those sugary horrors.

All that is Sweet and Sparkly

If you haven't heard of the new Candy Jewellery craze that's taking Neopia by the storm, you probably have been living under a rock. If you've ever seen a Halloween Candy Necklace, a Candy Yurble Bracelet or even a set of Candy Pirate Earrings in person, you'll know it's no surprise that the sweeter, cheaper and MUCH more fashionable alternative is now all the rage. And you can now have it for free!

To get your very own homemade Candy Jewellery, all you need is a needle, a thread and a bit of fashion sense. Mix 'n' match the colours and candies, string 'em all on a thread (or a Gummy String) and you have your very own Candy Jewellery. Whether they're Candy Necklaces, Candy Bracelets, or even Candy Rings if you're nearly out of string, they're sweet, they're sparkly and best of all, they're YOURS. And if you have any extras, you can always sell them at your shop to get a little extra pocket money.

Home Sweet Home

Ever heard of Candy Furniture? No? Well, you will. Candy Furniture is the latest thing to hit the Neopian furniture markets. Don't believe me? Just take a look at a few examples – the ever-popular Candy Corn Lights, for example. Or if you're feeling sentimental for the approaching holiday season, why not buy a bunch of candy canes and put together your own version of the Candy Cane Snowflake Sculpture? The Candy Corn Potted Tree is an example of a simple yet effective way to decorate your gardens – all you have to do is stick a couple of candies onto the ends of the branches, and you've got yourself a gorgeous – and not to mention sweet – addition to your boring old houseplants.

So, start gathering your prettiest candies (it helps if they're stale) and sweeten up your Neohome with your leftover Halloween Candy!


Ever felt reluctant to ruin your intricately decorated Halloween Candy? Well, now you don't have to! So, fashionistas, get your notebooks ready, because your Closet is about to get Candified – no Neopoints or NC cash required.

If you're thinking that your background is looking a little empty, why not try adding a homemade version of the Popcorn and Candy Garland? Simply string your leftover Halloween Candy together – you don't have to get popcorn if you don't want to – and you've got yourself a gorgeous new foreground. If you're skilled with your fingers, you might want to try giving yourself a pair of Candy Floss Wings, which are not only beautiful but also delicious. And if you're not, you can try spiffing up your boring old wardrobe by decorating your clothes with candy! Don't believe it's possible? Just have a glance at the currently trending Candy Corn Scarf. So start Candifying your Closet!

Dangerously Sweet

Who says Battledoming can't be sweet? Okay, so the Candy Fyora Wand and the Candy Cane Snowflake Wand wouldn't be very effective homemade, but there are other weapons that can be easily made with a bit of scrap metal and some superglue. This is also a fantastic opportunity to use the remains of that old sword you've been planning to throw away.

Clubs and swords, for example – the Stale Candy blade is an excellent example of what to do with your stale Halloween Candy. Just stick your candy on an old hilt with some Strong Forever Glue – which costs an inexpensive 500 neopoints – and there you go, your very own homemade weapon.

Prefer clubs? No problem! The Candy Club is an example of a weapon which is as deadly as it is deliciously easy to make. Suck on the ends of a couple of Halloween Candy Canes. Then, use that Strong Forever Glue again and stick it on a large Lollypop and there you go. Your very own homemade Candy Club.

If worse comes to worst, you can always take out the Haunted Candy Floss that mean old lady gave you and re-gift it to your worst enemy. A simple yet perpetually effective method... as long as your are careful not to sign the card.

Give Back

Of course, there's always room for generosity. Donating it is an excellent way to get rid of your leftover Halloween Candy quickly and efficiently – AND all for a good cause. And if you're reluctant to send all that candy to waste, think of all those poor families gathered around the Money Tree who probably can't even afford a Trick-or-Treat bag. Remember, it's not going to waste, it's going to them, who'll appreciate it more than you ever will. As the Soup Faerie always says, it's important to give back.

As you can see, Halloween Candy is versatile – and not to mention sweet to eat. So don't even think of throwing out your leftover Halloween Candy – get creative!

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