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10 Top Last Minute Bargains for the Gifting Season

by fireairshadow


Also by lute248

The season of gifting is only weeks away, and most Neopians are busy decorating their neohomes, dressing up their pets and frantically shopping for those last minute gifts – all at the same time! And nothing dampens the mood more than the realisation that your bank account isn't as big as you'd hoped – and you've still got 10 gifts to buy! Happily, we have done our research, and we'd like to come to your aid with the 10 Best Bargains (Under 1 million Neopoints!) for your last minute shopping. These smaller and cheaper gift ideas are guaranteed to be at bargain prices due to their deflation in Y13, and are also guaranteed to bring a smile without busting your bank. After all, it's the thought that counts. Enjoy!

#10: Forgotten Shore Map pieces

Before Price: Introduced after the Krawk Island Disappearance event

After Price: Less than 10k for the whole map!

They say it's quality over quantity. Well, give both quantity and quality this holiday season with a complete set of Forgotten Shore Map pieces! Joining all 9 pieces together will lead the bearer of the completed map to a secret location that will really be the gift that keeps on giving. It has been rumoured that beautiful jewellery, bags of neopoints, long lost treasure chests, and – wait for it – even Draik eggs – have been found at the Forgotten Shore. At an amazing price of under 10k for the whole map (yes, you heard us right), this is really the ultimate gift for the friend who just loves a bit of suspense in her day, each and every day.

#9: Job Coupons

Before Price: Ranging from 75-400k

After Price: Ranging from 30-300k

The season of giving is often a time when many Neopians wish they had more neopoints – whether to spend on their friends, family, or just to grab that perfect limited edition collectible for themselves. So why not surprise your friends with the gift of the gift of neopoints – a job coupon! Not only will the lucky recipient get the satisfaction of earning their own coin, but they'll also get a head start at crafting the perfect resume. These coupons have been made more readily available since the introduction of the Wheel of Extravagance, and come in ranks of green, blue, red, silver, gold, pink and purple.

#8: Altador Cup Wig

Before Price: Redeemable for Altador Cup VI points

After Price: 30k

Is your friend missing the summer already? Does your friend still studiously attend yooyuball practice even though the trees surrounding the field are no longer green and lush? Are the posters from Y12 still hanging on their walls, and do they still boast to you about their Make Some Noise high score? Surprise your friend and bring back the memories of summer with this pretty wig! It looks great on all species, and is a must have for all Altador Cup fans. At only 30k, grab this must-have before the next Cup rolls around.

#7: Snorkle Snout

Before Price: 90k

After Price: 60k

Although this may not be the most visually appealing dish, snorkle snouts are the perfect gift for your avatar-collecting friends, or just those who enjoy trying something exotic for dinner, or those who just love to relive the spirit of the last day of the Month of Collecting. At the bargain price of 60k, this serves both as the present and the dish at your friend's holiday party. If they're lucky, they might also get a new avatar!

#6: It's Too Cold in the Office Jacket

Before Price: Awarded to those who guessed correctly in all 4 rounds of the Y13 Daily Dare Staff Tournament

After Price: 100k

If your friend complains that it's too cold in his office, or you think he just needs a new jacket for the upcoming winter, this gift is sure to please. Not only will the pretty aqua colour allow them to stand out from the crowd, you also give him temporary boasting rights that he guessed all 4 rounds of the Y13 Daily Dare Staff Tournament correctly! Which he did, right?

#5: Governor Mansion Stamp

Before Price: Introduced after Krawk Island disappearance

After Price: 300k

Did your friend love aiding the Krawk Island disappearance and its rediscovery? Do they gaze in awe every time you pass the Governor's mansion when you visit Krawk Island? Why not give your friend the perfect item to remember the mansion by – the Governor Mansion Stamp. Released after the KI plot, the stamp is a must-have for all Krawk Island lovers, stamp collectors, and extravagant mansion-lovers. For that fabulous realistic "used stamp" look, post your holiday card to your friend using this stamp. What a wonderful surprise that will be!

#4: Nerkmids

Before Price: 450k

After Price: 125k

Everyone feels lucky on the Day of Giving, and you can add to the excitement through the gift of a nerkmid. Deflating from 450k to 125k after the introduction of the Wheel of Extravagance, even the most basic Normal Platinum Nerkmid will give your friend the thrill of a chance – and perhaps even a new avatar to take home at the end of the day! For that added glam, consider gifting an exotic Aluminium Nerkmid or a fancy Platinum Nerkmid XX.

#3: Pirate Petpet Paint Brush

Before Price: 350k

After Price: 100k

Why are pirate petpets the most admired of all petpets? Because they ARRRR! If your friend has always been that tough, sea-faring type, or if they just love wearing earrings, bandanas and shouting YARRRR!, then why not surprise them with a pirate petpet paint brush? Having deflated an incredible 200k since the introduction of Anchor Management after the rediscovery of Krawk Island, this little brush can give your friend the perfect new petpet they have always wanted, without having to get a new petpet. Avast, landlubbers!

#2: Hanso Charisma Charm

Before Price: Redeemable for points from the Faeries Ruin Plot

After Price: 320k

Ahh, Hanso, that adorable lovable Ixi. How could we not give your Charm the bronze medal as one of the best bargains to be had for the gifting season? Give your friend not only a beautiful piece of the Faerie's Ruin plot, but also an opportunity to charm and be charmed again and again with this wonderful battledome weapon (which may or may not also double as a necklace). Widely touted as the next Ylanas Blaster, this weapon deals 5 icons of both light and earth damage and defends against all dark icons. Even if your friend is not an avid battledomer, this nifty present is the perfect investment option. And it doubles as proof of membership of the official Hanso's Fan Club!*

*This may not be true.

#1: Mootix

Before Price: 3 million

After Price: 400k

Does your friend excitedly examine the items her petpet brings back in its mouth, only to be disappointed that it was only a half eaten rubber mallard? Surprise her with this adorable little petpetpet – guaranteed to become its petpet's best friend! The inspiration behind adorable items such as the mootix backpack, the mootix wardrobe and the mootix sofa, this cute little petpet is sure to please even the fussiest of friends, and may even grant its new owner a shiny new avatar! Having deflated an amazing 2.6 million neopoints, this adorable petpetpet wins the silver medal for the best bargains to be had for an amazing price. And if you're lucky, you may just have a mootix named after you. Now haven't you always wanted that?

So, if you've run out of ideas (or neopoints!) to impress your friends – whether they be pet lovers, battledomers, avatar collectors or customisers; or if you suddenly realised that you have yet to buy gifts for a long-lost friend, guildmate, or even that kind Neopian that helped you when you needed it the most, keep calm and have a strawberry latte. These small but thoughtful gifts are sure to bring back the joy into the season of giving – for both the recipient of your generosity and your bank account alike. We hope we have inspired you with our suggestions. Happy holidays!

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