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10 Things to Remember When on Vacation from Neopets

by uni_32497


It is getting close to the Holiday season! We all know what this means. No, not presents. Well, yes, presents, but it also means visiting parents, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, cousins, aunts, uncles, and the whole family! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, this article is a must-have when you are going on vacation without a computer. We all take vacations from time to time, whether it is for a week or months, it happens. This will be able to prepare you for the changes ahead when you return from your vacation and log back onto Neopets! If you follow this list, you will have no problem getting back into the swing of things when you press login when you get home! If you are thinking, "I won't come back!" We all know you will come back... eventually.

1. Neopets will change.

When you come back from your break, Neopia will be a tad different. There will be new games, items, and other fun things. If you like the changes, that is good! If you do not like the changes, you do not have to complain about it. Adapt or ask for help on the Neoboards!

2. You will have to catch up on your avatars.

New avatars come out all the time. Try to go to the Neoboards, make a topic, and ask if people can help you get these new avatars! You can lend items or just catch up on click-to-get avatars! Also, be sure to check out off-site Neopets help sites that maybe able to help you, with parent's permission, of course.

3. If you leave while you are in a Guild, you will probably be removed.

If you are leaving while you are in a Guild that requires you to be active, you will probably be removed during the member sweeps. If you don't know what a member sweep is, it is when the owner, or council members look through the member log and delete inactive members that have not posted. One way to ensure this does not happen is to Neomail the Guild owner and tell them you are going on a break. If you are not in Guild or your Guild does not require activeness, you have nothing to worry about!

4. Your pets will be hungry!

Yes, the obvious one. I'm sure all of you were waiting to read this. Obviously, your pets will be hungry. Neopets easily can go from bloated to starving! If you have less than 3,000 Neopoints, then you can go to the Soup Kitchen located in Neopia Central! If you are not going on vacation for more than twenty-eight days, then you maybe able to put them in the Neolodge for 50 Neopoints or more! You maybe thinking, "I don't have to feed my Neopets, they won't die." Well, that isn't very nice, is it?

5. Everything will be there!

Yes! Everything will be there. This includes all your pets, valuables, shop till, Neopoints. You do not have to worry about them unless you have given out your password to someone. If you have, I recommend changing it on your Account Settings. Never give out your password to ANYONE, or none of this will be there anymore.

6. You will probably miss something cool.

Sadly, if you leave for even a day, you will miss something probably pretty awesome. Neopian events happen once in a while, if you are gone for a long time, you will miss them. You will also miss new NC Mall items. Your pets will also be very out of style. You will miss new avatars, events in your Guild, a stock market rise, and doing your dailies on Neopets! You may also miss out on your favorite game being featured game!

7. Rely on the News.

Will you be gone for a long time? If you plan on coming back, (face it, we all do) then read the news! The newspaper will never be gone! Read it! Make sure you know what happened while you were gone. The news is a great way to be informed if there was a plot, a new avatar, a change in the NC Mall, Neohomes or virtually anything Neopets related. Before you leave, be sure to check out the Coming Soon subtitle under News. This will, obviously, inform you of things coming soon. If you are interested in Merchandise News, you can also look at that there too!

8. You will lose contact with your neofriends.

If you take a long break from Neopia, your neofriends will probably not come as much, either. You can always come on from time-to-time during your leave and send them a Neomail, or just tell them that you will be going away for a while, and you will be back and you can Neomail each other then! Perhaps you can also join the same Guilds so they can update you there, too! Always be sure to stay in contact with your friends!

9. You may lose control of your Neopets Account.

If you are leaving for a week to a year, you may lose possession of your Neopets account! You maybe wonder how could this happen? If you forget your PIN number, you may not be able to get in your Safety Deposit Box, Shop Till, Shop Stock, or your bank account! If you would like to secure that you know this information, go onto your control panel, then PIN settings. You could lose control of your account if you forget your birthdate that you put when you signed up to Neopets. When you log on when you come back, it will ask for you to submit your date of birth. Simply type it in, then you are in! Also, try to remember your secret word and e-mail account! If you remember all above, you will have no problem getting into your account.

10. Yes, Draiks will still be popular.

If you are thinking, "Is that it?!" Why, yes it is. Once you have read this article, you will be able to take a luxurious vacation from Neopia! Enjoy your holidays and school vacations, everyone!

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